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23rd February

It has been a busy few weeks in snowdrops and bluebells. We have been getting stuck into our theme joining in with activities using the tablet developing our I.C.T skills. The children have enjoyed getting involved in a variety of messy play activities using small world models developing interests and also imaginative play. We have also been drawing self portraits talking about difference and similarities. We would like to thank everyone who got involved in our theme by bringing in family photos, they were a great talking point for the children and encouraged conversation about families, events and experiences.

This month we have celebrated two holidays, valentines day and Chinese new year. For Chinese new year we enjoyed an afternoon cooking activity, creating our very own spring rolls. We ate all the spring rolls during our afternoon snack along with some prawn crackers and a 'spicy' dip. We hope you all enjoyed your week of celebrating valentines and Chinese new year at home.

We have also been busy with arts and crafts creating a new wall display, which we have based on the children's favourite story book at the minute 'Room on the Broom'. Look out for it to be stuck up.

Here are a few photographs from our busy few weeks.

2nd February

Our New Theme

On Monday 5th February, we will begin our new theme, which will be based on Understanding of the World.  

Understanding the World (UW) is one of the four specific areas of learning in the EYFS framework. It involves guiding children to make sense of their physical world and their community through opportunities to explore, observe and find out about people, places, technology, and the environment

As some of you may have read in the latest news letter, Snowdrops and Bluebells are asking for some family photos, these will be used as a great talking point for the children and will also link in with our new theme. Please feel free to get involved and bring us in some photographs

Please keep checking Snowdrops and Bluebells Blog page for regular updates.

W/B 29th January

This week we have been concentrating on holidays coming up soon such as Chinese New Year and Valentines day. We have created two window displays for these holidays using Gluing and sticking and paint prints using construction materials. Please feel free to have a look when coming into our room.

Here are some pictures of us getting sticky fingers creating our Chinese New Year display.

24th/25th January

Snowdrops and Bluebells have been enjoying some messy activities this week, using coco powder and flour. As well as exploring these textures, the activities have linked into our theme planning as we have included shapes in them and encouraged mark making e.g. drawing circles.

Here are some pictures of us getting messy.

W/B 15th January

This week as well as continuing to carry out our theme planning, the children have been showing a great interest in role play, using the builders props, building blocks and dressing up. So we have decided to create a wall display going from their interests. This has included some of the children painting their favourite characters of who they like to dress up as such as "peppa pig" "Elsa" and "the gruffalo".

The children have also joined in with painting activities in the tuff spot tray using different construction materials, looking at a variety of colours and shapes.

11th January

Today Snowdrops took a trip upstairs to Willow room to use the Smart board to play some educational games. As our theme at the minute is shapes and colours we chose to play some shape games. The children showed great awareness and understanding recognising shapes, they also enjoyed pressing options on the smart board by themselves, showing great taking turn skills. It was an enjoyable afternoon and we are looking forward to using the smart board again in the future.

January 2018!!

Hello from snowdrops and bluebells. Welcome to the new year everybody, we hope you all had a wonderful christmas and a happy new year.

To start off the new year we are going to start our themes by beginning with 'Shapes and Colours'. Shapes and colours are a big part of children development, encouraging children to define between objects such as similarities and differences and recognising general things in the environment around them. Our activities will help to develop verbal communication, logic skills and also numbers and concepts. 

Continue to look out for updates.

15th December

Festive week is coming to an end and we can all say it has been a fun filled busy week. Thank you everybody for taking part, we have loved seeing the children in their festive wear. Here is a few last pictures from the end of our festive week.

14th December

Baking fairy cakes.

13th December

Festive Day, icing our biscuits and making festive hats.

11th & 12th December

To start off our festive week, Snowdrops and Bluebells have took part in two cooking activities making cheesy puffs and christmas short bread biscuits.We have also joined in with some party games such as musical bumps and pass the parcel winning lots of prizes. It has already been a fun beginning to our week. We will keep you posted on our activities through the week. We are also hoping to have a little visit from Father Christmas as we have all been very good in snowdrops and bluebells.

Cheesy Puffs

Festive Wear, Musical Statues and Pass the parcel

Making Short Bread Biscuits 

W/B 4th December

The festive season is here and our mischievous elves are back for the month. This Year our elf has been named Maddie. She has been getting up to some cheeky things for her first week back. Here are some pictures of what we have caught her doing. Keep checking for further updates.

W/B 27Th November

Update: As the wet cold weather is fast approaching. Could everybody please ensure your children have warm coats with hats, scarfs and gloves. Please could we ask for you to also provide wellie boots as we do try to go outdoors in all types of weathers.

W/B 20th November

This week Snowdrops and Bluebells are beginning to get in the festive spirit, making a start on our Christmas Crafts. We will be getting creative making christmas cards, calendars, gifts and a variety of art work for our decorations. We will begin our theme planning on the 4th december basing it on 'Christmas' bringing a lot more fun, festive and educational activities.

During the week beginning 11th December we will be taking part in Festive week which will bring festive fun all week. Please see notes on entrance doors to see what we will be doing each day.

17th November

We would like to thank everyone for participating and helping us to raise money this week for Children in Need. Thank you for all your donations.

16th November

Super Hero day baking Super Pizza's!!

15th November

Pudsey/Spotty themed day!!!

14th November

Pyjama Day. Today we have had a lovely relaxed day in our pyjamas baking Pudsey short bread biscuits. For those who bought some of our biscuits, we hope you enjoyed them.

Thank you all for your donations so far!!

Here are some pictures of us putting our baking skills to the test!

13th November

Today has been our first busy day of the week for Children in Need. As it was be a sport day, we decided to make a healthy fruit salad. It went down very well for our afternoon snack and we also put some up for sale. Donations will be welcome all week and look out for our baking sales. Please help us to raise money for Children in Need.


During the week beginning the 13th November to the 17th November, we will be taking part in daily themes and activities such as cooking activities, to raise awareness and money for Children In Need. This also ensures all Children have the opportunity and chance to participate in Children In need this year. Here is what each theme will be each day:

Monday - Be a sport (wearing sportswear)

Tuesday - Pyjama Day

Wednesday - Pudsey/Spotted themed Day

Thursday - Be a Superhero (Favourite fancy dress)

Friday - Pudsey/Spotted themed Day

31st October

Happy Halloween from all our little monsters!!

27th October

Here are some photographs of what Snowdrops and Bluebells have been unto, getting ready for halloween and bonfire night.

17th October

Hello to all our blog followers, it has been a busy few weeks in Snowdrops and Bluebells and we also have a busy few weeks ahead, as it is the time of year where all the holidays begin such as Diwali, Halloween and Bonfire Night.

This week we have been decorating some picture for Diwali, which will fall on the 19th October. Our children love joining in with creative activities showing great control in using drawing tools and equipment.

We have also begun on our halloween decorations, so far including, painting and some apple printing to create pumpkins. We will continue our halloween activities through to next week.

We will then looking forward to celebrating bonfire night and will be sure to keep you all updated.

19th September

Snowdrops enjoyed some water play today, using jugs, filters and different sized and colour pebbles. Isla, Matilda and Ben displayed a great interest in this activity playing for a long period of time. During fun in the water, we talked about simple concepts such as recognising difference between big and little. the children demonstrated great understanding in language of size and also language in quantities such as 'more' or 'alot'.

15th September

Today bluebells enjoyed some animal yoga/pilates with Katherine. this linked into our theme, developing listening and attention in following direction and instructions. All the children shown great listening and attention imitating the moves and showing good body control. Harriet especially enjoyed it. Here are some photographs.

11th September

New Theme

Today we have begun a new theme. Our new theme will be based on the development area of 'Language and communication'. This will cover listening and attention, understanding and speaking, which are key areas in the children's learning and development. The activities involved in the theme, will look at listening and attention e.g. during stories, or following instructions during games such as lotto, animal yoga and dancing. We will aim to develop understanding looking at different concepts such as big and little and pre-positions, whilst also developing understanding in open ended questions asked. We will look at encouraging speech using a wide variety of activities such as role play, arts and crafts, circle games, discussions, messy play and a lot more. Keep an eye out for updates on how the theme is going.

W/B 21st August

This week the children have displayed a great interest in animals, so we have provided group activities, making sure we included animals. They have enjoyed washing the animals, getting soaking wet, whilst also talking about animals that may live in the water. We also enjoyed cereal play involving the animals, making footprints and squashing the cereal listening to the crunching sounds made. We always do enjoy playing with foods and getting messy.

18th August

Today Snowdrops enjoyed an afternoon camping in the garden in the caravan. We enjoyed preparing a picnic and eating it around the camp fire. The children displayed great skills in taking turns and sharing the resources, playing well in a group. This fun activity linked in well with our theme and give plenty of opportunities for all the children to build their relationships with peers.

Snowdrops and Bluebells would like to say a big WELL DONE to Sarah, who has achieved her Early Years Teacher status, at an Outstanding level. Congratulations in your outstanding effort and work :).

8th August

This morning Snowdrops enjoyed a sensory activity, using milkshake powder in the tuff spot tray. We enjoyed getting messy and tasting the flavour of the milkshake powder, it was strawberry. As well as tasting the milkshake powder, we made mark sin it with our fingers. Ben says hes making a 'dinosaur', Isla says shes making 'a fly'.

This afternoon Bluebells enjoyed custard powder. They also enjoyed experimenting with it through tasting. They got super messy getting it all over their face as well as their hands. All the children demonstrated a great interest in this type of sensory/messy play. We will continue to look into using other materials to use developing their different senses and building their interest further. 

Photographs will follow shortly.

2nd August

To all our blog followers, apologise from our last few posts with no photographs attached, we have had some trouble uploading, the photographs will be uploaded as soon as we are able to.

Quick update on Waddles and Sammy's where about. They have had a fantastic summer so far travelling to Toronto, Centre parks, Suffolk and the Lake district. Waddles is currently in wales with Joel having an amazing break. Sammy has gone on a big adventure to Canada with Quinn. We can not wait to hear their stories when they come back to nursery. Thank you to everyone who has took time in sharing the adventures and journeys with us.

Next week beginning 7th August, we will be starting our new theme. Instead of basing this on a topic, We have decided to widen the aim's of learning basing it on an area of learning, Personal, Social and Emotional (P.S.E.D). We will provide activities building the children's relationships with peers and adults and encouraging initiation in their own play ideas. We will look at activities building self confidence and self awareness and developing independence. We will also look at managing feelings and behaviours, talking about different emotions and encouraging sharing and taking turns.

!8th July

We have continued to enjoy our theme Animals, which will be soon coming to an end. Bluebells enjoyed making large footprints using different wild animals. They enjoyed painting the animals feet, then walking them across paper to make colourful prints. Whilst Snowdrops enjoy play outside with sea creatures, shells and pebbles. Some of the children enjoyed feeding the sea creatures the pebbles, before then getting in the water with them. Edie, Ben and Joel showed great enjoyment getting in the water, also cooling them selves down in the lovely sun. Joel then decided to make footprints around the garden with his wet feet, which then ben and Edie joined in. It was so much fun.

12th July

Today has been a fun day in Snowdrops and Bluebells. We have enjoyed a variety of activities such as free painting, making a train with cardboard boxes and creating a cereal farm. Bluebells enjoyed getting their hand very dirty during the painting activity, mixing lots of different colours together. Snowdrops enjoyed some junk modelling, making a very long train using empty cardboard boxes. Imogen and Jessica said the train was 'taking them on their holidays', so they got lots of food to take with them. We then enjoyed a cereal farm, talking about what the different animals may eat and where they live. The children enjoyed eating the cereal.

3rd July

Our New Theme

Our new theme beginning this week, will be Animals. All the children love to play with the animals and build there knowledge on the names of animals, what they eat and where they live. We have a wide range varing from Farm animals, Sea animals, dinosaurs and jungle animals. All the activities we have planned are aimed to develop exploration, knowledge and understanding, listening and attention and taking turns in group activities.

27th June

Julie and some of the girls at Childsplay are taking part in PRETTY MUDDER 5K, this Saturday (1st July). They will be raising money for a very worthy cause which has affected so many of our lives. We are doing this in memory of people we have lost, the people who are battling this disease and the survivors.

To donate simply go to 'Childsplay' on the Just Giving page website, or text CHIL88 and your amount to 70070. Thank you for your support.

23rd June

This week, we have continued to have fun carrying out our numeracy theme. The children enjoyed a tuff spot tray activtiy using pom poms, tongs and straws. As well as counting how many pom poms we had in each colour, we used the tongs to develop our fine manipulative skills and we used the straws to blow the pom poms seeing how far we could get them to go. We have also enjoyed building with the dominos counting how many spots there where on each domino. Next week will be the last week of our numeracy theme so look out for updates.

16th June

Snowdrops and Bluebells have had fun this week, getting stuck in to our new theme. We have enjoyed activities such as the hammer and nail game, counting how many nails we have, whilst also recognising our shapes and colours and developing our fine manipulative skills. We have also enjoyed finger painting, counting how many fingers we have and how many marks we can make on our paper. We have lots more planned for our on coming weeks of the numeracy theme.

12th June

New Theme

Our new theme beginning this week will be numbers. Numeracy skills can be developed using a wide range of activities such as Jigsaws, singing songs, counting objects and counting our favourite toys. We will aim to develop the children counting in sequence and begin the older children to recognise some numbers. Numeracy is a very big factor in childrens learning so we are sure this theme will be successful.

7th June

Today oak room kindly brought down their butterfly's for us to see, before setting them free in the garden. Snowdrops loved looking a them, seeing what different colours they were. Shay decided to name all the butterfly's 'George'. Maybe next year we will get our own for bluebells and snowdrops, watching the process of them growing into butterfly's.

6th June

Today we assembled our caravan tent. The children enjoyed bringing over tea set props using their imagination pretending to have a picnic, some also enjoyed relaxing in the caravan reading stories. After watching the children's imaginative play, we then decided to bring the picnic to real life, having our afternoon snack outside the caravan around our camp fire. The children shown great enjoyed having their afternoon snack with a difference. This also sparked conversation and talk from the children e.g. Edie began to tell us how she cooked sausages over the fire when at the beach with her family.

2nd June 2017

Snowdrops and Bluebells have had a lovely day today, Jade and Judy have also had a great last day. This afternoon we took part in a food tasting activity, tasting lots of different healthy fruits. The children displayed great awareness in there fruits and enjoyed trying majority of them.

After filling our little belles with healthy fruits we enjoyed some dancing showing off our best moves.

We would like to take this opportunity to say GOOD LUCK to Jade and Judy.

26th May

It has been a lovely week in Snowdrops and Bluebells, as we have been enjoying the lovely weather outdoors. Could we ask for everyone to please remember, if you haven't already, to bring in some suncream and a sun hat for your children.

Our Summer 2017 news letter is now out on our app and website. Please take a look at our latest updates.

As most of you may know Jade and Judy will be leaving us, their last day being next Friday (2nd June). We would like to wish them all the luck in their new journeys.

Waddles and Sammy are now back from Australia and Waddles has already gone on his next adventure, travelling to Toronto with Orlaith. If you have a holiday or a trip coming us soon please let us know so we can get one of our travelling teddies ready to join you.

18th May

We have had a busy week this week, getting stuck into our new theme Colours and Shapes. We have enjoyed activities such as painting, using shape sorters and different shaped blocks, building the children's awareness in recognising their shapes. The children were also encouraged to choose their favourite colours to use, developing independence. The children have also shown an interest in the compare bears. As well as developing their shapes and colours using the compare bears, we have also involved lots of counting.

15th May

Our New Theme

Our new theme beginning today will be Colours and shapes. Colours and shapes are two very noticeable attributes of the world around us e.g looking at shapes of buildings such as a house, what colour is the tree outside your house?. They are ways for children to observe and categorize what they see. Colours are words children may use to describe objects as are shapes, they are also ways to define or identify an object. As we now have lots of younger children who have joined us from the teddy bear room, we are confident in this theme being a success and being a great use to our children. 

3rd May

Today we enjoyed our time outdoors in the spring sunshine. We had lots of fun playing in water play involving lots of tools and equipment to extend our play. We used measuring jugs of different sizes, sea animals, cups and bamboo shoots. We obviously got soaking wet but that was all part of the fun. We hope the warm weather continues so we can develop and widen our interests outdoors.

May 2017

We would like to welcome a new member to the snowdrops and bluebells team, Sammy our travelling owl!! As you may remember last year Benjie our travelling dog went on a new adventure, so we needed a new friend for Waddles the penguin. Our travelling teddy's allow us to connect nursery life and home life. There bags both include journals for you and your children to write stories about events and experiences you have shared with the teddy's, pictures can also be included. When the travelling teddy's return to nursery, we will then, along with your child, share your events and story with a group.

Waddles is currently in Australia with Luca and Sammy has also just gone on his first trip with Isabelle & Harry also visiting Australia. We can't wait to see what they have got up to. If you have any upcoming holidays and would like to take Waddles or Sammy please let us know. They can have very busy schedules during the summer.

W/B 17th April

Our New Theme

Our new theme beginning this week will be based on the season Spring. Spring comes between winter and summer so the weather will be getting warmer and the days will be getting longer. We will be looking at flowers starting to grow, insects and animals beginning to appear and many more things, developing understanding of the world. We are also in the middle of re-vamping our wall displays bringing some bright spring colours to the room.

13th April

Today our children have been getting very excited about the easter bunny coming at the weekend, so we have had a fulfilled day full of easter activities. First we enjoyed a sensory tuff spot tray using materials such as pom poms, straw, knitted chicks, shredded tissue paper and some tongs to also develop our fine manipulative skills. The children enjoyed using the tongs to pick up the different materials and fill up the polystyrene cups provided. We love to try different types of sensory play in our tuff spot trays.

Next our cooking skills made an appearance making some easter rice crispy cakes and cornflake cakes, using our great mixing and stirring skills. Of course we enjoyed eating them during our afternoon snack, making sure we ate every last sprinkle left on our plate. It has been a busy but fun day. We hope everybody has a lovely easter and enjoys the bank holiday weekend.

11th April

REMINDER: As the warm weather is approaching could everyone please provide your child with sun cream and a sun hat, to be kept in nursery. Could you also bring some wellies as we all know the British weather is very unpredictable and we have many rainy days as well as sunny days.

W/B 3rd April

This week we have been very busy getting creative. We have all enjoyed making our easter cards for our Mummy's and Daddy's. This has included painting and gluing and sticking. We have also made some easter baskets to hide our easter eggs in. We can't wait to send them all home to show you.

24th March

Snowdrops and Bluebells have had a fun filled day celebrating and raising money for comic relief. We loved to see the children's crazy hair, red clothes and mismatch clothing. Our day started off with dancing with Tracy, we then went on to icing some biscuits which we later ate for snack and put some on sale. During our afternoon outdoor play we took part in our danceathon showing off our crazy moves, it was lovely and sunny outside which made our afternoon even better. We would like to thank everyone for their donations and for taking part in the day.

10th March

Our New Theme

Our new theme which began on Monday is based on the story book 'Elmer and Wilbur the Elephant'. Elmer is an elephant who has a colourful body, with a variety of colours arranged as a patchwork. He has a cheerful and optimistic personality and loves practical jokes. The stories enbale exploration and concepts of diversity, as elmer discovers that when he treis to change his apperance in order to blend in, the other elephants no longer act him as one of their own. This makes Elmer sad, which then makes him realise he was loved for his differences.

The children already show a great interest in this story book and we also have a wall display showing all the different colours. We hope our idea for a theme is successful and the children enjoy it as we have lots planned. Look out for our updates.

2nd March

We have loved seeing all the outfits today for World Book Day, seeing a variety of characters. We have read lots of stories including a few that the children braught in this morning. Teedy told us his favourite story to read is 'fireman sam', Jessica says hers is 'Cinderella', Isabelle says 'My peppa pig books'. All the children display a great interest in reading a range of story books.

The characters who we saw in nursery today included Batman, Spiderman, a Cat, a Robot, Arna and Elsa, The gruffalo, Paw Patrol, Woody, Buzz light year and ,Rapunzel. 

27th Februaury

As you already know the wheather has not been very nice today, so we could not spend any time in the garden. We did however see the snow out of our window, Freya wanted to touch it, so we let some of the children stand by the door and catch the big snowflakes, Teddy, Freya and Joel enjoyed catching them, Freya got it all in her hair!!

Thursday 2nd March is World Book Day. We would love for all our children to get involved dressing up in their favourite dressing up outfit or as their favourite book character, also bringing in a story book of their choice which we could read for them during this day. We can not wait to see all the different outfits, we know Snowdrops and Bluebells love to dress up.

22nd February

During our afternoon garden play today, we found a slug on one of our building waffles. Some of the children wanted to pick it up, so we got a spatular out of our mud kitchen to pick it up with. Tobias enjoyed holding it, he decided it was a boy and we were going to call it 'Freya'. Freya, Bailey, Imogen and Lily also enjoyed a turn of holding our slug. We all shown great skills in taking turns. Joel didn't want a go of holding it, saying 'it's yaky', Freya says 'it's very slimy'.

After some time we put our slug on the floor allowing him to slither back to his family.

16th February

Today we have had a very busy afternoon. Jade created a bear hunt tuff spot tray using materials such as natural logs, shaving foam, mud, straw (for grass) and blue crate paper. She included some play people and a bear!! We had so much fun recreating the bear hunt story developing our imaginative play and also our senses, touching different textured materials. We are really enjoying our new theme at the minute. Please let us know if you have experienced the bear hunt in Liverpool one, we would love to see some pictures.

After playing in our bear hunt tuff spot tray, Melissa had a brilliant idea to use some empty boxes to create a car. The children loved using all their favourite colours to paint the boxes, also painting plastic cups and paper plates for wheels. We had such a fun afternoon.

14th February 

Happy valentines day to all our blog followers. We hope you have all had a lovely day and been spoilt. We have had fun in snowdrops and bluebells today baking some heart shaped short bread biscuits. As usual our cooking skills where on point and our valentine biscuits tasted scrumptious. The children really do enjoy cooking activities getting stuck in and getting their little hands dirty, why not have a try at home cooking something simple.

13th February

Our New Theme

Our new theme which will begin today, will be based on the story 'We're going on a bear hunt". The interest leading to this theme came from Tobias who went on a bear hunt during the weekend with his family. He has loved talking about it since his experience, sharing his excitment with the staff and his peers.

The story lets you join in and follow a family's excitement as they wade through the grass, splash through the river and squelch through the mud in search of a bear. What a surprise awaits them in the cave on the other side of the dark forest! The story allows development in the children's reading skills allowing them to repeat repetitive phrases and fill in familiar words and phrases. All the children display enjoyment in reading this story.

We have a lot of funs things planned including, acting out the bear hunt in the garden, making bear dough, colouring in, developing mathematic skills with our counting bears, reading the bear hunt story verbally and on the smart board, making our own art collages and plenty more. Keep a look out for updates.

If you are interested in taking your children on a bear hunt follow this link for more information http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/whats-on/family-kids-news/liverpool-one-bear-hunt-tickets-12411415 

W/B 6th February

Our valentines theme has been a great success, the children enjoyed lots of messy play developing many senses, as well as exploration. We have also talked a lot about feeling loved and being kind to our friends and family. We will be sending home cards for the children's valentines this week and beginning of next, we hope you love their creative work as i know all the children have took great enjoyment in making them.

Look out for updates next week as we have some fun activities planned for valentines day.

30th January 

As everybody may know, Chinese new year was celebrated yesterday worldwide. Chinese new year of 2017 is the year of the rooster. We hope you all had a lovely weekend and had lots of fun if you attended any festivals to celebrate this holiday. In snowdrops and Bluebells today, we enjoyed some food tasting during our afternoon snack time. We all loved tasting vegetable spring rolls and prawn crackers, the prawn crackers where our favourite!! We also had a little bit of mild chilli sauce to dip our Chinese treats in.

25th January

This week has been a very busy week already in Snowdrops and Bluebells. The children have enjoyed joining in with gluing and sticking, making some lovely glittery hearts to put up on our window. Take a look when in our room.

On Monday during our time outside Snowbells made some perfume. We got together some flowers and pink and red food colouring. Freya Joel and Caoimhe showed a great interest in this activity Joel loved smelling it saying to the staff 'Smell it, Smell it' Freya says 'Look im mixing my perfume'.

We have enjoyed lots of outdoor play, playing in our mud kitchen with our new crockery, We have been making mud pie and getting messy. During our garden times our relationships have been growing with our friends, we have all been sharing our new crockery and pushing one another around on our crates.

Yesterday we tryed out our new RED kinetc sand, we could make lots more with this than what we can in our sand tray, balls where our favourite things to make. Edie says 'this feels really different', Freya says 'ooh i like this'.

19th January

This week we will be finshing our theme. On Monday 23rd we will start a new theme which will be Valentine Day. This will include making all of our valentines cards and some decorations around the room, playing with red and pink sensory play, reading stories about feelings. We will post our pictures on our blog as soon as we can.

13th January

This week has been another very busy week, continuing to re new all our wall displays and panels. We have also enjoyed getting stuck in to our theme, which is fitting in perfectly with this freezing cold weather.

Coming up on the 28th January will be Chinese New Year. Snowdrops and Bluebells have created a small window display, using finger paintings. Take a look when in our room.

We would like to take this opportunity to please remind you to bring in hats, scarfs and gloves so we can wrap up warm during our outdoor play and also wellies so we can enjoy jumping and splashing in all the big puddles.

Here are some pictures from our activities this week.

5th january

This week we have been getting very creative, putting together our Elmer the Elephant colour wall display. The children have joined in with painting and gluing and sticking to create the display. The children gained more awareness in their colours, choosing what colours they would like to paint with. Look out for more of snowdrops and bluebells creative work around the room.

3rd January

Our New Theme

Our new theme will begin today, 3rd January. The story we have chosen to base it on this month will be 'The not so perfect penguin'.

In this story book All of the penguins are smart and sensible. All except Percy, who is . . . well . . . not so perfect. But when Percy leaves, things just aren't the same without him. The penguins soon realize there's more to life than being perfect. Beautifully illustrated, The Not-So-Perfect Penguin introduces young children to the pleasures of reading and sharing stories. Discussion points for parents and teachers are also included. This story will fit in talk about different feelings, sharing etc. We will also fit in the winter weather providing activities such as ice play, water play, shaving foam (pretending its snow) and lots more.

Throughout January we will also be revamping a number of our wall displays and perspect displays, we will be getting very creative. Look out for our art skills around the room.

We will also be celebrating Chinese new year which will fall on the 28th January this year. Keep a look out for more information about what we will be getting up to.


We would like to wish all our blog followers A Happy New Year. We wish you all the best for 2017.

16th December continued..

This afternoon our cooking skills have continued to develop, making some cheesy puffs. Snowdrops and Bluebells are becoming great cooks. Jamie oliver has defintly got competition. After making some cheesy puffs we had some busuits left over so we decided to ice them aswell. We will all be absolouty stuffed after our afternoon snack today.

We would like to thank everybody for taking part in our festive week, the childrens festive wear has looked great! We hope all our children have enjoyed the week and they have came home with plenty of stories about what we have been upto.

Snowdrops and Bluebells would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and A Happy Hanukkah.

16th December 

It has been an exciting morning this morning. Look who came to visit......

The children where so excited to come in from the garden to see santa's foot print's and his sack with lots of presents in. They have all been very good children this year.

After seeing his footprints on the floor they all walked over to the mat where they got their presents. They ripped them open with excitment to find they had new story books. It has been such a festive morning.

15th December

Snowdrops and Bluebells joined in with another game of pass the parcel today. Their where lots more prizes too be won. We also wrote our letters to santa, Alice asked for a 'frog' off father christmas this year. Edie asked for 'a Carrot', we think to feed the reindeers.

During the afternoon we iced some buscuits, sprinkling hundreds and thousands on them also, we enjoyed eating them all up (not even leaving a crumb) with our afternoon snack.

Tomorrow will be our last day of festive week, we have had a great fun filled week and can't wait to see whats planned for tomorrow.

14th Decemeber

Today we made christmas tree rice crispie cakes. We melted white choclate and marshmellows then adding green food colouring, when the rice crispies where added the children used all their strength mixing the rice crispies in with the choclate and marshmellows. We then use grease paper which we made into cone shapes, filling them up with our mixture. They were yummy and went down very weel at snack time. We hope the children who took theirs home enjoyed them too. Also during garden time we played four corners using our christmas pictures printed from twinkle. The children displayed great lsitening and recognisation skills.

Keep a look out for the our following updates for the rest of festive week.

13th December

This morning snowdrops and bluebells played pass the parcel. The children showed great skills in taking turns. They all enjoyed the parcel landing with them, ready to open to get their prize. Their were lots of prizes to win such as, Bubbles, sweets, small footballs, pads and pens. Their was one prize they especially loved which was the sweeties.

After pass the parcel, we played musical bumps, the children all used their listening ears very well. Caoimhe won our game of musical bumps, winning another prize. Gabriel also won as our best dancer, he loved strutting his stuff showing us all his moves.

12th December 

Today has been our first day of fetsive week. The children have enjoyed baking short bread biscuits which we ate at snack time, they went down a treat. We have also joined in with dancing to our christmas songs and finger painting some hanuakkah pictures.

Tomorrow we will playing pass the parcel. We cant want to see what prizes the children win.

9th December 

Elsa and Eddie have had a lovley micheviuous week in Snowdrops and Bluebells. The children have enjoyed coming in looking for their new hiding place and seeing what they may have moved or messed up through the night. Here are some pictures of what they have been upto.

8th December

Next week (week beginning 12th) will be festive week. this will be instead of one big party. Through the week we have lots of fun activities planned, such as cooking, dancing, pass the parcel and plenty more. We will also be dressing up for the whole week, wearing clothing such as Christmas Jumpers and T shirts. Your children are welcome to dress up in any type of festive clothing. Keep an eye out for pictures from our festive week.

Our New Theme

Our new theme beginning on the 5th December will be the story book 'Santa is coming to Liverpool'. This story fits in perfectly with the month of december.  

Children with a connection with Merseyside will love reading through Santa is Coming to Liverpool. Written by Steve Smallman and illustrated by Robert Dunn, it is Christmas Eve and Santa is all packed up ready to deliver his presents. What could possibly go wrong? The charming book reveals how Santa manages to dash from Aintree to Anfield, from Bootle to Otterspool and from Sefton Park to Stanley Park, all in the space of one night while children are safely tucked up in bed and fast asleep. A great festive story for the girls and boys.

We will keep you updated on the fun activities we have planned for this festive months theme.

As well as carrying out our theme daily we will be continuing arts and crafts making christmas cards and calendars for you to put on your mantelpiece. We hope you like them.

Also during the month of december we will be celebrating Hanukkah which is a jewish holiday. Hanukkah this year will fall on the 24th december, it last for 8 days.

Please keep visiting our blog page for information and updates from snowdrops and bluebells

1st December

Today is the 1st December and it is already that time of year for our elf friends Elsa and Eddie to make their appearance. I wonder what mischievous things they are going to get upto this year. Keep an eye out each morning to see if you can spot them.

W/B 28th November

This week we have celebrated St Andrews Day which was on 30th Novemeber. Some of the children took part in painting St Andrew Flags. 

We have also been doing creative work with the children for christmas. Our creative work consisted of Potato printing, gluing and sticking, painting and sponge painting, we have also used lots and lots of glitter to put a sparkle to our work. Take a look at our window christmas displays.

You may have noticed we have put up our christmas decorations also, Snowbells are now feeling very festive.

25th November

Snowdrops and Bluebells have had a very fun afternoon today. We played in chocolate powder, using straws to blow and make marks in it. The children then had an idea of their own turning them selfs into big roaring chocolate monsters. They shown great imagination through this play and especially enjoyed getting messy.

Why not try some messy play at home and watch their imaginations run wild.

25th November

This week we have been super busy in Snowdrops and Bluebells. We have started getting ready for christmas, creating some christmas pictures and getting in the festive spirit with our christmas songs. We are so excited to put up all our decorations next week.

Look out for our next theme which will be based on a christmas story. If you have any christmas story books at home that your children love to read, feel free to bring them in to share with us during our quiet times.

Heres some pictures of what we have been upto.

18 November

We would like to thank everyone for taking part in our fundraising day today, helping us to raise money for a special charity Children In Need. Thank you for all the donations. We hope the children have come home and told you all about our fun filled day. Have a lovely weekend!!

Cooking Pizza

We love cooking in Snowdrops and Bluebells,we are becoming real experts. As usual our pizza's were yummy and we enjoyed eating them all up. Our toppings included Chicken slices, Sweetcorn, Tuna, Peppers, Cheese and Red Onions, the onions made some of our eyes water but we still at them all up. What shall we cook next time??. Even though the weather has been miserable outside, we have had so much fun inside.

18th Novemeber

This morning we have loved seeing the childrens different outfits and enjoyed some free-style dancing. We then did our glow fit session, showing off all our brilliant moves and having a party with our glow sticks. 'THERE NOTHING LIKE A SNOWBELLS PARTY'. We will all sleep well today during our afternoon nap time today. Here are some pictures from our busy fun filled morning.

11th Novemebr Continued

Next week is children in need. 18th Novemebr, Snowdrops and Bluebells will be taking part in the day by dressing up in spots, making some teasty treats and showing us their moves during a sponserd glow fit. If you would like to donate some money, we will be taking donations on the day. Thank you.

11th Novemeber

As you may know this week we have started our new theme 'A squash and a squeeze'. The children have enjoyed the activties so far. The activities have ranged from Painting, to animal lotto, to chopping their veg using our role play chopping board and tuff spot tray with cereal and a range of farm animals. It has been an enjoyable week and we can't wait to see what else the theme brings.

10th Novemeber

Today Sarah brought us in some new story sacks from university. The story sacks included 'The bad tempered LadyBird' and 'The Princess and the Dragon'.

Storysacks can make reading more fun and interactive for children, while taking pressure away from the readers. Storysacks are also a fun resource that encourages parents/staff and children to read together in an interactive way. Storysacks usually contain a high quality picture book, props or costumes for acting out the story, an audio recording of the story, a non-fiction book and an idea card with activities to do together. When you use a storysack, you do not have to read the story word for word. Children can use the props and characters in the story to act along with the story, or make up their own stories and endings.

The children have already enjoyed reading 'The bad tempered Ladybird' and playing the games involved in the sack. Sarah also brought us some new story books to read. We love new resources.

7th November

Today we joined in in making some remembrance day pictures, using our fingers. Using colours such as red and black we enjoyed finger painting.

Armistice Day is on 11 November and is also known as Remembrance Day. It marks the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, back in 1918. A two minute silence is held at 11am to remember the people who have died in wars.

Here are some pictures of us Finger painting.

4th November

Our New Theme

Our new theme beginning on Monday 7th Novemeber will be based on a favourite story in Bluebells and Snowdrops at this time. The children really seem to enjoy reading A Squash and a Squeeze. So this is what we have decided to base our theme on for the next few weeks. A squash and a squeeze tells the story of a little old lady who thinks that her house is too small. ‘My house is a squash and a squeeze,’ she complains to a wise old man. He advises her to take various animals into her house – first a hen, then a goat, then a pig and finally a cow, who dances on the table. The old lady is at her wits’ ends until she follows the old man’s next piece of advice: ‘Take them all out.’ Once she has the house all to herself again, it feels enormous! We have lots of activities planned based on characters from the story and things that may happen throughout it. We are very confident that our new idea for a theme will be enjoyable and successful. Please keep checking our blog for updates.

We would also like to take this opportunity to tell you other things that will be going on throughout November. As you all know it is Bonfire night tomorrow, the children have enjoyed making some creative bright bonfire pictures, that we have put up for you all to see on our window display. We hope you all have a great safe bonfire night.

Also coming up is remembrance sunday, we will be making some poppy pictures with the children and talking about this event during next week. Look out for our creative work. Next week is also National Nursery Rhyme week, we will enjoy singing our favourite songs and rhymes. If you would like to know some songs we sing please take a look in the songs booklet available on the table display in the porch. If you have anymore songs you would like to share with us please feel free, we are always open for new things.

On the 18th November we will raising money for Children in Need. Keep an eye out for more information on this event. We will enjoy sharing our very busy month with you.

31st October continued..

Baking our Halloween fairy cakes this afternoon. They were so yummy. Snowdrops and Bluebells are great cooks.


31st October.

The children have had a fun morning this morning for Halloween. We have been icing some buiscuits to make them look like pumpkins. The Children who do a morning session, have all enjoyed taking them home and eating them.

We have loved the childrens spooky outfits and hope they have all had a fun Halloween. Look out for an update later on today for baking our Halloween fairy cakes.

Here are some pictures from this morning.


Check out our Alice in Wonderland themed pumpkin. We had lots of fun carving it out and playing with the insides. Head over to our Facebook page and make sure to give it a like!


26th, 27th, 28th October

Halloween Crafts

25th October

Snowdrops have been busy this morning making an autumn tuff spot tray, using a variety of props. We used the conkers that some of our children have kindly bought in. We also used some pieces of logs, which Jade and Karen picked up from Formby Beach. With the conkers, we also had some conker shells, this developed conversation about where conkers come from. Tobias says "they fall from the conker trees'. The children involved, enjoyed cracking the shells to find a conker inside. Lorcan then found a pair of tongs, beginning to pick to conkers up with them, also cracking the acorns and conker shells. We had lots of fun this morning.

24th October

Today we enjoyed another sensory activity, using Chocolate Coco Powder. The children enjoyed this just as much as the milkshake powder, they especially enjoyed tasting this one, as it tastes of chocolate. Some of the children decided to add some dinosaurs to the tuff spot tray, making dinosaur footprints in the powder. They all shown great imaginative skills.

20th October

Today we enjoyed some sensory play using Milkshake powder. Sensory play enables the children to explore a variety of sensory materials developing senses such as touch, smell, taste and sight. The children used all these senses playing in the milkshake powder. The children smelt the powder, Edith saying 'It smells gorgeous'. They made marks in the powder using their fingers, Edie says 'Im making handprints'. Teddy says 'I'm making footprints'. They also made shapes in the powder. When touching the powder Bailey says 'It's sticky'. All the children enjoyed licking their fingers tasting the milkshake powder. This activity was so much fun, we can't wait to try more flavoured powders continuing exploration and developing senses.

W/B 10th October

It has been a very busy week in the Snowdrops and Bluebells room. We have taken part in a lot of fun activities, all linking into our Autumn theme. We are fully enjoying it. We have joined in with activities such as Leaf printing, conker painting in our tuff spot tray, Acorn and conker counting and we have also created an Autumn wall display with hedgehogs and leaf printing pictures. We love arts and crafts.

This week we have also begun to get ready for halloween, painting some spooky halloween pictures. 

Here are some photographs of what we have been up to.


Leaf printing/painting

Conkers and Acorns

Spooky halloween pictures

10th October

Snowdrops and Bluebells are looking at updating our treasure baskets, developing the children's  Heuristic play. Treasure baskets increase children's fine motor skills and increase engagement, focus and concerntration. They also aim to develop curiosity and stimulate senses, whilst also promoting discussion.

We would like to take this opportunity to ask for your help in filling up our basket. If you have any of the following objects lying around your household we would be very grateful if you could bring them in to use. We are welcoming, wooden, natural objects such as wooden spoons, wooden pegs, curtain/napkin rings, wooden brushes with soft bristles, pastry brushes and coasters. Also objects such as loafers, exfoliators, pine cones, large pebbles and coconut shells.

7Th October

Our New Theme

Our new theme which will begin on Monday 10th October will be Autumn. As the new season is beginning we have lots of activities planned from arts and crafts to sensory, nature and learning ideas. We would be grateful if when out and about you and your children could keep an eye out for objects such as pine cones, acorns, conkers and leaves, these would help us so much to build our play ideas.

Keep an eye out for our updates on our blog page and on our Facebook page.

6th October

Today one of our children Edith bought in lots of conkers and acorns for us to play with. Snowdrops took the conkers and acorns into the garden, putting them in to our tuff spot tray with some straw and some of our autumn paper animals made from our twinkle account. The children loved exploring the tuff spot tray naming the different animals they found and seeing how many conkers and acorns they could find. Imogen, Jessica, Edith, caoimhe and Edie also enjoyed filling their pockets with the conkers until they where full and could not fit anymore in. We love to see the children using their imagination and having their own ideas of what to do with objects and resources.

3rd October

This week we are putting up our new pirate themed wall display. Since the pirate festival a few weeks ago the children have enjoyed talking about pirates. They have enjoyed decorating our pirate ship and pirate figures using a variety of colours of paint and participating in finger painting. Look out for our display to be up.

3rd October

Today is Rosh hashanah. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year festival held on the first and sometimes the second day of Tishri. It is marked by the blowing of the Shofar, and begins the tens of penitence culimating in Yom Kippur. It is a tradition during Rosh Hasanah to eat symbolic foods such as apples dipped in honey. The children have enjoyed being involved in some creative activities to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, making some apple printing pictures pictures and colouring in some pictures of the Rams Horn (Shofar).

28th September


Today we raised money for Crackerjacks Children's Trust. The children dressed up in some brilliant outfits, they all did an  amazing  job making a huge effort. We have loved seeing all their amazing costume ideas and we have lots of pictures to share with you. As well as dressing up today, we had a fun filled afternoon, Baking. Snowdrops and Bluebells made some fairy cakes, they were scrumptious. We hope you bought some at our cake sale and enjoyed them just as much as we did.

The Children's Outfits

Baking Fairy Cakes

23rd September

Today a member of staff from our baby room kindly bought us in some 'Gelli Baff' which you can buy from stores such as Toys R Us. The instructions on the box were really easy to follow. The children loved helping to mix together feeling the soppy gooey texture of it. it was exciting watching the water turn into brightly coloured thick goo!. We added some of our creepy crawly insects to make it that little bit more exciting!!


Transport Theme

The children are displaying great enjoyment in our transport theme. They have enjoyed drawing/painting their own vehicles, playing sound lotto listening to the different sounds of a variety of vehicles, completing transport jigsaws, playing 'i spy', water play and lots more. We have had a very busy few weeks. We also had lots of fun in our nursery made boat, which was created out of cardboard, we included some plastic balls and the sand pitt. Our imaginations took us far away, taking to us to a fabulous beach on our boat.

September 2016 

It has been a busy few weeks in the Snowdrops and Bluebells room. Some of our children have gone to start their new journey in the big tops room. We would like to wish them luck and hope they enjoy their time upstairs. We would also like to welcome the children who have recently moved through to Snowdrops and Bluebells, they have all settled really well.

Our current theme at the moment is Transport. The children display a great interest in different vehicles, hearing the cars, buses and motorbikes go by when playing the garden. Some of the children have also been talking about their experience of going on an aeroplane, when going on their summer holidays. We have plenty of activities planned and looking forward to sharing them with you at a later date. We will be sure to keep you updated.

15th August 2016

Our new theme

Our new theme for the next three weeks is 'Olympics and Countries'.

We have lots of physical activities planned for the children to take part in and we will also be learning about different countries and sports, all around the world.

W/B 8th August

This week the children have enjoyed some apple bobbing. Using the apples from the apple tree in our garden, we had lots of fun trying to pick up the apples with tongs. We found it a bit tricky at first but we soon got the hang of it. We have also finished making our fire engine and police car this week. The children really enjoyed pretending to be police officers and fire fighters, putting fires out and rescuing some cats!

W/B 1st August

Linking in to our people who help us theme. Judy has been making some vehicles with the children. They are creating a fire eninge and a police car. Their creative work consists of painting and gluing and sticking. The vehicles are still in working progress but we cant wait to show you the fun we have with them when they are finished, developing the childrens imaginative play and using their own imaginative ideas.

29th July 

Food Tasting

On the 20th of july and the 27th july we decided to take part in some food tasting activities. On the 20th we did food tasting with fruits which involved Rasberries, Lemons, Limes, Peaches, Blueberries, Avocado and Mango. The children all did very well at having a try of our fruits, a majority of children said their favourites where the raspberries, blueberries and mango. They did not show a great interest in the avocado. Why don't you try some of these at home.

On the 27th of July we did food tasting with vegetables. These included Lettuce, Carrots, Raddish, Pickles, Sweetcorn and Beetroot. The sweetcorn was an absolute favourite, some of the children asking for more. They also done great at trying our vegetables.

18th July 

Our New Theme

Our new theme beginning this week will be people who help us. The children have displayed an interest in fire engines and ambulanaces when hearing them driving past or when playing sound lotto. We have found some new songs to sing about people who help us which am sure they will enjoy. We have alot of other fun activtieis planned. Make sure you look out for pictures coming up.

W/B 4th July 2016

We have had a super busy week this week in Snowdrops and Bluebells..The children have joined in with alot of painting and creative activties, showing us their creative skills to put on our wall displays. As you may have noticed we have re-created our role play into a garden centre, The children are having so much fun exploring the equipment in our centre developing their imaginative play and relationships with their friends.

The bluebell room also took part in a fun activity in the garden. They looked around the garden at all the different types of flower, smelling and touching them. With a pencil, paper and clipboard they then drew their own flowers on a piece of a paper. 

W/B 20th June & 27th June

Here are a few things we have been getting unto during our theme GROWTH.

Growing Grass Heads

Water Balls Learning about concepts such as Big and Little.

Watching Oak Rooms Caterpillars Grow

June 2016 Update

On Monday 20th June we are going to begin a new theme. As the children have displayed a great interest in planting our new plants outdoors and watching them grow, we have decided to do Growth as our next theme. We have got a number of activities involved including growing grass heads, watching water balls go from small to big looking at simple concepts and also planting some more plants. We will also talk about our bones develop and how we grow. we will keep you updated on how well our theme goes.

10th June

Today we enjoyed a bug hunt, with our plastic bugs and magnifying glasses. In small groups we enjoyed searching through straw, mud and sand for our 21 little creatures.

3rd June

Yoga Part 2

2nd June 

Fun In The Sun

1st June

Today in Snowdrops and Bluebells we done some baking. We baked some scrumptious chocolate chip cookies. We all enjoyed mixing the different ingredients, using our brilliant stirring skills to create the right texture. We made lots and lots of cookies sharing them with the teddybear room. They were so yummy, we can't wait to cook again soon.

27th May

Today Snowdrops took part in some relaxing ANIMAL Yoga. We enjoyed listening to some calming music whilst showing off our moves. Our animal yoga moves consisted of Giraffes, Sharks, Elephants, Ducks, Flamingos, Fish, Frogs, Tortoise and Rhino's. We didn't realise how flexible we all were.

This afternoon Snowdrops and Bluebells all went in the garden for a play in the sunshine. We also decided to do some gardening to make our garden look lovely for the summer. Some of the children displayed a great interest in gardening helping to plant our new flowers, maybe they will show you their gardening skills at home throughout the summer.

We also enjoyed some cereal play with animals in the garden, some sand play and looking at the wiggly worm.

26th May

Snowdrops and bluebells are fully enjoying our animal theme at the minute. Today Bluebell room found a moth in the the garden, naming it marlin the moth. As jade held marlin the children showed a great interest in taking a close look at him looking at all his different features.

16th May

Glow Fit 

Today Snowdrops and Bluebells enjoyed their very own Glow Fit (Dancing with glow sticks). We had so much fun turning off all the lights and showing off our moves with our colourful glow sticks.

13th May

Our New Theme

Our new theme will begin next week 16th May. As the children have been showing an interest in small world models e.g. dinosaurs and telling us about their animals at home such as Austin has a new puppy and Walter has 5 chickens, we have decided to do Animals as our next theme. Continue to look out for updates of what we get up to.

11th May

Waddles and Benjie

We would like to inform you that Benjie our travelling dog has decided to spread his paws and join the big wide world, joining the Bin men on an adventure. We wish him luck on his new adventure and will miss him. Waddles is still with us enjoying small weekends away and relaxing weekends with the children and their families. If you are going away on your holidays and would like to take Waddles please let us know in advance so we can get him ready for new travels and experiences. He is looking forward to the summer holidays and excited to see what may come.

W/B 25th April


As you may know, our theme for the last three weeks has been based on shapes and colours. The children have fully enjoyed the activities we have had planned for them, also thinking of some new ideas along the way. As they have displayed a great interest in this theme we have decided to continue with it for another 1/2 weeks. Keep an eye out for more pictures and ideas for new themes.

W/B 18th April

We have been busy this week doing lots of painting, painting St George's Day Flags and pictures for Passover. The children have enjoyed painting using a variety of colours and mixing the paints to make different colours. Here are some pictures of their creative work.

8th April

Shaving foam fun. Experimenting with colours, blocks, marks and textures. 

7th April

Snowdrops making big circle bubbles during our big bubble experiment.

W/B 4th April

Our New Theme

Our new theme beginning this week will be colours and shapes. The children enjoy exploring and experimenting with colours and shapes during a variety of activities. We will aim to develop their awareness in colours and shapes providing activities such as mixing paints to make colours. We hope they come home and show you what they have learnt and continue to develop and explore at home. Look out for updates and pictures of what we have been up to.

23rd march

Easter activities continued..

21st March 

Easter is approaching, so we thought we would do some fun activities to get ready for the easter bunny coming. We used some cereal, pasta and rice making a sensory tray. We also put in some easter chicks, rabbits and some eggs. It was such a fun activity making a mess and squashing the cereal. We can't wait for the easter bunny to come at the weekend.

18th March

Sports Relief

Today Snowdrops and Bluebells have had so much fun. We had a tiring morning doing our sponsored jump in the garden. The children enjoyed showing their jumps. We counted a total of 18 jumps before Percy said 'I'm tired' and Luke said 'I'm going dizzy'. After jumping on the spot, we then got out some bubbles jumping extra high to try and pop them. We all enjoyed this so much. Here are some pictures of our morning in the garden.

After our busy morning we had a little nap. when we all woke up we made some yummy pizza's. We ate them with our afternoon they were delicious. We hope you bought some and enjoyed them as much as we did.

16th March

As you all may know, Sports Relief is coming up on Friday. The children will be taking part in a sponsored jump, we will be seeing how many jumps we can all do in one minute. If you would like to make a donation a box will be available on the day (Friday 18th). We will also be cooking some tasty treats to sell on the day, we hope you enjoy. Look out for some pictures of our fun day.

4th March 2016

Our New Theme

Our new theme beginning next week (7th March) will be Spring time and Life Cylcles. This will include some easter activities getting us ready for the easter bunny coming. We will be developing awareness in spring time such as the weather. Also building awareness in Living things and life process, talking about animals and what they eat or where they may live etc. We hope to have lots of fun outdoors looking for bugs and creatures.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all our Mum's, Nan's and Grandma's a Happy Mothers day. We hope you all have a lovely day.

3rd March 2016


Today Snowdrops and Bluebells enjoyed joining in with World Book Day. The children enjoyed coming in dressed up as their favourite characters and some children bringing in their favourite stories for us to read through out the day. We enjoyed seeing character such as Spiderman, Alice in wonderland, Buzz and Woody, Batman, Jake the Pirate, fireman Sam and many more. Hope your children enjoyed their day. Here are a few pictures.

February 2016

It has been a very busy through weeks in the Bluebell and Snowdrop room. The current theme in our room is 'Myself and Body parts'. The children are developing awareness in different feelings and what may make us feel a certain way. They are also building awareness on our body parts, participating in a variety of activities planned. 

During February we will be celebrating a number of different holidays such as Chinese New Year, Pancake Tuesday and Valentines Day. Look out for updates and pictures of the children having lots of fun celebrating these holidays. We look forward to sharing it with you.

January continued..

During our people who help us theme some of children also enjoyed being involved in a painting activity. The children independently chose what they would like to draw. Niamh says 'I'm drawing a doctor'. Billy sees Lucas drawing saying 'Lucas is painting a fire engine, it's red'. Oliver says 'I'm painting a fireman'. Here are some pictures of the children painting.

January 2016


Our current theme in Snowdrops and Bluebells is 'People who help us'. The children enjoy talking about people who help us such as fireman sam. Some of the children also enjoy telling us about their parents job e.g. Luke tells us 'My daddy in the fire station'. Throughout the theme we will continue to develop their understanding about all different types of people who help using a variety of games, stories and also by using the smart board, taking the children on a trip up the stairs to the willow room. Here are a few pictures of some of snowdrops enjoying imaginative play outside.

Friday 18th December

Today is the last day of festive week. We have all had such a fun filled week. We have loved dressing up everyday, getting ourselves in the festive spirit. This  morning we had surprise visit from Father Christmas. Whilst all the children were enjoying some time in the garden, Father Christmas snook in leaving us some presents in his sack. He left some footprints behind. It was so exciting. All the children then enjoyed opening their presents as jade pulled their presents out the sack calling all their names one by one. It was such an exciting morning for our last day of the week.

During the afternoon, we took part in our last cooking activity, making some scrumptious pizzas. They were so yummy.

We have had such a fun week and would like to thank all the parent who took part in our festive week. Snowdrops and Bluebells would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thursday 17th December

Today the children who attend on a Thursday enjoyed continuing to make some festive biscuits, before having a game of pass the parcel. it was an exciting and festive fun filled day. After pass the parcel we had a game of musical bumps giving out lots of prizes for the best dancers. The children showed great excitement in showing theirs mums and dads the prizes they had won.

Wednesday 16th December

Today we enjoyed icing digestive biscuits creating Christmas baubles.The children enjoyed mixing their icing and spreading it onto some biscuits using their spoons. We also used some icing pens to complete the festive look. They obviously all thoroughly enjoyed eating the biscuits during snack time. Here's some pictures of the children taking part.

Tuesday 15th December

Today we enjoyed playing pass the parcel. It was so exciting ripping open the parcels to see what prizes were to be won. All the children did very well in taking turns and waiting their turn to rip open the parcel. Later on we enjoyed colouring in some festive pictures for our mummies and daddies.

We have loved seeing all the children's festive outfits so far.

Monday 14th December

Today is the first day of festive week. Bluebells and Snowdrops are so excited for the activities planned. Today we enjoyed making short bread biscuits using our Christmas shaped cutters. The children enjoyed mixing the different ingredients used, developing their exploration. The biscuits were delicious and we all enjoyed eating them all up.

Decemeber 2015

Elsa and Eddie the elf

Throughout December the children have enjoyed coming into to nursery and finding where Elsa and Eddie the elf have landed after their nightly visit to Santa to report how well behaved all the children have been. They have also enjoyed reading the story and watching the elf on the shelf DVD on the smart board in willow room. Here are some of the places Elsa and Eddie have landed.

December 1st 2015

Our new theme.. Christmas

We are all so excited that December is finally here. Over the next three weeks we will be getting in the festive spirit, getting involved in lots of Christmas activities such as Dance and movement to Christmas songs, making snow dough, baking Christmas biscuits, singing Christmas songs and reading festive stories including lots more. December is going to be a cheerful month.

As some of you may know we are having a festive week during the week beginning the 14th December. The staff will be wearing festive outfits all week such as Christmas jumpers/Tshirts, Christmas pyjamas and festive dressing up, all the children are very welcome to join in.

This week we have introduced Elf on the self. Max has decided to call our elf Elsa. They have enjoyed reading the story and finding where the Elf is sitting each morning. Elsa is enjoying watching how well behaved all the children are.

Over the next two weeks we will also be celebrating Hanukkah. The children have enjoyed creating some colourful pictures for our wall display.

November continued..

As we are now on the lead up to christmas, we have been taking in part in lots of creative festive activities, ready to decorate Bluebells and Snowdrops with the children's art work. We cannot wait to show you all our finished products, look out for plenty of pictures during the festive period. We are all so excited for christmas. We have lots planned to make it special and fun for all of our children.

Here are some pictures of the children preparing some of our decorations. 

November 2015.. Update

It has been a very busy few weeks in bluebell and snowdrops these last few weeks. The children have enjoyed taking part in our activities relating to our recent theme 'Numeracy'. They have all displayed great numeracy skills, counting in sequence and showing awareness in problem solving. Their mathematic skills are developing well.

We have also been preparing for our older children to make the big move to willow and oak room. We hope they have enjoyed their visits upstairs and are looking forward to the transition at the beginning of december. We wish them all the best. I would also like to welcome the new children to snowdrops and bluebells, they are settling well and are enjoying our wide range of festive activities leading up to the christmas period.

Last week the children all took part in fundraising for children in need. We loved all their outfits and had so much fun baking pizzas. They where yummy. We would like to thank everybody who took part and made a donation.

Happy Halloween

30th October

Halloween week has come to an end, but we have all had so much fun. Today we enjoyed making some pumpkin rice crispy cakes, dressing up and dancing. Its has been such as busy an fun week for every one.

29th October

Today we have been creating our pumpkin. The children got involved scraping out the pumpkins and beginning to paint them to create our character. Can you guess what it might be? We can't wait to reveal it.

27th October

It has been a very busy week in Snowdrops and Bluebells this week, getting ready for halloween. The children today enjoyed making some banana ghosts, using just bananas and chocolate chips.

w/b 18th October

As this is the last week of our autumn theme. The children have been enjoying the last of our activities. They especially enjoyed the apple bobbing game, developing their fine motor skills and control in using different tools. The children used tongs to try and catch the apples that were floating in the water. The children shown great control catching some apples. They also enjoyed splashing and getting soaking wet.

Here are some pictures showing the fun they had.

15th October

As halloween is fast approaching, we have started getting creative, creating our halloween decorations. This has involved hand print spiders, paper plate cats, ghost leaves, sparkly witches hats, paper plate pumpkins and plenty more. All the children have enjoyed getting involved and joining in with conversation about halloween. Elodie told us she is having a halloween party and dressing up as a big pumpkin and her brother is going to be a baby pumpkin. We can't wait to hear about all their brilliant outfits over halloween.

Here are some pictures of the children being creative.

6th October

Today we enjoyed a Disney theme fun day, raising money for Crackerjacks Children's Trust. We loved all the different outfits the children wore in Snowdrops and Bluebells. Everybody made such great effort!! 

The children enjoyed taking part in a baking activity, baking disney short bread biscuits. Our Mickey Mouse biscuits were a big hit and they all tasted yummy. Snowdrops and Bluebells are great cooks.

Thank you to everybody who made a donation and took part in our disney fun day.

5th October 2015

Our new theme..Autumn

Our new theme for the next 3 weeks will be autumn. Our planning includes lots of exploration outdoors, taking part in leaf hunting and bug hunting and talking about the different types of weather. We are sure the children will have lots of fun and their knowledge and understanding in the autumn season will develop.

As we all know halloween is fast approaching so we have also involved some halloween activities in with our planning. we look forward to decorating snowdrops and bluebells with the children's spooky art work.

If you are planning a visit to the park with your children, please feel free to bring us in some leaves, conkers and twigs. We would love to use them all during our planned activities. Thank you

W/b 21st September

This week the children have had lots of fun outdoors. We have been getting our bug hotel ready for all the bugs in our garden to come visit. We have enjoyed filling the hotel with lots of different objects such as straw, empty water bottle, kitchen roll holders etc. We had so much fun and we can not wait to see all the different bugs our hotel will attract.

We would like to thank all parents/carers and children who got involved and helped us to get together our recourses for the bug hotel.

7th September continued...

Look at the fun we have had today!!

Today the children have enjoyed exploring some new interesting activities outdoors. First of all we have just had our new mud kitchen delivered, which is currently being put into place ready for the children to get muddy and messy. Before applying the mud to our mud kitchen the children enjoyed exploring the kitchen using the wooden spoons and pans available, we also provided some tea set equipment form indoors. They had so much fun and we can not wait to see the fun they have once the mud and other pieces of equipment are applied.

This afternoon snowdrops and bluebells then enjoyed a squirty painting activity. We used our squirting sauce bottles (bought from home and bargain) filling them with paint and a little water, we then enjoyed squirting the paint onto paper making all different colours and patterns. We had such a fun day!!

7th September

Our New Theme…Animals

Our new theme beginning this week in Snowdrops and Bluebells is animals. All the children thoroughly enjoy playing with a variety of different animals such as farm animals, zoo animals, sea creatures, dinosaurs etc. So we decided this would be a theme of great interest for the children. We aim to build their awareness on habitats of the different animals, talking about where they may live? what they may eat? etc. We look forward to updating you on the fun activities we take part in.

w\b 1st September

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all our new starters in the bluebell and snowdrops room. We have had a fun filled yet busy week building relationships with the new starters. They have all settled really well and are showing enjoyment and happiness. We are all looking forward to the next few months ahead of us.

19th August continued..

Our fantasy theme will be coming to an end at the end of this week. The children have thoroughly enjoyed all the activities we have had planned for them. They have enjoyed exploring using different materials. We have used things such as playdough, shaving foam, small world models, soapy sea foam (water, fairy liquid and cornflour) and junk modelling such as bottles, boxes, kitchen rolls. They have enjoyed getting messy, being creative and developing their learning in all areas.

Here are a few activities things they have taken part in. 

Colour sorting castle

Playdough (Monster play dough mats and sticks to make castles)

Alice in wonderland matching game

Shaving foam play with small world

Fairy Land

Alice in wonderland tea party

Junk modelling castle

19th August 2015

Today we took Snowdrops and Bluebells upstairs to Willow room to use the smart board. Our children were so excited to go upstairs. They all enjoyed the little adventure up the stairs, holding onto the hand rail being very careful. On the smart board we watched some our favourite stories such as 'We're going on a bear hunt' 'Room on the broom' 'The smartest giant in town' and 'Giraffes can't dance'. The children shown great attention, listening well to the stories. They joined in with familiar phrases e.g. when listening to 'The bear hunt', they joined in with sayings such as 'We're going on a bear hunt, We're going to catch a big one' 'We can't go over it, we can't go under it'. We can not wait to use the smart board again and explore all the different things you can do.

18th August 

Fly Swat Painting

A small group enjoyed trying a different type of painting today with fly swatters. We squirted a variety of different colour paints onto paper into our tuff spot tray. The children then swatted the paint, splatting it and mixing all the colours together. It got very messy but we all loved exploring new ways of using our paint.

14th August

Squirt Water Play

Even though the weather was dull today, Snowdrops still had plenty of fun in the garden. As well as getting wet in the rain we enjoyed getting wet during water play. We provided some squirt bottles filling them full with water. We had so much fun squirting water at the walls, on the plants and also on each other. We got soaking wet. We love playing out in the rain.

W/B 10th August

Snowdrops and Bluebells have enjoyed making their own bracelets this week, using straws (cut into small pieces) and pipe cleaners. They chose their favourite colour pipe cleaners and threaded pieces of straw onto them. All of the children shown great threading skills. They loved making their own jewellery.

August 2015

Our children have been enjoying joining in with some painting activities, not just any normal painting!! Bluebell room tried experimenting with magic foaming paint, adding baking soda and vinegar to our different coloured paint. They enjoyed watching the paint expand and turn into foam, then they began to make some lovely pictures and get messy!!

Snowdrops tried painting and making marks on some bubble wrap. we squirted lots of different coloured paints onto the bubble wrap, the children enjoyed getting their hands messy, slipping and sliding, whilst also popping the giant bubbles. They made lots of different colours and shades mixing the paint together with their hands.

5th August

Our new theme.. Fantasy.

This week we have begun our new theme Fantasy. As all the children love to play with small world models we thought they would thoroughly enjoy this theme and their interests would continue to develop. We have planned a variety of fun things to do, including some of our tuff spot ideas, whilst also adding some new ideas. During this theme we aim to develop all the children's learning areas, especially their imaginative play providing plenty of props and materials.

We look forward to updating you on how our Fantasy theme went, including plenty of pictures.

29th July

During the last 2 weeks, snowdrops and bluebells have enjoyed experimenting and exploring with different ideas in our tuff spot trays. We have used a variety of different objects, ingredients and sensory materials such as, water, fairy liquid, mud, cereal, baking soda, vinegar, sand, shells, stones and many more.

All of our ideas have been very simple to put together and are also inexpensive. The children are having so much fun taking part in these activities, they love to try new things. Some of the children have added their own interests to the activities such as asking can they add the dinosaurs to their play.

Here are some of the ideas we have tried out.

Giant Water Bubbles (Water, fairy liquid and hula hoop)

Diggers Mud Pitt

Pen Cars (Sellotape pens to cars)

Cereal Farm

Diggers Tuff Spot

Exploding Car Wash (baking powder and vinegar)


Waddles and Benjie

Waddles and Benjie are having a fantastic summer. They have visited a variety of different places and are having so much fun. We are all loving reading their stories and looking at their photographs. Thank you so much for letting them share experiences with you and join you and your children on your travels. 

Waddles is currently in florida with Leanne (member of staff from middles room) and her family. We are so excited to hear all their stories when she comes back.

Benjie is currently on holiday with Jude and his family. We hope he has an amazing holiday and we can't wait to hear his stories and see his photographs.


23rd July 

Shaving Foam Play

During outdoor play today, Bluebell room enjoyed playing in the shaving foam. they displayed interest in the texture using phrases such as 'ooh it's cold' and 'it's really soft'. We even added some glitter to it to develop talk about colours. Snowdrops room are looking forward to exploring the texture and experimenting with the shaving foam.

22nd July

Water Play

As our theme for the last few weeks has been travelling and holidays, some of the children have been talking about going to the seaside. So we provided a water play activity using a tuff spot tray. We got together some things you may find at the seaside such as, shells, stones, pebbles, balls, hoops and some fish. The children enjoyed splashing in the water and exploring with the all the different objects. Whilst jack was splashing in the water he says "i went in the lazy river on my holidays'. As Freya is playing with the fish she says 'this fish is from Ireland' (freya took Waddles to Ireland who had fish in his bag). The children thoroughly enjoyed getting soaking wet and feeling like they were at the seaside. 


17th July

Bubble Wrap Footprint Painting

We tried something new and creative today, bubble wrap footprint painting. The children enjoyed getting their feet wrapped in bubble wrap, making some very colourful footprints, walking freely across a large amount of paper. Elodie enjoyed sitting and popping the bubbles saying 'I'm popping my bubbles, pop, pop, pop'. Some of the children enjoyed getting their feet tickled with the paint and feeling the bubbles pop as they walked.

We look forward to trying some more new creative ideas and will be sure to update you. Why not try some out at home.

15th July

Today during outdoor play we decided to make some food for the birds that may visit our garden. We made some cheerio bird feeders. These where made with some pipe cleaners and some cheerios. The small group involved enjoyed looping the cheerios onto the pipe cleaners showing brilliant concentration and interest. we are all intrigued to see if the birds enjoy the treats we have left them.

10th July

Hula Hoop Bubbles

Today we enjoyed our afternoon in the sunshine in the garden. The children thoroughly enjoyed making their own bubbles. We provided a tuff spot tray putting one cup of fairy liquid and 12 cups of water in. We then placed a hoop in the middle. When lifting the hoop out of the tuff spot tray it produced bubbles. Sebastian and Joseph from Snowdrop and Bluebell room had a go of their own, they had so much fun. They even stood in the middle of the hula hoop making a big bubble around them. We can not wait to try some more new ideas we have for the children to enjoy.

Here are some pictures of a small group of children trying out our Hula Hoop Bubbles.

8th July 2015

Under the Sea Role Play

Our Under the sea role play is now ready for the children to explore. They are enjoying looking at the variety of fish in the role play and using their imagination. Their Submarine is now up on the wall also which all the children took part in creating. We have added pictures of our children on to the window of the submarine. The children are displaying a great interest in looking at themselves and their friends going deep under the sea in our yellow submarine. 


July Continued...

Our Sensory Tent

We now have a sensory tent available for all rooms to use. The tent is situated in snowdrops and bluebells cloakroom. There are a variety of sensory lights and sensory toys for the children to explore in the tent, developing their senses and encouraging them to use descriptive language. The children in Snowdrops and Bluebells have recently been discussing day time and night time in the tent using sentences such as 'It's dark in here, like night time'. Another child asked 'Where is the owl?, they come out at night'.

All the children throughout the nursery are enjoying spending time in the tent. We will continue to update you of their fun and exploration.

Here are some pictures of Snowdrops and Bluebells exploring in the sensory tent.

July 2015

Our New Theme..Travelling around the world and Holidays.

Our new theme beginning on the 6th July will be travelling around the world and holidays. We will be aiming to develop the children's awareness in countries around the world, talking about holiday destinations the children may have visited. We will also be learning and developing awareness of different weathers. We have a lot of fun activities planned, which we are sure will develop the children's learning and allow them to explore new things.

Please let us know if you are travelling on your holidays, so Benjie or Waddles can join you. We would love to include their experiences and journeys in with our theme.


W/B 29th June

During this fantastic weather, Snowdrops and Bluebells have been having lots of fun outdoors. They have enjoyed using their imagination pretending they are at beach, building sand castles in the sand and splashing in the water. They also enjoyed being sprinkled by the hoes pipe getting very very wet. We love summertime. Please remember while the sun is shining, to bring in your child's sun hat and suncream. Thank you.

15th June 2015

Our New Theme.. Under The Sea

Our current theme in Snowdrop and Bluebell room is Under The Sea. The children love to talk and learn about all different types of creatures. Their favourite story at the minute is 'Commotion In The Ocean'.

During this theme Snowdrops and Bluebells will be participating in painting, matching and problem solving activities, as well as a variety of creative and messy activities. We will also be creating a bright new wall display in our literacy area relating to our favourite story 'Commotion In The Ocean'.

Jade is also currently in the process of recreating the Role play, turing it into a submarine. With the children she will be creating paper machè masks, treasure baskets and a variety of different sea creatures.

Look out for following pictures of our children learning whilst having lots of fun.


8th June

As you may know we had a fundraising day on Thursday 4th June. The children brought in their favourite teddy's from home and took part in some fun activities such as baking cakes and having a picnic in the outdoor area. We had so much fun, especially during our picnic when we got to eat our chocolate rice crispy cakes. We would like to thank you for taking part.

22nd May continued...

As you may know, our recent theme has been travel and transport. The children are thoroughly enjoying the activities we have had planned for them, showing great interests. Over the last week the children from the Snowdrops room have been taking part in a junk modelling activity making an Aeroplane and a Bus out of various objects such as boxes, bottles etc. Today the Snowdrop room took our junk model transport into the garden to experiment and have some fun with them. The children especially enjoyed flying our aeroplane high in the sky.

22nd May

Today we set 4 of our butterflies free. The children were so excited to watch them spread there wings and fly away. We still have one butterfly which is not yet ready to fly, we are hoping it is ready to join the other 4 in the big wide world next week.

20th May

Our Butterflies

Our butterflies have arrived, we now have 5 beautiful butterflies. We are currently feeding them orange and sugar water to make them strong for when they are ready to be set free. We are hoping in the next few days to gather all the children and set them free in the garden. The children are thoroughly enjoying watching them spread their wings and flutter around their net. Watch out for upcoming pictures of letting the butterflies spread their wings and fly away.

15th May 

Waddles first adventure

Waddles has left us for his first adventure today, he has gone on an aeroplane to Ireland with Freya from Snowdrops. He had his new bag packed with his passport and boarding pass. Waddles was so excited!!. We look forward to him returning and sharing his fun experience with us.

Benjie has also recently left us to go to Rhodes with Lana. We hope he is having a brilliant time and can't wait to hear his stories.

11th May

Our new theme.. Transport and Travel

Our new theme, beginning this week, will be Transport and Travel. We have a variety of fun activities in-store for the children. This is including a junk modelling activity, creating our own transport. We look forward to hearing about the types of transport the children may use to get to and from nursery, or transport they may have used when going on a trip or adventure with their families.

Keep an eye out for upcoming photographs of the children participating in our wide range of activities.

We are also super excited to make a new home for Waddles the penguin. Look out for his igloo in snowdrops and bluebells.


11th May 2015

Waddles Our travelling penguin

We would like to welcome a new member to our room 'Waddles the travelling penguin'. Like Benjie the dog, Waddles would love to share experiences with you and join you on your trips and adventures. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Waddles a very big Happy Birthday!!! We look forward to hearing about his trips and adventures.


8th May 2015

Benjie our travelling dog

Benjie is now back from his trip to Australia. He had such an amazing time, taking plenty of photos to share with us. If you have any holidays or adventures coming up please let us know as Benjie would love to share the experience with you. We look forward to reading the stories and seeing more photographs from his trips.


Update in Snowdrops and Bluebells  29th April

We would like to welcome a new member to our team in Snowdrops and Bluebells, her name is  Hayley and she is a Student working towards her NVQ II. . She is working with us full time and is  already building great relationships.

Alex our storyteller continues to visit us of a Wednesday. The children are thoroughly enjoying listening the wide variety of stories Alex's has for us. Remember if you would like to come and join 'Our magical Story-time', please inform a member of staff in snowdrops and bluebells room. It takes place at 10am of a Wednesday morning. 

28th April

Our Theme.. Life Processes and Living Things

Our current theme in Snowdrops and Bluebells is Life processes and Living Things. The children are enjoying looking at different insects and their cycles through a variety of activities and games. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome some new visitors to our room,  Tadpoles and our caterpillar garden. The children are taking such a great interest watching the caterpillars and tadpoles grow, whilst also learning about what they will soon grow into. We are all excited to see their progress. We are also currently planting sunflowers with the children, they really enjoy  watching them grow in the sunlight.

March 2015

During March we have enjoyed the theme 'Myself and Emotions'. The children have enjoyed talking about their emotions and discussing features that they may have which may be similar or distinguish them from others. The children have took part in body part matching games and created self portraits, developing their understanding of body parts.

Our other theme during march has been 'people who help us'. The children have learned a lot about people who help us within the community such as firemen, police officers, the dentist, a doctor etc. They have also developed knowledge in the uniforms they may wear, the buildings they may work in and the vehicles they may drive.

February 2015

As you may know Snowdrops and Bluebells theme for the past 3 weeks has been shapes and colours. The children have enjoyed participating in a wide range of activities, showing great understanding, awareness and interest in shapes and colours within the environment.

When coming into the Snowdrop and Bluebell room you may have noticed our boxes. The children have shown a great interest in the boxes, building play around them and filling them with cushions, books and dolls. They have enjoyed using them as cosy dens with their friends, building their relationships and developing their imaginative play.


We have recently had a story teller come and visit Snowdrop and Bluebells. He read a variety of stories to the children and carried out a small creative activity. The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity, showing great listening and attention skills.

Alex (the storyteller) will continue to visit us for the next 13 weeks on a Wednesday. We are excited to see what he has in store for us.  The parents are invited to attend for the Magical Storytime which starts each Wednesday at 10am and lasts about 45 mins.  Even if you don't usually attend on that day you are most welcome, all you have to do is speak to a member of staff and they will book you in. We hope you can join us.

January 2015

We have had a fun and busy month in Snowdrops and Bluebells. Our theme this month has been dinosaurs. We turned  our role play into a dinosaur museum where the children have been using museum tickets, flashcards, dinosaurs and mountains for their role play games. We have created a display in our story corner for 'Stomp, Chomp, Big Roars!' which is a book that all the children thoroughly enjoy and read along with us. We have also created a display in our small world area where the children have painted pictures of dinosaurs and trees for the background. 

We have done a lot of fun dinosaur activities over the last few weeks including, a dinosaur hunt in the garden, a large sand activity for the children to recreate the land of dinosaurs, gloop to create a dinosaur swamp, potato printing dinosaur footprints, making dinosaur food with mud and water and many more!


Our next theme is going to be shapes and colours. It begins on the 2nd of February and will last for three weeks. We look forward to updating you on all the fun things we do for our next theme!

Snowdrops and Bluebells xxx

December 2014


We have had a very busy time in Snowdrops and Bluebells over the past few weeks. We have been working very hard to make sure our room looks festive in time for Christmas and Hanukkah. We have engaged in lots of creative activities and we turned our role play into Santa's workshop as we know he is busy at this time of year  so we thought we would give him a helping hand. We have been busy making cards and calenders for our loved ones and have especially enjoyed doing our hand prints and footprints.

We are all very excited for our Christmas party and cannot wait to wear our Christmas jumpers or our fancy dress outfits. Plus a special visit from the big man himself, he is the topic of conversation in the room.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We cannot wait to update you about all the fun things we have done over the Christmas period. xxx


October 2014


October has been an extremely busy month for Snowdrops and Bluebells with plenty of fun activities going on. Sarah was nice enough to bring in her stick insects. Their names are Marv and Walter. The children thoroughly enjoyed them visiting for the day. To remember our fun day with Marv and Walter, the children created a wall display, painting their own versions of them. 

Also during this month the children enjoyed participating in a large painting activity. We used a variety of colours, mixing them all together. The children enjoyed painting their hands, feet and legs more than the paper, it got very messy!

As Halloween is coming up we have been very busy turning our room into a spooky den. We enjoyed carving our pumpkin, creating one of the children's favourite Disney characters, Mickey Mouse. To provide a spooky atmosphere in our room, the children decorated ghosts, bats, witches hats and pumpkins using a variety of materials and textures. Happy Halloween!

As Halloween is now over we will now be getting into the festive spirit and be preparing for Christmas. We can't wait for you to see all of the fun activities we have got planned.

September 2014


It has been another busy month in Snowdrops and Bluebells. We have continued updating our wall displays by changing the display in our story corner to The Gingerbread Man. This is a story that the children really enjoy and love singing ‘run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man!’ We drew a big gingerbread man for the children to paint which they really enjoyed and they also had a go at painting their own versions of the gingerbread man.


The children have also created a display of gluing and sticking pictures of shapes. The shapes included circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. This has encouraged and helped the children to recognise the differences between each shape.


Jewish festivals are beginning which we will be celebrating with wall displays. We are currently producing a wall display in our creative area for Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year, commemorating the creation of the world.


As we have had some lovely weather during September, we took the water and sand play outside. The children thoroughly enjoyed splashing in the water with the toy animals and boats. They also enjoyed splashing each other and the staff!


We look forward to updating you on our activities next month. Snowdrops and Bluebells xxx

August 2014

We would like to welcome Sarah into Snowdrops and Bluebells, we would also like to welcome the teddy bears and new starters into our room. We say a fond farewell and good luck to the children who have joined Oak and Willow rooms. 


The children have had lots of fun in our role play area where we have created a builders yard. There has been lost of banging hammers and building towers by our very eager construction workers. Bob the builder and Handy Mann

watch out! 


We have had a very busy month creating displays to make our room look bright and cheerful!  We have created a display which reflects the shapes we see in our city. This will encourage the children to describe shapes as they walk around our community and city centre.


To continue the theme of holidays the children have created a beach themed display. A lot of the children have visited the beach on their holidays and had lots of fun splashing in the water and building sandcastles.


The children have also created a display about "Our favourite songs". The children chose their favourite songs "Twinkle Twinkle little star" and "I had a little turtle" and many others.


We have also been discussing how eating well and sleeping help us grow. To emphasise this we have began to create a display of a sunflower and we have been recording the children's height to encourage healthy eating and good bed time routines.


We look forward to updating you of the fun we will have during September.

 Snowdrops and Bluebells x x x


July 2014

In Snowdrops and Bluebells it has been another busy month.

As you may have noticed we have introduced a sticker chart to promote positive behaviour such as tidying up and sitting nicely during story time etc. This has been working really well throughout the room with all children responding well and thoroughly enjoying receiving stickers as a form of praise.

The children have enjoyed reading 'The Three Little Pigs' this month. They have been very creative producing a wonderful wall display, using various materials such as straw, sticks, painting and collaging. We have also made masks and puppets of the different characters to use as props during story time, maintaining their interest. and developing their listening and attention.

As it has been a very hot few weeks, Snowdrops and Bluebells took part in a large water play activity outdoors. This involved trays of water and the hose pipe. The children thoroughly enjoyed getting sprinkled with the hose pipe and splashing in the water, getting soaking wet. 

We have recently started to talk about holidays and have decided to create a holiday themed wall display. We would love your help and input by bringing in photographs from your recent holidays. Also during the next few weeks we are changing our role play area into a builders yard. I'm sure the children will enjoy building and banging with a variety of construction materials.

We will look forward to updating you on our activities throughout August.

Thank you :). Snowdrops and Bluebells xx