Welcome to Teddy Bear room!

 Friday, August 24th, 2018.


Good Afternoon!

It's been a very busy and messy, fun week in Teddy Bear room. We've been doing lots of fun activities such as tin foil painting, gloop play, exploring moving in and out of things and some sensory play using out treasure baskets. The children enjoyed trying to unwrap the contents of the treasure baskets that were wrapped in tin foil - like a very shiny pass the parcel game it was very exciting as the children tried to guess what they were unwrapping.

Just a little message from Rowen this week to say goodbye, it has been an absolute pleasure looking after all your little ones. I have been so lucky to watch them grow and develop each day and wish them all the best for the future! 

Have a lovely weekend,

Tots room x

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018.



We hope you're all having a lovely week so far. The children have been up to lots of messy, creative fun recently. 

We have been busy playing in the mud kitchen this morning, baking mud cakes. Some of the children have really enjoyed searching for the bugs in spaghetti; cereal play and making marks with paint in a variety of ways.

A few of the children have shown a key interest in shapes and colours this week and so Laura and Rowen have been encouraging the children to explore shapes in their environment and colours they can see around them. We are very impressed with their knowledge and understanding!

Keep a look out for more update next week, and as always plenty of pictures... (the teddy bears appear to have learnt how to take their own photographs on the tablet this week).

Teddy Bear Room x



Monday, July 23rd, 2018


Good Afternoon!

Sorry for the delay in updates. We have been very busy in Teddy Bear Room as we welcome Laura to Team Teddies! Laura will be the new key worker for our duck group. Many of you will be familiar with Laura from the baby room. 

All our new children seem to be settling in very well as they join in with many fun activities. This last week we have been doing some cooking - on Thursday & Friday the children had fun making pitta pizzas. These are really simple and easy to make out home with the little one too. All you need is some pitta breads, cheese, tomato puree and a selection of toppings; the Teddy Bears chose from spring onion, mushrooms and ham. They had this for late tea with some fruit and most of the children really enjoyed them! They smelt delicious - check the pictures to see out little budding chefs in action.


We have also been making the most of the warm weather and playing outside lots but a little rain wont stop these children as they put on wet weather gear and wellies to explore the mud kitchen. You'll find all kinds outside - apples, ants, spiders and more! 


Keep checking the blog for updates of your little ones throughout the month. We hope everybody has a lovely week!


Rowen & Laura x

Wednesday, April 27th 2018.


Good afternoon! 

I hope everybody is enjoying the lovely weather we're having at the minute, the children have been really enjoying outdoor play in the sunshine. 

As you all know we've had the photographer here the last couple of days taking pictures for you to purchase through the nursery - the children have been so good having their pictures done and there are some really lovely photographs. 

This week we have been getting messy in chocolate gloop and cooling down with some water play (washing dolls) in the teddy bear room! Check out the pictures of us having fun...


Enjoy the rest of your week,

Teddy Bear Room Staff x

Monday, April 23rd, 2018.

Hi! We hope you all had a lovely Easter and have been enjoying some of the lovely weather we've been having lately. The children have been having fun in the garden this last week - you all received a letter about sun hats and sun cream last week, thank you to all that have brought so prompt.  A quick reminder that on warm days if your child doesn't have sun cream or a hat we wont be able to take them outside to play - we wont chance the risk of them getting sun burn. 

We've been very busy in the teddy bear room. As some of you may have noticed we have had a move around to make space for our new soft play area/ball pit. This has been very welcomed by the children as you can imagine. We want the children to be able to explore as freely as possible as they learn new ways of moving and developing their physical ability through climbing and balancing etc. but without compromising their safety. With our new soft play we are now able to support and encourage the children in a much better way. 

In making way for our new play area we have had a good move about and put new toy storage in place. The new draws we have are clear for the children to be able to see what toys are available to them during free play, allowing them to begin making choices for themselves, building their confidence ans self awareness. 

Here are some pictures of the children enjoying the new room as well as some other activities over this past month.


Enjoy your week,

Teddy Bear Room x

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018.

Apologies for the late update! We have plenty of pictures from the past month to hare with you... from Saint David's Day, Saint Patrick's day, mothers day, world book day and lots of messy play activities!

As you are all aware it is Sport Relief this week, we are raising money by inviting our Teddy Bears to come dressed in their sports clothes and take part in healthy activities - tomorrow we will be tasting some yummy fruit as we make delicious fruit pots and on Friday if your child would like to either come dressed in their football kit or bring a ball we are going to have a fantastic football Friday!

March has been a very busy month for everybody, we will try to keep you update with more pictures as regularly as possible. Wishing you all a lovely week,

Teddy Bear Room Staff x

Monday, February 19th, 2018.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!


It was a lovely, busy week in Teddy Bear's last week. The children have enjoyed lots of activities including; colourng, painting, gluing & sticking, sand play and sensory lights. We celebrated the Chinese New Year by tasting prawn crackers & spring rolls on Friday - some very mixed reviews from the children! 

As you know every year we celebrate World Book Day on the 1st of March which falls on a Thursday this year. We are inviting the children to celebrate by coming to nursery dressed as their favourite character (or yours) and to bring a story book with them to share during circle time. You will receive a letter from us this week if your child attends on a Thursday. 

Best wishes for the week, 

Teddy Bear Staff x

Monday, February 5th, 2018.

We've been busy learning about friends and being kind to one another in Teddy Bear room this week. As it nears closer to Valentines day Chloe has been busy preparing a  new display with the children to show how affectionate and loving they are towards one another!

We have been playing lots of ball games inside and outside as well as enjoying sensory lights & gentle music in the afternoons as we explore the treasure baskets. 


Have a lovely week! And keep a look out for more pictures next Monday.

Teddy Bear Room Staff x

Monday, 8th January, 2018.

Welcoming all our Teddy Bear's back after the festive period! 


We have been busy working our new displays last week; Space, colours & shapes. Look out for them in the room in coming weeks! We have been playing outside wearing our wet weather coats & wellies so that we can splash in all the puddles! Have a look at the pictures...


Wishing you all a Happy New Year, 

Teddy Bear Staff x

Monday, 11th December, 2017.

It's Festive week in Nursery this week! We will posting lots of pictures of our fun activities; cooking and baking and lots of dress up. I f you're unsure of what the dress code is for your child's days just check the previous post or ask one of the girls. 

We had lots of fun preparing our winter displays last week. Here's some pictures of the children doing some gluing and sticking, painting and outdoor play!

Have a lovely week,

Teddy Bear Staff x

Monday, 4th of December, 2017.

Well, December is finally here! We will be enjoying lots of fun, creative activities this month, on the run up to Christmas!

Just another reminder that our annual 'Festive week' will be next week. Letter's have been sent out with a breakdown of the week's dress code...

Monday - Pyjamas

Tuesday - Festive clothes

Wednesday - Festive clothes

Thursday - Pyjama Day

Friday - Christmas Jumper Day

The children will be taking part in cooking activities and party games during this week too. We do it this way so nobody misses out and every child gets a fair chance at activities.

Here's some pictures from the last week in Teddy Bear room. Enjoy your week.

Teddy Bear Staff x

Monday 20th November, 2017.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all our parents who donated to Children in Need last week, as soon as we know a final amount we raised we will update you!

The children had a brilliant week dressing up, doing activities, dancing and cooking. Everyone made such a great effort. I will put the pictures up for you all to see later today. 

Enjoy your week, 

Teddy Bear room x

Monday 13th November, 2017.


Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts on the blog recently, we have been experiencing some technical issues with the page when uploading. 

Secondly, as you all know Children in Need is this coming Friday and so all the children in nursery can get involved we are hosting a children in need week! All week we will be dressing up and doing different fun activities, including some cooking. 

Monday - Sports

Tuesday - Pyjama day

Wednesday - Spots/Pudsey theme

Thursday - Superheroes/ dress up

Friday - Spots/ Pudsey Theme

We are will try our best to get some pictures uploaded of the week on Friday, so keep a look out for those!

Have a great week,

Teddy Bear Room x

Friday 25th of August, 2017.

Good Afternoon! 

I would like to quickly apologise for the lack of posts and pictures of recent. We are still experiencing a few problems uploading pictures but we will try our best to get this resolved as quickly as possible... We have lots of lovely pictures of the little bears to share with you!

This week we have been doing lots of fun activities; painting, gluing & sticking and foam play! (this is most likely where the glitter came from if you found it in nappies, sorry!) Getting messy is the most fun and all the children love getting involved. 

Wishing you the best for the bank holiday weekend,


Rowen, Gemma, Chloe & The Teddy bearsx

Friday 28th of July, 2017.

We've had such a lovely week in Teddy Bear room doing lots of fun activities. We haveen colouring painting, drawing, playing in the sand and so much more. Today we made some yummy pizzas to have for snack. We really enjoyed picking our own toppings and tasting all the different things!

Apologies for the lack of picture posted in recent weeks but we have experienced some trouble posting them. I will try my best to pop some up of the children cooking their pizzas.

Rowen, Chloe and Gemma wish the teddy bears a lovely weekend with their families and see you all next week. x

Friday 14th of July, 2017.

Just like to say a quick big thank you to all that donated for our mud run a couple of weeks back. It was great fun for an amazing cause.

It's been a busy couple of weeks in the Teddy Bear room. We have been busy playing outside in the sunshine, doing lots of messy play activities and changing over our displays - check out Teddy Beach when your next in! 

Here's some pictures of us busy at work on our new display...

Have a great weekend and we shall see you all next week for more fun activities x


Friday 9th of June, 2017.

Another busy week in Teddy Bear room. 

Big warm welcome to all our new friends joining the room this month. We've been busy doing lots of fun activities. Last week we made some yummy chocolate marshmallows and this week we've been getting mucky doing large scale painting (apologies to all the parents whose children came home with green hair and red toes this week) but we had so much fun!

The weather's not been to great this week but we still get outside for a run around when we can. We love putting our wellies on and splashing in the muddy puddles! Hopefully it'll brighten up a bit more next week so we can enjoy more activities outdoors like water play!

Have a lovely weekend,

love, Teddy Bear Room x

Friday, May 12th, 2017.

It's been such a lovely week for the Teddy Bear children, with the lovely weather we have spent lots of time outside in the sunshine. On Thursday afternoon we had a Teddy Bear picnic; all the children picked a teddy bear each and sat on a blanket in the garden to eat their snack which was fun! 

We have also all been learning about the different types of weather and now some of us can identify the sun, snow, rain, clouds and a rainbow. We have been painting, sticking and doing lots of messy activities for our weather display. 

The staff in Teddy Bear room wish all our lovely Teddies and their families have a lovely weekend x

Friday, May 5th, 2017.

Another busy week in Teddy Bear room, the children have been enjoying lots of outdoor play in the sunshine and messy play activities. We have done, sand play, water play, painting activities and gloop! Check out the pictures.

Have a lovely weekend,

love The staff in Teddy Bear room x

Friday April 28th, 2017

The Teddy Bears have a fun filled, busy week. They have been, painting, dancing, playing outdoors and doing cornflake play. The children have been so good at sharing and helping their friends during activities and free-play this week which is really lovely to see. 

Here's some pictures from throughout the week...

Have a lovely weekend.

Teddy Bear room x

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017.

It's been another busy day in Teddy Bear room  today. We have been busy making Easter cornflake cakes, they were very yummy! We've also been painting ready for our new display. 

Here's some pictures of us playing outside and cooking this week...

Enjoy the rest of your week and have a lovely Easter!

Teddy Bear Room x

Friday, April 7th, 2017.

We've been very busy this week in Teddy Bear's as we welcome our new friends. We have been doing lots of messy play activities, dress up and role play. Check out the pictures of us painting bugs ready for our new display! We've also been getting ready for Easter, doing lots of gluing & sticking making cards for our families. 

Next week we will be doing more Easter activities including making Easter baskets and cooking up some yummy treats...

We hope everybody has had a lovely week.

See you again next week,

Teddy Bear Room x

Monday, 27th of March, 2017.

We hope all our Mummy's had a lovely day yesterday celebrating mothers day and they liked their cards especially made by the Teddy Bears. Here's some pictures of us having fun decorating biscuits on Friday for Comic Relief, we all had a great day!

We're all off to play in the sunshine today, fingers crossed for a week as nice as last week so the Teddy Bears can get outside and explore some more in the sand pit & mud kitchen!

Enjoy the rest of your week, keep checking for new pictures of playtime fun.

Teddy Bear Room x

Thursday, 23rd of March 2017.

It's been another busy week in Teddy Bear room. We have been having fun painting, playing with play dough and doing other creative activities. We've also been having lots of fun in the garden exploring and playing. 

Just a quick reminder that it's Comic Relief tomorrow and all the teddy bear's are invited to attend nursery dressed in red or dress up with crazy hair. 

Enjoy the rest of your week,

Rowen & Danielle x

Thursday, March 16th 2017.

It's been a busy, fun-filled week in teddy bear room. Here's a few pictures so you can see us having a great time in nursery, reading, exploring and pretending. Lot's to look forward to in coming weeks. As you all know next week it's mothers day but on Friday the 24th it is also comic relief, we will be doing lots of fun activities with the children including some cooking. Our theme will be crazy hair.

Best wishes,

Teddy bear room x

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017.


Hi there, 

We would like to welcome our new children parents to Teddy Bear room this week. We would just like to say well done to the children who were in on World Book Day, all the costumes and dress up for great! 

We hope you all had a lovely St. David's day which also welcomed the first day of Spring. Exciting news as we look forward to more outdoor activities as the weather warms up.

Don't forget to check the blog for updates and pictures. We hope you're all finding the app. useful.

Enjoy the rest of your week,

Teddy Bear Room x

Thursday, 16th of February, 2017.

Just a quick post today to let you all know that the Ofsted report has now been published for the public to see. We're all very happy with the feedback and want to continue working hard to provide your children with the best care possible. 

The children have been taking role play very seriously today, we've been told to "shh" many time as baby dolls are patted off to sleep, some of the other children have been driving to work shouting "beep beep".


Best wishes for the rest of the week and the weekend,

Teddy Bear Room x

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017.

We hope you all liked your valentines cards and poems, so thoughtfully crafted by the teddy bears themselves and we hope they enjoyed their biscuits too. It has been a quieter day today and so the Teddies have been busy creating with playdough. 

We have lots to look forward to over the coming weeks as we prepare for world book day and red nose day as well as updating some of the displays in the room (be sure to look out for those). If any of the parents have any ideas they would like to share with us or anything they would particularly like to see the children doing please let us know. We love to hear your thoughts! 

Best wishes,

Rowen, Karolina & Danielle x

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017.

Happy Valentines day! It's been a lovely, creative day in teddy bear room today as we have been busy baking some sweet treats. We spent the morning making the dough and cutting the hearts , the children enjoyed getting stuck in with their hands (well most). Then this afternoon we decorated them with pink icing, that felt very sticky on our hands! 

Check out the pictures...


Teddy Bear Room x

Monday, February 13th, 2017.

Hello, we hope you all had a lovely weekend! 

It's been a messy day in Teddy Bear room today as the children have been busy doing large scale mark making. Using paint, brushes, rollers, hands and toes to explore the different ways of leaving marks on paper. (So apologies for any paint found behind ears or in between little toes tonight). The children had lots and lots of fun taking part in this activity... until tidy up time that is!

Keep and eye out this week for more pictures as we do some cooking and more creative fun for valentines day, and don't forget to check out the new App. too!

Have a great week,

Teddy Bear room x

Thursday, February 2nd.

Today the Teddy Bears have been busy exploring in the outdoor area. They particularly enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen, mixing, stirring, pouring and grabbing using different pans, bowls and kitchen utensils. 

They also enjoyed playing on the bikes and scooters. 

Check out the pictures x

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017.

I hope everybody has had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the Chinese New Year, there were lots of great things going on and we know lots of our children enjoyed the parade over the weekend. It's been a nice week so far in Teddy Bears. The children have been busy exploring using their senses with moon sand play. This activity was really simple yet effective and something that could easily be done at home... All you need to make moon sand is 8 cups of plain flour and 1 cup of baby oil, mix well and that's it! We like to add glitter to ours as the its something visual for the children to enjoy too. The teddy bears had a great time, mixing, filling, pouring and throwing the flour. Some of the responses we got were "wow" and a lot of happy laughter as they played. Here's some pictures of the children enjoying sensory play...


Enjoy the rest of your week,

Teddy bear room x

Thursday, January 19th, 2017.

We've had a lovely few days in the Teddy Bear room. We have been busy doing lots of fun activities: parachute games, painting, sand play, colouring and outdoor play. Here's a few pictures of us getting right in with sand play and colouring in our Roosters (we learnt that it's the year of the Rooster this year). Also, who likes the dragon we made in preparation for Chinese New years? (28th of January).

Wishing you a lovely weekend, from all the Teddy Bears x

Monday, January 16th, 2017.

Welcome back to a brand new week in Teddy's, we hope you've all had a lovely weekend. It has been a bit of a quiet day in Teddy Bear room Today. We've had fun painting and glueing with Danielle this afternoon. Some of us have been playing dress up while other's have enjoyed playing with cars and musical instruments. Kim from baby room came to play with us today too which we were all happy about! We're hoping to post some more pictures of our arts & crafts throughout the week as we prepare for Chinese New year.

See you all through out the week,

Love Teddy Bears x

Thursday, January 12th, 2017.

Another fun day in Teddy Bear room...

Today we have been busy colouring in, reading storybooks and singing songs. One of favourite story books is called 'The Big Red Bath'. The teddy bears like this story because it is familiar to them and they like to try and guess who's coming through the door next, is it a lion, a hippo, a penguin... or is it MUM? 

We have based our new window display on the children's interests as a talking point for them, check it out next time your in the room!

For the time being, here are some more pictures of the bears having fun playing and mark making. 


Teddy Bear room staff x

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017.

The Teddy Bears have been busy getting creative today. This morning they enjoyed so exploring outdoors before dinner, then after their nap the children took it in turns doing a creativity activity with Karolina and doing a messy play activity with Rowen. Look at the pictures of us having fun in the 'Gloop' and enjoying our circle time songs...

Enjoy the rest of your week,

Teddy Bear Room x

Friday, 6th of January, 2017.

Great fun has been had in the Teddy Bear room today! The bears have been busy making music with instruments, reading stories and painting a big red bath ready for our new window display. 

Check out the Pictures!

Have a lovely weekend,

Teddy Bear room x

Thursday, January 5th, 2017.


Happy New year to all our Teddy Bears and their families! We hope you've all had a great Christmas. We have started the new year with a few new friends again this month in teddies who we all welcome greatly and hope they settle in well. This week we have begun preparing for our new displays including Chinese new year and making out new role play display "Teddy's news" (keep a look out for pictures in coming weeks). In the mean time here's some pictures of us having fun and getting creative.

Best wishes for the new year, 

Teddy Bear room x

Friday, 16th of December, 2016.

It's the final day of festive week at Childsplay and the children in Teddy Bear room have had a fantastic time. They have enjoyed doing festive crafts, playing party games and doing party dancing. I think the children would agree the best activity this week has been the cooking activities, making all the sweet treats and eating them! 

Santa appeared to have left a sack of presents in the Teddy Bear room this afternoon for the children as they slept, there were lots of excited happy faces opening their little gifts when the woke up... Check out the pictures!

Have a fantastic weekend and see you all next week.

Love,Teddy Bear room x

Wednesday, 14th of December, 2016.

Day 3 of festive week, today the children have been making some more goodies. They covered marshmallows in melted white chocolate and decorated them with Christmas sprinkles to set in the fridge. They loved eating them all up for snack. Also this afternoon we had a little Christmas disco with dancing and balloons.

Tuesday, 13th of December, 2016.

Day 2 of festive week and the teddy bears have been busy making more sweet treats. They have been making corn flake cakes which went down a treat at snack time. Again they have played party games and dancing... Check out the pictures!

Monday, 12th of December, 2016.

It's the beginning of our festive week at Childsplay. This week the children will be busy doing lots of fun activities including cooking, colouring, painting and party games as well as a little bit of party food for our snack. To kick the week off our Teddy Bears have been busy decorating biscuits, colouring festive pictures and playing party games. (Check out the pictures).

Just a quick reminder that during this week all children are welcome to attend nursery in there best fancy dress or something christmas, even just red or green.

Have a lovely week x

Friday, 2nd of December,2016.

It has been a very busy couple of weeks in teddy bear room. The teddy bears have been getting creative and making lots of Christmas decorations for the room. The room is starting to take shape and look fun and festive. 

It's a busy month for all, we shall be holding our Christmas week starting Monday the 12th of december. There shall be lots of fun activities going on in the room for the teddy bears such as baking, creative play , Christmas card making and dancing. 

Will try to keep you updated with more pictures and news as much as possible, for now check out pictures of us creating our snowman for the winter display earlier this week...

Have a nice weekend,

Teddy Bear room x


Monday, 21st of November, 2016.

The Teddy Bears had a great time today playing inside and out. We made the most of the bad weather and ventured out in out wet weather coats and wellies to splash in puddles. Check out our pictures...

Friday, November 18th, 2016.

We've had a great day in Teddy Bear room today. The children all attended in their best pyjama's for children in need. The Teddy Bears have been busy baking treats as well; Pudsey Bear biscuits for a little bake sale to raise money for the charity. Check out the pictures, it was good messy fun!

We would like to thank all our parents for your kind donations, all money raised will be going to a great cause. Wishing all our teddy bears a great weekend. See you next week x

Wednesday, November 16th.

Apologies for the late update. It's been a busy month so far, can you believe it's mid-November already? Just a quick update to let you all know that this Friday (the 18th) is Children in Need and Teddy Bear room are inviting all the children to come to nursery in their pyjamas for the day. We shall be doing some fun, creative activities as well as baking goodies. 

Here's some pictures of the Teddy Bear's having fun and playing from this morning!

Have a great week x


Friday 4th November

Happy Friday to all our blog followers.. Today we started to make Poppy pictures for Remembrance Day. We made poppies out of hand prints on paper plates. The teddy bears enjoyed getting messy! Take a look at our pictures.. also we hope you all have a great weekend love all of us in the teddy bear room. 

Thursday, 3rd of November, 2016.

As we enter another new month, the days are getting shorter and the weather is cold but the fun in Teddy Bear room is endless. 

This month in Teddy Bears we will be talking about Bonfire night, Remembrance Sunday Children in Need and Saint Andrew's Day...We shall be very busy with activities :-)

Also, as I mentioned before next week is National Nursery Rhyme Week and so we have put up a new display to share with you some of our favourite rhymes and songs. If you have any new or different songs you know your Teddy Bear likes to sing at home please share it with us so we can sing it too!

If any of our parents or grandparents have any suggestions of anything you would like to see more of in Teddy Bear room please don't hesitate to let us know, we love hearing your say and coming up with new ideas :-)

Enjoy the rest of your week x

Monday, 31st of October, 2016.

Happy Halloween from the Teddy Bears! We hope everybody has had a spooktacular weekend :-) Check out some of pictures from today's activities; Biscuit decorating, dress up, role play, outdoor play and free play. Every one of the teddy bears looked great in their costumes today. They enjoyed icing the biscuits especially having a little taste, "mm that's nice" they said. 

Have a great week, from all the teddies x

Friday, 28th of October, 2016.

So today in Teddy Bear's we have been extremely busy. We have been exploring the smell and feel of the inside of a pumpkin before Rowen fancied her chances and made an attempt at carving Tinkerbell into our Halloween pumpkin ready for the competition (go onto the Childsplay facebook and vote for your favourite by simply liking the best pumpkin) Feel free to throw some support our way. The children really enjoyed the activity and were very interested by every step of the task. 

This afternoon we had lots of fun doing some painting with bright, neon colours and glitter for our firework display. We will do some of this next week so all the children get a turn. 

Just a quick reminder that on Monday all the Teddy Bears are welcome to come in to nursery dressed in their scariest Halloween costumes, we will be doing lots of fun spooky activities like decorating Halloween biscuits and messy play.

Wishing all our lovely Teddies a great weekend,


Karolina, Danielle & Rowen x

27th of October, 2016.

It's been another fun day in Teddy bears. We have been enjoying stories read by Danielle. Doing sensory play with Karolina and singing nursery rhymes with Rowen. 

Just a couple of little things to think about; tomorrow the teddy bears shall be working on our pumpkin for the Halloween competition between the rooms and this year we would quite like to win, if you have any creative ideas for the best pumpkin please feel free to let us know or throw us some suggestions :-) Also, national nursery rhyme week in a couple of weeks and we would like to know what your little teddy bear's favourite songs are at home so we can sing them in nursery.

Thank you and see you all tomorrow!

Teddy Bear Staff x

25th of October, 2016.

Hello from all the staff in Teddy Bear, we hope you've all had a lovely weekend and for those off for half-term we wish you a great week :-)

We've been making the most of the dry weather today and playing outdoors on the bikes and cars (See pictures). 

Just a quick reminder that next Monday is Halloween, we shall be doing lots of fun creative activities in Teddies including decorating scary biscuits.Also, the children are invited to attend nursery in their most spook-tacular costumes if they please.

Enjoy the rest of your week,

Teddy Bears x

21st of October, 2016.

It's been another busy week in the Teddy Bear room as we prepare for Halloween. We've been busy putting up our new displays (check out our pictures). 

We have been out in the garden lots this week enjoying the fresh autumn air and playing with all different toys, the cars and see-saws have been our favourite so far! 

Keep an eye out next week for our pumpkin competition as the room's go head to head in an attempt to carve/decorate the most creative pumpkin... the competition is fierce and we will make sure there's plenty of cracking photos for you all to see.

Best wishes for the weekend to all our lovely teddies and their families :-) 



17th of October, 2016.

Welcome Back to a fresh new week Teddy Bears! WOW, mid -way through October already, we can not believe how quickly this month has gone already. Halloween will be here before we know and dare I say it... Christmas! And so, we have been busy getting creative in preparation for our Halloween display again today and will continue to throughout the week with all the teddies. Last week we made ghosts and bats for hanging with Danielle and Karolina, today we have been painting witches hats ready to decorate. 

It's been a dull, rainy day today but that hasn't stopped us teddy bears from pulling on our wellies and going outside for a splash in some puddles! 

Keep updated throughout the week with activities and pictures as we have fun with our friends in nursery by checking the blog. Wishing all Teddy Bears, Mummies and Daddies a lovely week!


Rowen, Danielle & Karolina x


13th of October, 2016.

It's been another very busy and creative day in Teddy Bears. We have been doing lots of fun activities like gluing and sticking! We enjoyed the activity beacsue it meant we could stick things to our hands and explore using our senses what the glue felt like. It was very strange and not all of us liked the feel when the paper got stuck on our hands, BUT we all liked the glitter at the end :-) 

This afternoon during free play some of us played with the dinosaurs (which seem to be a favourite amongst the room at the minute) trying to scare Rowen and Danielle by shouting "ROAR". Some of us had a little go at shape sorting and then we all had a turn at some sand play... it's just like being at the beach some days in nursery which we think is great...SAND EVERYWHERE!



12th of October, 2016.

Sorry we havent posted much in the last couple of days, it's been very busy in Teddy Bear's as we welcome and settle our new friends. This week we are slowly beginning to make things and doing creative activities ready for our Halloween display and decorations at the end of the month. This afternoon we've had a great time painting and mark making, Have a look at the pictures to see us in action... We shall try our best to keep you updated with pictures throughout the week so keep an eye on the blog and enjoy the rest of your week :)



5th of October, 2016.

Today the Teddy Bear's have been reading their favourite stories and looking at picture books, playing with the cars and interactive garage and exploring in the garden. We love to use our imagination in Teddies; in the garden this moring we used the wooden balancing bean as a boat as we sang "row row row your boat" and then a train "choo choo". We had great fun pulling silly faces in the mirror to see our reflections and even had a little game of hide and seek, we like to shout "peek a boo" and run away from the grown ups, how cheeky?!?!

Over the next couple of weeks in Teddy Bear's we will be doing lots of fun creative activies as we prepare for Halloween.We can't wait to get stuck in, there's lots to look forward to at this time of year! Keep checking out blog for updates and new pictures of our fun activies or even just to see the cheeky faces we pull when the camer comes out...


4th of October, 2016.

It's been a busy busy day in Teddy Bears. We'd like to welcome all our new Teddy Bear's that have come through this week and hope they settle in well. We're very much looking forward to getting to know you; watching you learn and grow over the next six months.

We have been enjoying listening to stories with Danielle this afternoon, we all sit so nicely and listen so well joining in when we recognise the story!

Here's a few pictures of us playing and exploring with some of our favourite toys in the teddy bear room today...


3rd of October, 2016.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. It's been a nice Monday in Teddy Bears. We have been in the garden this morning playing with dinosuars... We're all really fascinated by dinosaurs at the minute and have been reading 'Stomp, Chomp, Big Roar... Here come the Dinosaurs!'. We copy the dinosaurs as they stomp their feet and roar very loud. 

This afternoon we have enjoyed doing a painting activity, but as you can see from the pictures we enjoy painting our hands and face far more than the paper! 

30th september, 2016.

Happy Friday to all our new followers

This mornings circle time story was "we're going on a bear hunt", this is one our favourites, so we decided to go on our own bear hunt after snack time in the garden. All of the children followed Danielle and Rowen as we went in search of the bear. It was so exciting we said all the words and did all the actions, expecially when we got chased by the big bear! take a look at our pictures and see what fun we got upto...

29th September, 2016.

Today we have enjoyed a new sensory activity with Karolina. We put different coloured paint on the table and then cling film on top; we used this then to push the paint around testing to see what patterns we could make and what colours we could see when the paint merged. It was a  fun activity enjoyed by all the teddy bears.

Check the blog again tomorrow for more updates and pictures of us having fun with our friends in nursery :)


28th September, 2016.

It's been a very busy day in Teddies. First of all, all the children had amazing fancy dress costumes and looked absolutely great! We had a super hero, ballerina, a princess, a fairy, a cowgirl and fire man (Check out the pictures). After breakfast we started the morning with our cooking activity; chocolate marshmallows,YUM! (we had these after our afternoon snack).We had a play and then after our morning snack it was very wet and slippy outside so we decided to do some apple printing ready for our Rosh Hashanah display. Everybody really enjoyed the activity, dipping the apples in green paint and printing them onto paper. Some of the teddy bears thought it would be nice to try and eat the paint too! Danielle, Karolina and Rowen would like to say a massive thank you to the parents for their kind donations, all money raised will be going to CrackerJacks Children's Trust. Keep checking the blog for updates and pictures.



26th September, 2016.

Today in the Teddy Bear room we have been very busy preparing for our Autumn display. We have been using the colours, orange, brown and green to paint parts to a tree. We painted the trunk using sponges and the leaves by printing our own hands and leaves we found in the outdoor area. We had great fun doing this activity because messy time is the best time! This afternoon we had a play in the sand, using different objects and toys from around the room as tools for play. Just a little reminder that this Wednesday we will be fundraising for Crackerjacks and the children are invited to come to nursery in their favourite fancy dress. The staff in Teddy Bears can't wait to see everybody in their costumes and are hoping to get some more great pictures to share with you... Have a great week!



21st September 2016

Today the Teddybears did a cooking activity, they made their own pizza for snack time. We encourage the children to try new foods for their topping such as ham, mushrooms, sweetcorn and cheese. We allow the children to be independant and pick their own toppings to put on their pizza base. The children really enjoyed this activity and the pizzas looked yummy too...

September 2016

Hello again everyone, just a quick update on what our little bears have been getting upto this week. We have done a display on animals that you might see at the Zoo, the children love to name all the animals when playing with them and the noise that they make. Here is a few pictures of the childrens master pieces...

August 2016


Hello to all our teddybear followers, hope everyone is well. We welcome our new little members to the teddybear room who have just moved up from cubs, so we thought we would do some messy play to help them settle and get a feel for the exciting activities carried out daily in the teddybear room. Here are a few pictures of what the children got up to.

6th July 2016

Just a little update on our sunflowers. After the teddybear children have watched their own sunflowers start to grow on the window sill, today we finally planted them outside in our Childsplay garden. Keep following our blog page to see our updates on them over the next few weeks. Pictures just below.



5th July 2016

Hi everyone, just a couple of photos of our teddybears new vegetable green house. The children are really enjoying exploring inside...

27th June 2016

Big hello from the Teddybear room, just a little update on what we have been doing. Today's activity was a vegetable food tasting session. With our teddybears turning their cosy corner into a green house, We encouraged the children to try new vegetables that they may not of tasted before. It also helped us by observing the children we get to know their likes and dislikes in new foods. We tried Beetroot, sweetcorn, avocado, peppers and carrots. Our teddybears really enjoyed this activity. Here are a few pictures of Our cosy corner and food tasting.

June 21th 2016

Hi to all our lovely blogs followers, hope everyone is well. This week we decided to do an activity on washing dolls as some of our children are about to become big brothers or sisters. We talked about what it would be like to have a new baby in our house and how they would be Mummy's little helpers. Here are some pictures of the teddybears getting their practice in...

May/June 2016

Hello again from the Teddybears, hope everyone has been enjoying the lovely weather we have had over the past few weeks. If you haven’t already can you please ensure that your child has a sun hat and sun cream with them to leave while at nursery… thanks. Well the Teddybears have loved watching all the lovely new flowers grow in our Childsplay garden that the older children have planted. Each day the Teddybears would take it in turns to water the flowers, they loved it that much that Lisa brought in some sunflower seeds. The teddybears individually planted their own seed themselves into a little pot with soil and compost. The children sprayed them with water and have looked every day at the plants to see how they are getting on and finally after a week they have started to grow… well done teddybears!! Here are a few pictures of our very own little gardeners in action.

April 16.

A big hello from the Teddybear room, as always we have been really busy and making our room look nice. As the holiday season is creeping up upon us and some of our children have been going on their summer holidays, we decided to do a display called teddybear airlines. Danielle and Lisa make a massive big aeroplane for the children to paint using different art tools, such as brushes, rollers and stamps. This made the plane look really affective and of course the children had lots of fun decorating it. Here are a few pictures of the teddybears in action.

April 2016

A big Hello from the Teddy Bear Room. This month we have been busy exploring in the garden. Digging for Bugs in the mud pit with lots of different tools. We have been watching the Butterflies and Bumble bee's flying around our garden. 

As the warm weather is now approaching we would like to ask our Mum's and Dad's to bring in sun cream and hats to protect us from the sun. 

We have also  made a colourful display about Sea creatures which includes  turtles, fish, sea horses etc that we have been learning about.  

We have made flags to celebrate St Georges Day on the 23rd April. 

Our favourite story this month is "Play with Peppa and Friends". We have just began to create a display of all our favourite characters from the story. 

Friday 18th March - Sport Relief 

Don't forget to wear your sports clothing for our sponsored Dance. 

March 2016

Hi again! Well we had a fantastic day celebrating World book day! The children brought in their favourite story books to read at circle time and dressed as their favourite characters, some of which were 'Little red riding hood, Peppa Pig and Tinker bell'.

For Mother's day we created cards and a wall hanging to show our Mums just how much we love and appreciate them.

Finally we have a busy weekend coming up to celebrate Easter and we hope you like our Easter cards and baskets.



January/February 2016

Hello All, we have been very busy little Teddy bears after the Christmas period. Once again we have been getting stuck in with our arts and crafts to decorate our bright and colourful room. If you take a look on our large window we have some beautiful painted self portraits we thoroughly enjoyed creating whilst looking in the mirror and we were ever so proud of the final pieces.

This month we have also turned our role play area into 'Teddy bear's Flower shop' were we used gluing and sticking to create the perfect flowers, and we also discussed the variety of tools we use in the garden which the children enjoyed using outdoors. 

These past two weeks we have celebrated Chinese New Year, when we experiment with a variety of different tastes at snack time. We have had pancakes for shrove Tuesday which went down a treat and created our very own Valentines cards for the ones we love.

Talking about animals is one of our favourite things to do in Teddy bears as the children recognise and can make links when we talk about the different sounds they make or what colours they are etc, so we decided to learn about 'Zoo animals'. If you take a look at the display board to the right once you enter our room you will see our very own interpretations of the animals you find in the zoo. I think you will all agree that these are a work of art.

Well done Teddy's.




December 2015

Throughout November and December we have been getting ready for Christmas. We have created a display about our favourite Christmas story "Santa is coming to Liverpool". We have also made a giant Christmas tree from paper plates. You can see these displays in the Teddy bear room and all the other art and crafts we have been doing.


This week has been Festive week and we have been having lots of fun baking, colouring in festive pictures,dancing to our favourite Christmas songs and pass the parcel.


Monday 14th December

Today we made chocolate marshmallows and dressed up in our festive wear. We also coloured in snowmen to put up on our wall. 


Tuesday 15th December

Today we had a Teddy bear disco, dancing to all our favourite Christmas songs.We read "Santa is coming to Liverpool" and tried on Rudolf's antlers. 


Wednesday 16th December

Today we made Chocolate log, we had lots of fun getting messy at snack time eating them.We coloured in lots of Christmas pictures. 


Thursday 17th December

Today we played circle games and danced to the Hokey Cokey. We also enjoyed making chocolate marshmallows so much we made some more and ate them at snack time.  


Friday 18th December

Today we made cheese puffs, we had fun getting stuck in rolling out the pastry and getting messy in the flour. Our cheese puffs were delicious. We also played pass the parcel where each child won some milky buttons.




We hope all our little Teddy Bears have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!

love from Danielle, Kate, Gemma and Maria xx  


October 2015


Hello from the Teddy Bear room,


We have been having lots of fun this month. We have been exploring our nursery's new exciting Bug Hotel and Mud Kitchen. We collected lovely brown leaves from the garden to decorate our Autumn display and made a large hand-print tree from all of our little hand-prints. Don't forget to provide your children with warm coats, scarf's, gloves and hats as the cold weather draws in. 


This month we have also been cooking, we made healthy pizzas, using mushrooms, ham and cheese which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Take a look at our pictures above to see all the aspiring chefs in the Teddy bear room. 


With Halloween and Bonfire night just around the corner we have been getting messy making all sorts of spooky crafts, such as pumpkins, bats, spiders, witches hats and Firework pictures. 



September 2015

Hi everyone from the Teddy bear room..


We have had a busy few months welcoming all the new starters to the Teddy bear room.


We have been very busy doing our lovely displays. We have made a autumn tree from our hand prints and a lovely incy wincy spider display on our window.


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome the newest member of staff to the teddy bear room, Maria. Maria will be working full time in the Teddy bear room until Gemma comes back from maternity leave. Welcome Maria!


We would like to say a big thank you to Megan who has been covering Gemma's maternity leave. Megan has began her third year in university but will still work as bank staff in the nursery.



August 2015

A big Hello from the Teddy bear Room...


We have been very busy this month enjoying the nice weather in the garden,

building roads with our large blocks and riding our bikes around it. We have

also been exploring our lovely blossomed flowers, using our senses to enjoy



We are all ready to welcome our new September starters and say Goodbye to

our eldest Teddy bears as they join the Snowdrops and Bluebell rooms.


Our new favourite nursery rhyme for next month is Humpty Dumpty, so keep

checking our blog for pictures of our new display. 


As the weather is Autumn is drawing in we would like to remind you

to remember to bring in a coat, whellies and other winter essentials for your

child to stay warm in the garden.


July 2015

 Hello from all the teddy bears!


 This month we have chosen a new nursery rhyme for our display which was 'The Wheels on the Bus'. We drew out and painted a huge big red bus for our display and learned the words to the song. If you want to sing some nursery rhymes at home, we have now made a Teddy Bear Song Book with all our favourite songs inside. Copies will be available from the Teddy Bear room so just ask Kate, Danielle or Megan for a copy.


 We have changed our role play area into a farm shop this month. We have been looking at lots of different fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products that we can sell in our farm shop. We have a special till with some money inside so we can take turns to buy items from the shop, and a shopping bag to put all our things in. It has been lots of fun! 


 The children also had lots of fun playing with the clay and making some lovely patterns and shapes. We have also spent some time in our new sensory tent, which the children love. When we turn the lights out it goes very dark but then we turn on all of our special lights and toys and we can see beautiful colours and shapes all around the tent. It also has lots of nice smelly bags and feathers so it is stimulating all of our senses.


 You will be glad to know Bernard has returned from his travels in Cyprus with one of our Teddy Bears. He said he has had a brilliant time and is looking very brown! If you would like to take Bernard on a special trip or just to spend some time at home, please let us know.


We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures and we can't wait to show you what we have planned for next month!




June 2015

Hello everyone!

This month in the Teddy Bear room we have been having lots of fun in the sun. From making sand castles in the sand, splashing in the water, bathing our dolls to Aqua doodle drawing. We are all enjoying the lovely weather but please make sure all your children have sun cream and sunhats at nursery.




Our Travelling ted Bernard is also making the most of the good weather with our children. He is jetting off to some exciting places this summer, his first stop is Spain. So keep checking our blog to find out about his travels.


This month we have also participated in a Teddy bears picnic for the charity Cracker Jacks. All our children brought in their favourite Teddy bears who helped us make chocolate crispy cakes and of course helped us eat our picnic. Thank you to all who donated.


We have been very busy doing lots creative activities such as Gloop, Jelly play, Kinetic Sand and painting with sponges.


May 2015


Hello from the Teddy Bear Room!


 We have been having lots of fun outside in the garden again this month exploring different methods of transport. We have been looking at cars, aeroplanes, trucks, lorries and buses and the noises some of these vehicles make. We coloured in some pictures of our favourite vehicles and changed our role play into a big red bus!



 We have chosen our favourite nursery rhyme which is 'Miss Polly Had a Dolly'. We have done lots of group activities based around our nursery rhyme. We played with Miss Polly the Dolly and sang her some of our other favourite nursery rhymes, we also bathed some of our dollies in very soapy water to get them nice and clean! 


 This month we also decided to do some food tasting in the Teddy Bear Bakery! On the menu we have Muffin Base Pizza's and Krispie Cakes. To make the muffin pizza's for our snack we pasted tomato purée onto the muffin bases, then added some ham and mushrooms, then cheese on top to finish. We then cooked them in the oven and ate them at snack time. We enjoyed them very much as you can see from our pictures below. 

 We have also started to explore a new theme about a holiday to the beach. The children have been playing in the water and the sand and we are going to explore some pictures of fish and other creatures we might find at the beach through-out the rest of May and beginning of June. 


  We have lots of summer activities planned for June so keep checking our blog to see some more pictures and find out what we have been doing! 



April 2015

Hello everyone!


We hope you had a nice Easter break, we have been very busy little Teddy Bear's! 


Firstly we would like to welcome a new staff member to our team. Megan who has worked at ChildsPlay for over a year now and will be covering Gemma's maternity leave through the summer.. 


At the beginning of this month we celebrated Easter by making some Easter baskets and cards. The children decorated their own baskets and luckily the Easter Bunny must have visited and filled them all up with some lovely Easter eggs for all our children.


As the weather has been so lovely and sunny over the past few weeks, we have been spending much more time outside. We have been playing with the outside toys, on the scooters, with the footballs and in the sand and water. We have also been doing some gardening using our new gardening tools. We raked the soil with our special tools and then watered the flower beds so they are ready for some nice new seeds. 


Have a look at the pictures of our little gardeners and we will have some more activities to show you in May!


March 2015


Hello from all the Teddy bears!

This month in the Teddy bear room we have been learning about outer space. We have made an alien, an astronaut and decorated our room with lots of stars. We even  made our den into a rocket ship so we could see the planets for ourselves. 


World Book Day was on the 5th March so we picked 'Five Little Monkey's' as our favourite story. We made a display for our window based on this book. We have lots of of other exciting events coming up in March including Mother's Day and St. Patrick's Day. 


Don't forget, Red Nose Day is Friday 13th March, we will be baking some cakes, which will be available to buy (all donations will be sent to Comic Relief).


A huge Hello and Welcome to all of the new Teddy bear children. We hope you are settling well into your new room. This month we have been learning about Farm animals and have created a wonderful display board. First we read 'Old McDonald had a farm', we sang along to the nursery rhyme and played around with the farm puppets. Using paints and glue the children then created their very own version of the farm animals, such as pigs, cows and sheep. We found that the children became very vocal at circle time and many could identify the different animal sounds. Well done Teddy bears. 

This month we also introduced a weather board as every morning during circle time we found that the children enjoy looking out of the window to see what the weather is like that day. We learnt about the different types of weather, introduced new key words such as 'Thunder and lightening' and spoke about the different garments we wear for different weather. We put it all together and formed a colourful display board which the children thoroughly enjoy looking at during circle time. 

We designed a beautiful Valentines card, unique with our individual hand prints and a poem ready to celebrate on the 14th February, we hope you had a lovely day.  

In February we have also been preparing for the celebrations of Chinese New Year which is the year of the Sheep. One of our Teddy bear children Elliott kindly brought in some lovely traditional decorations all the way from Shanghai to decorate our room. We created our own Chinese lanterns using the colours black and red and on the 19th February we will have a taste of some traditional Chinese food.

Using our tiny Teddy bear hand prints we got to work on a large and colourful Chinese dragon which the children love to admire. We also introduced a Chinese dragon puppet which the children are equally as fascinated by. 

As you can tell once again we have been really busy, take a closer look at some pictures and get ready for a very busy March we have planned! xxx




Big hello from the Teddybear room....

We have been busy keeping up to date with all of the festivals and fund raising activities.

We loved  changing our den so we could celebrate Halloween. We created a bat cave using lots of black material and 'spooky' hanging bats, the children enjoyed dressing up for Halloween and exploring the den. Some of the costumes were great fun we had pirates, spiders and skeletons. Well done to all the children for participating. 

A huge well done to all of the children who took part in Children in Need, we raised a fantastic £326.45 dressing up as super heroes and princesses and baking yummy chocolate cornflake cakes to sell on the baking table to our family and friends.   

Christmas is such a busy time for us little Teddy bears, we have been working really hard preparing for the festive season doing lots of fun arts and crafts. We love to decorate our room  making it festive.

We created a fireplace in our role play area, painted it and then personalised our very own Christmas stockings to hang on it which gives us a real homely feel.  


We made a huge Christmas tree using our tiny hands as prints for the leaves, a 'big red sack' full of presents followed by 'Red nosed' reindeer's and ginger bread men to hang from the ceiling. We then dressed as 'Santa's little helper' for our Christmas baubles to take home and hang on the tree. We have also been busy making Christmas cards and calenders with our cute little faces on to take home and hang up. 


This time around we have turned our den into a magical winter wonderland. We used snow flakes with glitter and snow blankets to create a frosty snowy look, we all enjoy sitting inside with our friends relaxing or reading our story books. It really has a christmassy feel.

Finally the Teddy bears would like to wish everyone a Merry  Christmas and a Happy  New Year and we hope you liked reading our festive blog. xxx






Hello everyone,

Teddybears have been really busy once again doing lots of ' fun stuff' in our room.

We have done a lovely Autumn display where we painted leaves and decorated them with glitter. We made hedgehogs using our own hand prints, which was really fun and messy.

Teddybears love to sing so we have been learning a new song called "Peter Rabbit" the children are doing really well and are using finger puppets to help them remember songs.

Also we went on a bug hunt in the garden, Teddybears really enjoyed this, we had nets, magnifying sheets and glasses to help us with our search. One of the children spotted a really big spider crawling on the leaves, we popped it in a tub so we could all have a closer look. 

Teddy Bears Picnic

July 2014 


Our fruit tasting session went down very well and we were very pleased with all of the children for trying each piece of fruit. The different flavours of melon proved to be the favourite. Well done Teddy bears! 


The children have been very creative painting, gluing and using lots of glitter to turn our quiet area into a magical cosy den where they can sit under the stars to relax amongst the cushions or read their favourite story. 


We recently created 'Teddy bears Gallery' which has proven to be a great success as the children enjoy finding their own picture or say the names of the other children. We had plenty of big smiles for the camera. 


Also as we have had plenty of sunshine we decided to have a 'Teddy bears picnic' in the garden. The children thoroughly enjoyed eating outdoors with their teddy bear friends and singing along to their favourite nursery rhymes.


Finally Bernard our travelling Ted is off on his holidays to sunny Spain, we look forward to hearing all about his travels when he returns!


Fruit tasting

June 2014

A big hello to everyone from the teddy bear room. This is our first ever blog and we are all really excited to tell you what we have been getting up to.....


Firstly we have just finished our 'At the beach display' which we all took part in. It involved lots of painting, glueing and sticking and talking about things we might see at the beach on our summer holidays. We also made mobiles to hang from the ceiling which we all like to look at when we are going to sleep after lunch.

(pictures to follow)


Also this month is Fathers day and the World Cup is starting in Rio. So we have been busy making Fathers day cards to take home, and flags to decorate our room with. We love being creative in the teddy bear room to make our room nice and colourful.


Finally we have introduced registration time, where the children enjoy finding and recognising their own names, which is really clever!! Well done teddy's. 


Coming up in July... Teddy bears will be taking part in a fruit tasting session, finding out our likes and dislikes in fruit, creating a new display and new activities we have been taking part in, so don't forget to check our blog next month for all our latest news. 





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