The children have been watering an looking after the plants and potatoes that they planted, Last week the children were able to see the end result and pick out the potatoes, the children they had them at snack time. 17th July 2018

The children in Oak room have been busy the past couple of weeks, we have been learning about the royal wedding, people who help us and have took a walk to the local post office to post some letters. 

Here's some pictures of what Oak room have been doing - 11/4/18

Sports relief 2018 - the children have been taking part in different physical activities to raise money for sports relief. we have done obstacle course, go go disco which involved moving our bodies in different ways and done some trampoline jumping.

Thank you for all your donations.

.Oak room planting flowers, peas and carrots.

Oak room are coming to the end of our under the sea theme, they have enjoyed learning about different sea creatures and sea life. We will be starting a new theme which will be about spring time and will be learning about spring animals, plants, changes in the natural world during spring time. The children will also be planting some vegetables and flowers and will be bale to see the progress of the growing process.


Our  new theme is under the sea as the children have been showing an interest in sea life and fish. Our theme will start on Monday 29th January.



Enter text...

Elfie - its Elfie's last day with us today and he has left the children a surprise.

          We would like to wish everyone

          Happy Christmas and new Yea

During festive week the children took part in lots of festive activities, including baking mince pies and gingerbread biscuits. We also made snow globes and we created a snowy sensory tray and the children enjoyed playing party games, dancing and Christmas singing and Hanukkah activities and singing.

Elfie the elf has come back to nursery for the festive period. Take a look at what he has been getting upto.

                                                                              Halloween 2017

We are currently learning about Autumn in Oak room and have started to collect leaves to use for different activities. We have asked the children to collect any Autumn items they may find like Conkers, leaves and acorns and to bring them into nursery for the Autumn box. Take a look at our pictures to see what we have been upto.

Over the past couple of weeks the older children have left to start their new adventure in school. We would like to wish them all lots of luck in big school.

We would like to welcome the children that have moved up into Oak from from their previous room and and also the new children that have started. we hop you will enjoy and have lots of fun.

On Saturday 5th August we held a Trolls leavers party for the Children who will be leaving to start school in September.

Take a look at what Oak room have been up to the last few weeks. we have been learning about different types of transport and activities we have been doing include track making with cars and paint, making ice boats, making trains and tickets and learning about different types of transport and how there made.

                Making Smoothies

              New Theme: keeping ourselves Healthy

In Oak room we are currently learning about how we can keep ourselves healthy, we have been discussing what types of food are good for us and different types of exercise we can do to keep fit and healthy. We have turned the role play into a farm shop and have a range of different vegetables for the children to explore.

The story we have been looking at is the hungry caterpillar and to fit in with this we have some caterpillars. Over the next few weeks we will be learning about looking after the caterpillars and watching how they transform into Butterflies.

The caterpillars are called Annabel, Hungry,Oscar, Harry and Marv.

3rd May 2017 - the past two weeks the children have enjoyed planting potatoes, playing in our role play Flower shop and today took a visit to the local Flower shop to buy some Flowers.

Friday 21st April we had a wedding today in Oak room.

Spring Time: In Oak room we have been learning about Spring, we have been talking about the different animals and flowers we see during this time. The children have also helped turn the role play into a flower shop and have gone on flower hunts in the garden.

Thursday 13th April.

This is our last day before we break up for our Easter break.  Quick reminder nursery will be closed Good Friday 14th and Easter Monday 17th.

We hope all the children and parents have a very Happy Easter xxx

                         Comic relief 24th March 2017

Take a look at what Oak room have been upto over the past few weeks.

March 2017 - we would like to welcome the new children to Oak who have moved up from downstairs. we hope  you enjoy your time with us and have lots of fun taking part in all the different activities.


Monday 27th February

WORLD BOOK DAY -  Thursday 2nd March is World Book Day.  All the children are invited to dress up as their favourite character and bring in their favourite story so we can enjoy them together. xx.

                 Outdoor play


Valentine's activities

Chinese new year 28th January 2017 - it is the year of the Rooster.

Oak room have had a busy week as well as learning about different colours we have also been learning about Chinese new year. Take a look at our pictures to see what activities the children have been taking part in.

                        Chinese food tasting

23rd January


Our new theme is Colours.  We will be looking at different colours and experimenting with mixing colours to see what difference that makes.  Over the next few weeks we will be putting pictures up for you to see.

Alphabet spaghetti play, the children having fun searching and finding different letters.

Here is some pictures of the different coloured activities we have been taking part in.

                                                                                Under the sea

 January 2017

We would like to welcome everyone back after Christmas and a big hello to the new children starting. We hope you  enjoy your time with us.

Oak room's new theme is under the sea, we will be taking part in lots of fun filled sea activities.

The children have had fun leaving about the different types of fish and has seen a video of a diver in the sea. We have also been singing songs about fish, looking at books and have been playing with the sea fish that Hugo's mum very kindly brought in for us.

Painting a Nemo fish and making a octopus out of play dough. can you guess what else the children are making.

             Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas and new year

                                     from all in Oak room.


This week we will be taking part in lots of fun filled Christmas activities, baking and games. We have turned our role play into Santa's workshop and have  we have been busy making snow play dough, reindeer food and lots of tasty treats. Our role play has also been turned into Santa's workshop. i hope you enjoy looking at our festive pictures.

                                      December 2016

Oak room would like to welcome Joe the Elf back, we wonder what mischief he will get upto during the next couple of weeks.

Our new theme is winter, we have started off with our winter display and would like to introduce  Freddie Frost and Sally Snow. Take a look at some of our winter themed activities we have taken part in.

                                            Children in need 2016

For children in need we took part in a sponsored spot hunt, we hid spots around the room, in sand and in jelly. The children helped to bake some Pudsey and spot biscuits.

We would like to thank everyone who made a donation you helped to raise  £159.85.



In Oak room we have been learning about shapes. we have created different shapes using a range of materials blocks, lollipop sticks and bands. We have made shape pictures and learnt some songs. we also experimented by making letters with our sandwiches.


Oak room got into the Halloween spirit by helping to create their witch pumpkin and making their own potions.


Oak room enjoyed helping to scoop the seeds out of the pumpkin! we made a witch

                                                                                                Rosh Hashanah

Wednesday 5th October we had a visit from King David to talk to us about Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish new year festival held on the first and sometimes the second day of Tishri.It is marked by the blowing of the Shofar. King David brought along a Shofar (Ram's horn) for the children to look at and also test it by blowing it.

The children sang us some traditional songs and symbolic foods that they have at this time which include apples dipped in Honey. We had the opportunity to taste the apples dipped in honey which the children enjoyed.

We would like to thank the staff and children from King David for their visit, we all enjoyed it and look forward to the next visit.


On Wednesday 28th September we took part in a fundraising day were the children all dressed up and baked flapjacks to help raise money for crackerjacks. Take a look at our pictures of our fundraising dress up day.

 29th September 2016

This past month in Oak room our theme has been 'All About Me'. We have talked about ourselves and enjoyed making our portraits for our wall display, looking at the colour of our hair, the colour of our eyes, if our hair is long or short, curly or straight. We have talked about our favourite things including our favourite food, our favourite colour, our favourite book and our favourite holiday. We also talked about our favourite people around us.

The children have had lots of fun making our 'Who Am Eye' display and guessing who is who, maybe when you collect your child you could have a go at finding them on our display.

We enjoyed making our own snack with wraps and other ingredients too. The children used different ingredients on their wraps to make their self portraits.


Our New Theme

 Our next theme is 'Autumn'. The children will be looking at the different changes in this season. We have talked about the leaves falling off the trees and the children enjoyed collecting leaves in our garden, we also looked at the different colours and shapes.

We are encouraging all the children to look at leaves, acorns, conkers and twigs while out and about and to bring these into Oak room so we can look at them and talk about them.


This month in Oak room we would like to welcome Laura Helsby who has joined us. Laura has spent the past 17 years supporting Adults and Children with Autism spectrum Condition. Laura has 3 children and enjoys cooking and craft activities.

                                                                                             Our New Theme

Its a exciting time for the older as they prepare for there new journey going to school. We will look at the different schools the children will be going and look at what they will doing in school. We also have school uniforms for children to dress up in.

On Friday 15th Ju;y we took a group of children to King David school for the afternoon. The children enjoyed this and got to meet some of the teachers and some of the older children put on mini performance for us. The children had a lovely afternoon and we hope to visit again soon.

The past month in Oak room  we have had some Changes and would like to welcome Jane Rooney into our team. Jane has settled very well into the room and has joined the dragonfly group.

Jane is a mum to 6 year old Oliver. She has worked in childcare for 5 years within a school setting and children's centre.

Our New Theme

The theme this term for Oak room is mini beasts. You may have noticed that we have caterpillars in the room and the children are showing a great interest in the life cycle from a caterpillar into a butterfly. We have also been discovering how different bugs and insects look, feel, live,and eat.

Over the next few weeks photographs will be uploaded of the different activities that the children will involved with.




Oak Room Walk

April 2016


We have had such a busy few weeks in Oak room. We have had lots to do.

We have had visitors come to see us from King David to talk about Purim.


We have had a lovely woman called Ann come and sign to the children.


We have had a lovely visit from Emma and Grace's mummy to talk about her job as an optician.



March 2016


Hello everyone. We have had a few busy weeks in Oak room. We would like to say a big welcome to our new children who have moved up from the toddler room.


Last week we celebrated World Book Day on Thursday. The children made a huge effort dressing up for the occasion. We read some lovely stories and had a very special visit from a woman called Ann.

Ann uses sign language to communicate and as Michelle read a story Ann signed to the children. The children really enjoyed watching Ann sign along to the Gruffalo story. We hope Ann will come back to visit soon.


We also have had some children from King David come abd visit us for  stay and play session a few weeks ago. All of Oak children really enjoyed playing with the older children. We hope the children from King David will come back soon. 


Pictures will be uploaded soon. 

February 2016


We have had a very busy few weeks in Oak room. We are learning about different types of animals and where they live. The children have all enjoyed learning about and sorting animals. Please come and have a look around our room so you can see all our lovely displays.


We celebrated Chinese New Year this month. We painted dragons and monkeys and learned how to say Happy New Year in Chinese.

"Kung Hey Fat Choy"


We also celebrated Pancake Tuesday and Valentines day.


January 2016


We have had a busy month. Take a look at what we have been up to!



Welcome back everyone.

We hope everyone had a lovely festive season and a very happy new year.

We have had a very busy week in Oak room. Our new theme is "The Four Seasons"

The children have enjoyed learning about the different seasons and the similarities and differences in each one.

We would like to ask the parents to bring in any photographs of their children enjoying the different seasons eg. family holidays, going to the beach or to the park etc.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Our festive week was a huge success. The children really enjoyed taking part in the festivities and loved dressing up for Christmas. We did lots of arts and crafts, made lots of yummy Christmas food and made Reindeer food ready for Christmas Eve.

We hope you like looking at all the pictures.

If you would like copies of any of the photos please do ask staff in the rooms. :)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It is officially Christmas in Oak room.The children have been helping Leah and myself to decorate our room. We are all very excited to celebrate Christmas and Hannukah over the next few weeks.




Children in Need Fundraising Day

Thank you to all the children that took part in our Children in Need fundraising day. We had lots of fun dressing up and making superhero biscuits.

Here are some pictures of the day.


Bonfire Night

Alfie and Anna wanted to make their very own bonfire out in the garden.



We are celebrating halloween this week in nursery. With is being half term we have been super quiet so Oak and Willow children have stayed together. We have had so much fun already. We made mummy pizzas and decorated bananas with chocolate chips to make ghosts. ( Pictures on willow room blog)

On Wednesday we will be dressing up as mummys and on Friday we will all dress up and walk around our nursery talking about different things we can see in our environment :)

It is going to be so much fun.


27th Oct


Bye Bye Bugs

Our bug theme has sadly come to an end. The children have loved learning about all different types of bugs. They took a special interest in spiders and made a big incy wincy spider for our wall. They children loved making bugs out of playdough, goggly eyes and pipe cleaners. We had a bug hunt in the garden.


Crackerjackers Fundraising Day

October 2015

Creation station

It is crazy all the different things that children can do with playdough and a few open ended props. Why not try it at home!

October 2015

Outdoor learning.

We have nearly finished our bug hotel. We had lots of fun adding leaves twigs and logs to it.

We also really enjoyed celebrating the Jewish festival of sukkot outdoors by making dens

Under the sea.

Our under the sea theme was a huge success. The children loved to learn about all the different types of sea creatures and also loved learning about the people who live at sea. We dressed up as pirates, made our own pirate ship and overall had a fantastic time exploring all there is to see under the sea

Shaving foam, sand and glitter.

We had a great sensory experience by mixing these three items. Lottie said it was squishy, Alfie said it was smelly and Jude said it was soft.

September 2015

Our Bug Hotel


The children have been busy outside preparing our new bug hotel. Here they are varnishing it with PVA glue and water. They can't wait to start filling it with materials so the bugs can move in :)

Having fun outdoors

The Oak and Willow children had a fantastic time playing outdoors in the rain today!

They mixed fairy liquid with the rain water and got very wet!


This week we made Gruffalo crumble with the apples and berries we grow in our garden. It was yummy!

We have had a very busy week in Oak room.

Alfie has been playing games on the computer and Finn has been telling us about his trip to the beach.

Jude had his first day in Oak room and loved playing with the sea creatures in the water tray.

Lewis and Amber enjoyed helping Leah to cut the apples for snack.

Dillon, Lewis and Joshua had great fun getting messy outside with the shaving foam.

Lewis enjoyed riding the bike " really fast"

August 2015

Look at us being creative!

Our leavers party was a great success!

Thank you so much to the parents who made the great effort to dress their children as superheroes.


Here are some pictures. 


Superhero Leavers Party

On Friday 17th July the preschool rooms will be having a superhero themed leavers party. Let your child dress up as a superhero and enjoy an afternoon filled with superhero fun.

Superheroes aren't just for boys. There are loads of ideas for girl superheroes. Please do encourage your child to take part!

Outdoor fun!

As the weather has been glorious for the past few weeks the children have been able to plant some flowers in the garden. They really enjoyed doing this and even found a little friend.


Remember to check out our facebook page!

Just search for Childsplay of Liverpool and follow us to be kept up to date on what is happening in the nursery.

We have had a very busy few weeks in Oak Room. Here are a few pictures so you can see what we have been up to.



Teddy Bear Picnic

Remember to send your child's favourite teddy into nursery with them on Thursday 4th June for our fundraising day!


If you would like any further details please ask the staff :)


If you go down to the woods today..............

George made his own Cocoon!

As you all know we have been looking after some caterpillar's that have grown into butterfly's. George decided that he wanted to be a caterpillar so he made himself a cocoon outside with the waffles. Well done George!

We really enjoyed making some chocolate nests!

Having fun in the sun!

27th April 2015

Our new theme is.... Life at the farm

For our new theme the children will be learning about life at the farm. The children have been brainstorming on different ideas for our theme. John James wants to make pig masks, Grace wants to make some houses for the different farm animals and Brandon wants to make some cheese pizzas using ingredients that you may find on a farm. Keep an eye on the blog over the next few weeks to see photos of what we get up to!


Look at what we have been up to over the past few weeks. Anna, John James and Dillon had huge smiles for the camera. Sofia and Olivia  made their own little den in the story corner. Finn, JJ and Lucas love playing with the tweezers. Alfie, Sofia and Sam love playing with our new kinetic sand (Check it out online). All the children playing a circle game with the ball outside and some of the children enjoying our light up sensory bag indoors. Remember we are still running stay and play sessions on a Friday afternoon. (If you cant make it please speak to your child's key worker and we can try and rearrange a different time to suit both the staff and the parents)


Many thanks for your support

Letters and numbers

Thanks to everyone who has attended our workshops over the past few months. We have enjoyed them. We are in the middle of preparing for our next workshop which will be on Positive Behaviour in the Early Years. (More details to come at a later date). I have added some photos of what we do in our literacy and numeracy areas to give you some insight into what we do in nursery to further your child's development. A great website for numeracy and literacy development for Early Years is: It has lots of fun online activities for children. Here are some pictures of the Oak children taking part in literacy and numeracy sessions with myself and Leah.

April 2015                                  Our dinosaur theme is very egg citing :)

We have been learning so much about dinosaurs over the past 2 weeks. We made frozen dinosaur eggs and watched the baby dinosaurs hatch out of them. Some dinosaurs were taking too long to come out so we took them outdoors to hatch. We have been watching dinosaur cartoons on the smart board, singing dinosaur songs, making our own dinosaurs and John James drew his very own T- Rex. Well done John James.

Grace came to nursery in her very own home made dinosaur skirt which her mum made for her. Well done Grace's mum. It is great to see the parents getting involved in our themes :)



The children have had lots of educational fun exploring our sensory bags. This particular one has a spring theme and the children have enjoyed looking at all the themed sensory objects.If you would like to have a look at what is inside our sensory bags why don't you come along to a stay and play session on Friday afternoons. Ask Leah or Michelle for details.

7th April 2015


Frog spawn and caterpillars.

We have a very exciting few weeks planned in the Oak and Willow rooms.

We will shortly be receiving our caterpillars by special delivery.

We will look after the caterpillars as they grow into butterflies and show you every step of the way through our blog.

Grace J's mum has also been very kind and has given us some frogspawn from a local pond so if you are lucky you might be greeted at the door by a butterfly and a frog very soon :)   (Don't worry as soon as they are fully grown we will release them into the local park)



1st April 2015

Our new theme is ..... Dinosaurs

We introduced our new theme on Monday and it is already proving to be a big hit!

The children have already discovered some dinosaur bones in our sand tray and made a dinosaur land in our small world area. We are learning about all the different types of dinosaurs and I would encourage the parents to take their child to the World museum in Liverpool City Centre as this will be a great facilitator for your child's learning throughout the next few weeks :)


The end of our space theme


Hello everyone. Our time of learning about space in the Oak room has come to an end and it has been our most successful theme yet. The children loved every minute from start to finish!

We were lucky enough to have the solar eclipse right in the middle of our theme and even though we couldn't show the children the eclipse we talked about it and showed them videos and pictures on the smart board. They were all very interested when it went dark in our room. We have learned loads about space and watched some exciting videos about how  you live in space ( 

The children all loved the solar system song which you can find on you tube!

All of the children can at least name a few of the planets in our solar system.

We ended our theme by making some moon cakes to take home. We hope your child enjoyed the space theme just as much as us.




We had lots of fun fundraising for comic relief. We made masks and the children had to guess who was behind the mask. Can you guess who is who?


We had lots of fun on world book day. We dressed up as our favourite characters and read lots of our favourite stories. Here are some pictures of our day.



Our space theme has been lots of fun. Here are some pictures of what we got up to :)


Look at what we have been doing in the number area this week! 



Monday 23rd February 2015

We have had a very busy week in the Oak room. We celebrated Pancake Tuesday by having some lovely home made pancakes with lemon juice and bananas. We also celebrated Chinese New Year. We did loads of fun things in nursery from decorating animal masks, dressing up as a huge dragon and dancing around the oak room and having some yummy Chinese food. We also made a huge dragon for the wall. We loved finding out what kind of animals we are on the Chinese Zodiac. We have lots of tigers, rabbits and dragons in the oak room. 




18th February 2015

From next week the new theme in the Oak room will be SPACE.

Myself and Leah have had some great ideas for space displays in the room and the construction area will be changed into a mission control centre for our space rocket.  If you have any books or toys at home that can match in with our theme could you bring them in to show the children.

Thank You


Numeracy Area 

In our number area we have a range of resources to build the children's numeracy skills. The children love learning in this area and take part in a range of activities. Here are some pictures of them sorting into colours and sizes. Lucas, Isabelle and Jake sorted their people into colours. Sam sorted his people into sizes. Chi Chi, Finn and Dillon loved playing the shopping game and sorting what they had to get in their trolley :) 

Literacy Corner 

As literacy is a very important part of children's development we have our own corner in the Oak room dedicated to helping the children begin to mark make and learn their letters and sounds and eventually how to read. I have added some photographs to show you how the children learn in this area. If you would like any help or advice in helping your child further their literacy skills please do speak to your child's key worker. 





February 2015

The children have really been enjoying our new theme. We have been learning about castles and royalty. The children have especially enjoyed making castles with the wooden blocks in the construction area and learning about the roles of Kings, Queens, Knights and Jesters.






January 2015 

Grace and Bonnie had a fantastic time building their own castle with the blocks in the construction area. Maybe castles should be our next theme?????


Hi Everyone. We have had a busy few weeks getting back into our routine in the Oak Room. The children have been learning about our world and looking at how New Year is celebrated throughout the world. We have also been learning about recycling and about different materials. The children had fun walking around the room testing what materials were metals and what materials were not metals. 





Winter themed fun! 


Jack, Dillon, Sam, Brandon and Poppy enjoyed playing with the ice. They described the feeling of it and talked about how ice is made. The enjoyed watching the ice melt and discussed how we could freeze it again. 


Stay and Play

 Remember this Friday the 19th of December two parents can come in for a visit with their child to the Oak room. Your child doesn't have to be attending nursery that day and can accompany you on the hour visit. Please talk to your child's key worker if you are interested in coming in on Friday or in the following weeks. 


16th December 2014

The Nativity 

This week in the Oak room we have been learning about the nativity. We have had group sessions talking about baby Jesus. The children were able to tell us that Mary was Jesus' mummy and the angel Gabriel came to visit Mary. Poppy told us that baby jesus was born in a manger and she started to sing Away in a manger for the class. We really enjoyed it and look forward to doing more activities on the nativity. 



Christmas Party 2014 

We had a fantastic party on Friday. All of the Oak children dressed up and we had a visit from a very special man. 



What have we been learning this week?


We have been learning how to write our names in the sand. 



Look at us preparing for Christmas! 

11th December 


It is our Christmas Party tomorrow!

Make sure to come dressed in 

Christmas jumpers to join in with the festivities.








Our new theme in the Oak Room is WINTER!

The children have been learning about seasons, hibernations and all different celebrations at this time of year! 

Leah and I look forward to the coming weeks and getting ready for Christmas and Hannukah! 






Look at the fun things we do in nursery! 






14th November 2015



To raise funds  for Children in Need, we hid Superhero signs in different things for the children to find! They had lots of fun getting messy!!

6th November



Now that Halloween and bonfire night is over we are introducing our new theme......




We are going to include shapes and numbers into everything we do for the next few weeks so expect your child to be singing lots of number songs at home!!





As we all know it is coming up to that time of the year again for witches, pumpkins and scary things.

In the Oak room role play we have changed the baby clinic into a bat cave! 

We would like to invite you to come have a look at it.

We also have cauldrons, fancy dress Halloween costumes and lots of other Halloween things to play with.

We look forward to the coming week and hope your child enjoys Halloween just as much as us.   


13th October 2014



Photo of the week!..

In the oak room to encourage the children to learn about different cultures and races, we have introduced a photo of the week. This will be a photograph of absolutely anything that can start a discussion with the children. Our first photograph is the picture underneath (The firemen came to visit Childsplay a few months ago). This photograph fits in perfectly with our keeping safe theme and the children have loved looking at it and remembering when the fire engine came to visit. Please look beside the map in the Oak room for a range of different photographs and children's comments over the next few weeks :) 

7th October 2014


Our new theme in the Oak room is Keeping Safe.


We introduced the children to the topic by asking them what things they thought were dangerous. We had some fantastic responses from the children: 

 John James told us that fire is dangerous because it can burn you. 

 Evie told us that cars are dangerous on the road. 

Laylah told us that strangers can be dangerous because we don't know them. 


The children will be learning how to keep safe in lots of different ways over the next few weeks. 



Thursday 25th September 2014


We are beginning to teach the children about stranger danger. The topic was raised after reading "Little Red Riding Hood". The children asked what a stranger was and this led on to a discussion about Stranger Danger. Over the next few weeks we will elaborate on how to stay safe and the children will be learning some catchy songs.


Monday 15th September 2014

Today the ladybird

children went for a "walk around the block". We took loads of pictures and the children enjoyed collecting things we found on our travels. The children were interested in the different sounds and talked about things we had seen. Here are some pictures of our adventure.





Thursday 11th September


I have been accepted on a Early Years teacher status course at Edge Hill University.  This will enable me to become more involved in the education of the children and become a specialist in early years care and education. I will not be leaving the nursery and will go to university once a month to gain this status. I am looking forward to gaining a lot more knowledge on working with children and look forward to bringing my ideas to life inside the nursery :) 


Many thanks for your continued support :)





 Wednesday 10th September 2014


Hello again parents and carers from the oak room. We hope all the older children had a enjoyable first few days back at school.  

The new theme in the Oak room for the next few weeks is all about our senses. As you may have noticed we have placed a table in the corridor full of goodies to look at, smell and touch. This is a fantastic talking point for the children and its nice to see the children getting involved and really enjoy exploring the things on the table. The children are really enjoying the theme and there is a lot more fun to come over the next few weeks. 




Monday 8th September 2014

New Starters

The preschool staff would like to offer big warm Childsplay welcome to all our new starters! We have a lot of new children joining us over the next few days and we are very excited to help them settle in and make friends in their new setting.  



Thursday 4th September 2014


Hello from the Oak room.  

We have had a few quiet weeks in the pre school rooms with most of the school leavers setting off to primary school. We have received lovely cards and gifts and we would like to say a huge thank you to the parents for their kind words and lovely presents. We will miss all of the children greatly and we have already had a few visits from our leavers in their school uniforms. They all look so grown up. 



Thursday 24th July 2014

As you may have noticed we have introduced a WOW wall to the pre school corridor. The aims of the WOW wall is to build relationships between home and nursery. Anything that your child does in nursery that makes us go WOW will be written on the WOW wall with a photograph to accompany it. Please do get involved and let the girls in the rooms know about WOW moments at home or feel free to write them on to the board yourself with the whiteboard pen. 

If you have any queries please don't hesitate in asking Michelle :)


We would really appreciate your involvement and feedback in making this a permanent feature of our nursery. 




Friday 18th July 2014

Hello from the Oak room. Myself and Leah are very busy at the moment with our new theme. The children love learning all about people who help us and we have some exciting visitors lined up for the coming weeks. We will keep you posted :)


Thank you for your continued support





Thursday 7th July 2014


The photographs from our mad hatters tea party are on our Gallery page, click on the tab to take a look. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the activities throughout the day and we were very impressed with the effort of the parents in making the hats.





25th June 2014

Hello again from the Oak Room

Leah and I have been very busy this week introducing the new EYFS planning to our room. Our theme for the next three weeks is "Where we live". 

The children are learning about the city we live in and all the fun things we can do around our city. 

We would love your help and support in showing off our wonderful city to the children and helping them to learn more about it. I have sent home a worksheet for the children to do when they are next out and about. We hope the children enjoy the theme as much as we do.


-Michelle :)




26th June 2014

To encourage good behaviour in the Oak room, Leah and I have introduced star of the day. This is a child who has listened well all day and who we feel deserves recognition and praise for being well behaved :) I'm sure you all will have a little star in your house very soon

- Michelle 



12th June 2014

Green Fingers!


Liz and Steve brought in some flowers to plant in the garden. Some children from Oak room helped to plant them outside.  Steve explained to the children about the importance of looking after our plants and making sure that we do not harm them. The children loved getting their hands dirty and starting talking about other things we could plant in the garden..... any ideas? 






Monday 2nd June 2014

Nurse's Visit

We have had a few busy weeks in the Oak and Willow Rooms...

Today Zachary's Mum came in to talk to the children about her job as a nurse. All the children were very excited to meet her! They behaved very well and listened closely while she read them a story about the day to day life of a nurse. Zachary's mum also brought in some of the equipment she uses in the hospital. The children particularly enjoyed searching for Michelle's heartbeat with the ultrasound machine! She also left behind some bandages and syringes (child friendly of course) for the children to keep in nursery and play with. A big thank you to Zachary's Mum!

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