Willow room.

Class of 2018 School leavers party

Willow room children have been exploring a range of media and materials exploring what happens when they mix colours, and experimenting to create different textures. The children added chalk to water and talked about what they could see happening. Matilda said 'the chalk is fizzing like a bath bomb, I love bath bombs!'. Freya noticed when chalking how it looked different. Freya said 'it looks abit like paint I can mix the colours together'. The children are given lots of opportunities for open ended play and are encouraged to select their own resources and think of ways to develop their own play. Whilst staff are there to ensure resources are available for children to be able to use their imagination and engage in sustained shared thinking. When playing in the water the children talk about what they would like to add. We added paint, paintbrushes, cotton wool and bugs! We like to create magic potions and cast spells remembering spells from one of our favourite books 'Room on the Broom' 27/07/18

Willow room children have turned into little scientists! We have been learning about magnetics learning lots of new words such as attract and repel. The children were given a magnet and they had to find other objects in the environment that were magnetic. We talked about how an why it worked and the children gave good explanations.at the end. One of the children said 'This isn't magnetic because it is made of wood'. We are going to extend on this by looking at different materials and how these can be recycled.  05/07/18

The children have shown an interest in rainbows at the minute. We have been singing the rainbow song and we learnt lots of interesting facts about rainbows. Caoimhe said 'do you know rainbows are actually round?' We looked more in detail about this and she was absolutely right! The children talked about when they had seen a rainbow, the colours they had seen and why they think rainbows happen. We have used the theme rainbows to explore colours and how they can be changed. The children really enjoyed drawing with wet chalk. When we put the chalk in the water one child said. 'The chalk is fizzing like a bath bomb!'. We also did a different experiment called walking water. We used 7 cups 4 cups with water in using different coloured food colouring and the rest without water. The children observed how the water travelled through the tissue paper into the other cups and learned a new word 'absorb' Ivie said look chelsea I can see the water dripping its made a different colour!' Jessica said 'I think its magic!!' 05/07/18

Hi everyone, really sorry we haven't updated our page in a while we have been super busy! The children have loved playing in the sunshine, enjoying water play activities and caring for the plants, watching them grow. We have successfully grown potatoes and peas, which the children will be tasting soon! When planning for the outdoor provision we always ensure all areas of the EYFS are covered and that the children curiosity and development is challenged and met, to ensure each child is able to reach their full potential. 29/06/18

Our children received a letter from Kids Planet Fazakerly asking if we would like to become pen pals. They had sent us some lovely drawing of what the other children had drawn with some questions for our children to answer and reply back. The children were very excited to send them their pictures back and we are waiting patiently to receive another letter back. The children enjoyed posting their letter in a post box and we took the opportunity to look at sights and sounds within the environment. The children initiated games such as eye spy and counted how many blue cars we could spot.  29/06/18

We have been supporting the older children to prepare with their transition to big school. It is important that when children start school they have developed good social skills to be able to make relationships and build new friendships. The children have lots of opportunities to work as a group and take part in turn taking activities. Activities such as water and sand play provide children with time to communicate and share ideas talking about home life and experiences. All areas of our room are planned to ensure they are fully equipped with resources and props that excite the children's imagination and interests, prompting conversation with the other children. We have been supporting the children develop their  literacy and math skills through a mixture of fun adult led and child initiated activities. Our literacy area is one of the areas were our children spend the most time. The children are able to access their own resources and help themselves to the things they need to support whatever they would like to do. 29/06/18

Willow room children have been experimenting moving in a variety of different ways. The children have been demonstrating good balancing skills creating bridges with the crates and jumping of at the end. The children came up with a brilliant idea after reading the story The Three Billy Goat Gruff. They made a bridge and the children took turns pretending to be the goats and the troll. The children showed some good acting skills and demonstrated a good understanding of the story. The children have also had lots of fun playing in the water while the sun has been shining. If you have not already can you please provide a new sun cream and a sun hat for your child. We are running low on spare nursery hats...Many thanks 22/05/18

Willow room have been enjoying the glorious sunshine and we have used the weather as an opportunity to talk about changes in weather. Our new theme is spring. The children have been talking about seasons,planting seeds and flowers and taking part in colourful arts and crafts. We have been looking at the baby animals born in spring and the children enjoyed building a bug with 2D shapes.  20/04/18

For our new theme Willow room children have been learning about the body. This has included learning all about our body parts and the functions. The children enjoyed drawing around each other and piecing together the human skeleton with all its organs. As well as learning about the body we have also been doing activities based around the factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, such as bushing teeth, exercising, eating the right foods and sleeping!. We had a special visitor from a dentist who came in to talk to the children about oral hygiene. The children loved using the toothbrushes to brush the pretend teeth and showed a good understanding of how many times to brush their teeth, and talked about good foods and foods that we should only have 'a little bit' of. Below is some photographs of the type of activities the children has been doing.

Chelsea recently attended an early mathematics course which was really interesting and she has been putting math activities in place which the children have really enjoyed. Maths has never been so much fun! 27/03/18

Fun in the snow! 08/03/18

The children enjoyed celebrating Chinese new year. To help the children understand what Chinese new year is about we showed them clips on the smartboard showing the festival being celebrated in China Town, and we told stories about the dragon and why the colour red is used. We used musical instruments outside and pretended to scare the dragon away and we dressed up as a dragon playing dragon races outside.The children also helped to make some yummy spring rolls and we talked about what other Chinese food people enjoy on Chinese New Year. Some of the children shared there experiences about going to restaurants especially Chinese ones!

We think its very important that early mathematics is taught early on and brought into every day daily activities. A lot of our maths based activities are taught through play, and children are encouraged to use there thinking skills to solve problems. Through construction based activities children learn to distinguish between the size of towers they make and the shapes they use to make them. By helping with daily tasks such as helping to set up for lunch children are able to develop there counting skills and ask for more or less were necessary. Games such as number bingo are enjoyed in Willow room. Children learn how to match numerals to quantity and are able to take turns and share resources. When you are out and about you can encourage your child to recognise numerals within the environment for example on signs, cars etc. Giving your child their own shopping list can also be fun...

 Phonic based activities are promoted through daily activities and we have seen big progress in the children's understanding of phonological awareness over the past couple of months. Games such as eye spy, letter bingo and rhyming games have been an interest to the children and has helped to improve overall literacy skills. These types of games can easily be played at home, in the car and just about anywhere!  31/01/18

We have chosen to do fantasy as our new theme as this is a big interest in Willow room at the minute. Adult and child led activities will be based around fantasy theme along with  individual planning for each child in-line with the EYFS. So far children have been dressing up taking on a role in their play and acting out experiences with others. The children have been developing their pencil control through sensory mark making trays and pencil control activities. We have updated our story corner with fairytale stories and theme and added additional props for the children to explore and excite their imagination. The children have also been experimenting with a range of different media such as paint, play-dough, glue and other arts and crafts. We are having so much fun and we will be introducing some Chinese new year activities of the next couple of weeks 24/01/18 

Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! 

All the children have had so much fun doing lots of Christmas activities. We have been singing lots of Christmas songs and using the musical instruments to explore the different sounds. We have been doing Christmas arts and crafts using lots of different materials and using our imagination to create some lovely pictures!. We have had great fun baking mince pies, reindeer shortbread and some yummy cheese stars.  The children enjoyed playing in an adult led winter tuff spot. The children were given ice cubes and was encouraged to talk about what they could see and feel and and notice any changes that was happening. The children observed the 'melting' process and noticed if they held the ice in their warm hands the ice would melt quicker. 20/12/17

Winter is coming!! 

The cold weather is fast approaching. Can you please ensure you provide warm clothing such as hats, gloves, warm coats, wellington boots etc as we try to go out in all weather conditions. Thankyou. 15/11/17

Thankyou all for helping us to raise money to support Children in need. We have been having discussions with the children about Children in need and why it is so important. The children understand they are very fortunate, and they have thought of some ideas of how they can help and be kind to each other. 15/11/17

There are a variety of different ways the children develop their physical skills. Physical Development (PD) is one of the three prime areas of learning in the EYFS framework. The moving and handling aspect of physical development involves providing opportunities for young children to be active and to develop their coordination, control and movement.This can be done both indoors and outdoor and can be developed at home. Some activities include mark making. By providing a variety of different mark making resources children make connections between the marks they make, and talk about what they are drawing. Children practice drawing circles and lines which enable them to develop good pencil control for later writing skills. Before a child learns to write its important that they develop an awareness of sounds. After snack Si Si(Early Years Teacher) provides phonic based activities where the children can practice there phonic awareness through fun and educational games, which the children all enjoy. If you would like support in how to support your child with literacy skills at home, there are resources available to take home and staff are all happy to help so please ask. 23/10/17

Room On The Broom

Following on from the children's interest in the story book 'Room On The Broom' and taking into consideration the time of year. We decided to change our story corner into a 'Room On The Broom' theme. We asked the children what they would like to put in it and we shared ideas together. We decided to put some dressing up and props to support pretend play. The children have been making up own stories and making relationships with others taking on a role in their play.

Willow room would like to welcome all the new children who have came up to join us in willow room, and we are excited to meet more children over the next couple of weeks. The children have settled in really good and are confident to explore their new environment. As lots of children have shown an interest in construction we have decided to extend on this as our new theme. This will include using a variety of different resources and materials to build and create activities of own choice. This will encourage the children to use their imagination and develop their thinking skills. When building the children will be doing lots of counting, comparing objects in size and developing  their overall mathematics and problem solving skills.  19/07/17

New Theme : As we have alot of children moving up from middles we thought it would be a good idea to do all about me as our new theme. By doing this theme it will allow us and the children to get to know each other better and talk about our families and friends. The children will be looking at the diverse range of families and be doing activities around different cultures looking at similarities and differences in how people live. As part of this theme we have also been looking at our bodies and things we can do to stay healthy. The children have enjoyed learning different exercises outside in the garden, and we have planned to make fruit kebabs at the end of the week. 

Willow room planned a walk around the local area to see what we could hear and see. We looked at all the different coloured flowers and described the shapes we could see within the environment. The children noticed the different types of houses and we even spotted a caravan! We asked the children to collect some sticks so we could make a stick-man family when we got back to nursery. The children where very excited and couldn't wait to create their own stick man. This prompted conversation about the children's own families and how a family is made up. We discussed the places we go with our families and things we like to do. 23/08/17

The children enjoyed doing their friendship art and painting portraits of themselves. We looked at all the things that make us unique and looked at similarities between ourselves and our friends. We also painted with different spices. First we looked at foods from around the world and talked about our favourite foods, then we mixed in some spices to the paint. The children described what they could smell and compared the smell to familiar foods. Lorcan said 'mmm that smells like ice cream'!  The children chose to draw a variety of foods from chicken curry to beans on toast!

Thankyou to all the children and parents who came to our school leavers Troll party. All the children looked great and we had lots and lots of fun! 

Its that time of year again where we start to say a sad goodbye to all our children who are leaving for school! All the staff in Willow room have enjoyed being a part of your childs learning journey and we are confident they are leaving with all the skills needed in order to reach their full potential at big school. Good luck to everybody we will miss you!


Over the past couple of weeks we have been talking about school through group discussions. The children have talked about their feelings about going to school all with mixed emotions. Now that most children have had a stay and play or taster sessions at their new school they have become more confident in talking about the transition. We have been doing lots of self-help activities and encouraging all children to attend to toileting needs themselves. On Friday we made some yummy pizzas encouraging the children to make decisions for them selves, and of course using their self-help skills to cut and spread the ingredients.


As you will of seen we have been watching our caterpillars grow! The children have been observing the changes that happen within their life cycle and on Friday they where ready to be set free!.

New Theme: Under the Sea.

We have been exploring what lives under the sea and discovering the many different creatures! We have been using our imagination to create arts and crafts pictures and using our brain to learn lots of new things!. We looked at pollution within the sea and what we can do to prevent it. The children where really interested and showed concern for the environment. Look at our pictures below to see what we have been doing! 01/06/17

New theme: Natural disasters! Volcanoes,Tornadoes, Floods and Earthquakes!- Also looking at science based activities!

The new theme was initiated from the children's interests. Logan and Oscar had began to show lots of interest in volcanoes, and had been pretending to build volcanoes through play. We have extended the topic of volcanoes to further extend the children's learning talking about other natural disasters that happen around the world and why. We also thought this would be a good opportunity to explore some science based activities which has been lots and lots of fun!! 03/05/17

Happy Easter to all the children in Willow room we hope you have a lovely day!

As part of our spring theme we included Easter celebrations, this included making Easter baskets, cards and we also made yummy nest cakes! The children explored different ways of painting by printing with potatoes and vegetables, Lorcan was very excited!!

The children have been spending time in the role play area where they have been dressing up into a variety of occupations. A current favourite is pretending to be doctors. Joseph said 'this is for checking your blood pressure, keep really still it will be ok!' The children acted out their own experiences about their trip to the doctors giving needles and medicine. 12/04/17

Willow room have been enjoying the spring sunshine. The children have shown interest in den making so we have been using  variety of materials to create den structures outdoors. The children also used their imagination with the materials using them for different things for example 'bag girl capes' one child said they was turning into 'a cocoon'. We have been reading the hungry caterpillar story in relation to our new theme spring and using the hungry caterpillar story as an opportunity to talk about healthy eating and life cycles.  31/03/17

It is comic relief on Friday 24th March. Children in Willow room can wear something red and have crazy hair. We will also be making biscuits and doing fun activities throughout the day. We will be holding a cake sale all donations are greatly appreciated!

New Theme: Spring

Based on observations made by the children about weather changes and flowers growing on trees, we decided to do spring as our new theme. The children have talked about what happens in spring and have enjoyed using their creative skills to create bird nests, junk modelling animals, singing spring songs and also enjoyed the sunshine outside. We have introduced a persona doll called 'Jake' into Willow room. Jake is made to feel like he is a real child and the children are encouraged to care for Jake. The doll is used for many different benefits for example, children are able to talk about feelings to Jake.. Jake is used in circle time /discussions and is a good intervention for children who are less confident. We are going to make Jake available to take home with a child which will be a nice activity for parents and child to take part in and share the experience. 17/03/17

A big Happy Birthday to all the children in Willow room who just recently, or are going to be a big 4! we celebrated the lovely Darcy's birthday yesterday! 

Well done to all the children who took part in world book day you all looked great! We have read all our favourite stories and had lots of fun pretending to be all our favourite characters. We also made some delicious fruit kebabs using our self-help skills. The children loved cutting their own fruit and decided what fruit they would use for their kebab. We added some tasty marshmallows and chocolate as  a treat! Yummy! 02/03/17

Willow room had planned a walk around the local area to spot risks and hazards as part of a planned activity. However Storm Doris had other ideas so we had to postpone our walk for another time! we decided to have a treat instead and watch some dinosaurs related clips on the smartboard 27/02/17

New theme: Dinosaurs !!

A large amount of children show big interests in dinosaurs, so we chose dinosaurs as our new theme. The dinosaur theme has been going really well the few children who did not show much interest in dinosaurs have now developed an interest, and able to explore play situations that they may never have thought about. There has been a variety of activities going on such as 'reptile playdough' which allowed children to use their senses to see, feel and smell. There has been ongoing worksheets for the children to acsess such as colouring in and dot to dot. After colouring in pictures of dinosaurs the children extend their own learning by wanting to cut the dinosaurs out and turn them in to puppets. After that the children made use of the projector and created a dinosaur puppet show! 

The children have gained knowledge and understanding of the names of dinosaurs and key facts about each of them. 22/02/17

Willow room have been taking full advantage of our outdoor provision. We have been exploring our mud kitchen where the children been pretending to make perfume with the flowers and experimenting different ways of moving. 25/01/17 -  20/02/17

Chinese New Year

We have started to talk to the children about Chinese New Year and the story behind it. We have talked about all the different things that happen on Chinese New Year and the children have been listening to key words in Chinese such as hello and thankyou, which they have been interested in. Today we made lanterns and and created a rooster using a template which the children was able to cut out using scissors independently. The children where outside in the garden when they started to use the pots and/ pans banging them together. Logan said 'we are scaring the dragons away like on Chinese New Year 18/01/17

New theme : Space  09/01/17

The children have had so much fun and have continued to show interest in our space theme for several weeks now. The children have learnt the names of planets and key facts about them too, which am sure they have probably shared with you at home! The children have enjoyed turning our role play area into a space station where we have created a control board, rockets, jet packs and telescopes. Through doing this theme we have been able to use are creative skills, imaginative skills and also included alot of fine and gross motor skills.

Well done to all the children in Willow room we have been very busy doing activities for festive week and we had lots of fun. We enjoyed party games, Christmas arts and crafts, and we also had a special delivery of Santa!!! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 19/12/16

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Willow room!

The children have been having fun outdoors initiating their own ideas and choosing things they would like to do themselves. The children have used their imagination in the mud kitchen pretending to 'make cakes' the children then extended on their learning pretending the cakes where burning. The children acted out a narrative pretending to put the fire out, as well as acting out they demonstrated friendly behaviour saying 'quick friends come over here'.

We also has fun making marks with the chunky chalks using gross motor skills! 07/12/16


Willow room has welcomed winter this week and have being doing lots of winter arts and crafts. Buddy the Elf will be joining us again tomorrow I hope hes going to be on his best behaviour this year. We will be posting some of the things your children and buddy have been up to over the next coming weeks. 30/11/16 

Thankyou to all the parents who brought family photographs in we are in the process of putting them together.

Painting, salt dough tree decorations, glueing, wall displays!! fun fun fun 

Thankyou to all children and parents for taking part in our Children In Need fundraising day. The children enjoyed baking biscuits and playing games such as musical chairs,statues and bumps! The children also took part in a spot hunt where they had to find as many balls as they can in their teams, the spots had numbers on which we had to add up at the end to find a winner. The winning team where 'the bananas'! Well done everyone 18/11/16

On friday the children had a special visitor called Rachel who led a 'Stretch and Grow' session which involved the children challenging their physical skills and also talking about the importance of healthy eating and exercise.  07/11/16

The children in Willow room decided they would like to do a pirate pumpkin! They enjoyed helping to scoop the seeds out they described it as being smiley and stinky!

New Theme!!

For our new theme the children have been learning about food. The children have showed lots of interest in where our food comes from, we have had group discussions sharing ideas thoughts and opinions and have looked at food from all around the world. We have introduced some multicultural play food to our role play area which all children have enjoyed exploring, this got all the children talking about their experiences eating at different places and talking about their favourite foods. 

As part of our theme we thought it would be a good idea for the children to take part in a food tasting activity to taste food they may not have tasted before. Some of the foods included lemons, pickles, grapefruit and other various fruits and vegetables. The children used their senses to see, smell, taste, and touch the food. The children described some of the food as being 'sour' 'fizzy' 'disgusting' and 'yummy'! 04/10/16

Below is a slideshow of other activities we have been doing as part of our new theme.

Thankyou for all your kind donations raising money for Crackerjacks!

The children had lots of fun making cakes for our cake sale and we dressed up in all our favourite characters! 03/10/16

Willow room children have been very busy the past couple of weeks for our theme we enjoyed learning about animals from all around the world. We explored a different range of materials through messy play activities such as gloop, play dough, water/sand and an edible tuft tray where the children used their senses to see, feel,smell and taste! Another activity the children loved was making our animal pizzas. 20/09/16


The older children have been preparing themselves for big school in the Willow room they have been talking about what they are excited about and looking at smart board clips of what it might be like on their first day at school. We have introduced school uniforms for the children to dress up in which they have loved, they have been acting out going to school.  

We would like to say a special goodbye to all the children who are leaving Willow room and thankyou all for coming the leavers party on /Saturday, we had lots of fun! 01/07/16

Fun in the Sun! 31/05/16


The children in Willow room decided to play hairdressers, they used pegs for hair clips and pretended to dye their hair all different colours! Max decided he wanted to wash the water bottles, he was a very good helper!

Willow room have been enjoying the sun the past couple of weeks, we all counted to 20 and jumped of the steps!

Happy Birthday to Ruby and Oscar!

Willow room have been busy making dens this week! We had lots of fun decorating it with lots of material and then hiding inside to relax and read stories! As part of our construction theme we used tin foil to create structures, a few of the children came up with ideas such as bridges, statues and hats!  13/04/16

In willow room the children decided they would like to transform our home corner into a toy shop so that's what we did! Children have loved pretending to be shopkeeper and customers writing pretend money and shopping lists.

We have also been having lots of fun outside playing chasing game and challenging our physical skills, jumping, catching, kicking and balancing! 13/04/16

In tops we have had some special visits from 2 off the parents of the children in our nursery, they kindly spoke to us about their jobs educating the children about their teeth and also their eyes! All children got involved and listened well, they enjoyed the props too! 13/04/16

We have been very busy the past 2 weeks in willow room, we have welcomed up several children from Middles who have settled in really well! Our new theme is construction and building which the children are all interested in at the minute. We have been exploring and using different materials to construct different structures for example the children have made "restaurants, hotels, caravans and cars!". We have also been on a short "sights and sounds" walk around the local area, we seen lots of building work which was really good as it linked in to our construction theme. I hope you like our new construction wall displayed the children have been drawing designs which they would like to build.


Below is a slideshow of a few of the things we have been doing over the last couple of weeks!

Willow room have been practising their physical skills both fine motor and gross motor! We have been cutting using scissors and also cutting fruit at snack time. We have also been experimenting different ways of moving and making structures using our new three little pigs themed activity pack where children built houses for them all to live in! 16/03/16

Willow room have been really busy over the last couple of weeks. We have been following children's interest to plan activities and have also been introducing new learning opportunities.

Children have enjoyed learning about Chinese new year they got really involved in arts and crafts and had a good understanding of what Chinese new year is all about. Children have still been talking about Chinese new year through play after it has finished which shows how they have really listened and enjoyed the celebration. 10/02/16

We have introduced 'Happy Helper' badges which the children get if they have tidied up really well! this has been working really good and the children are very proud when they get one.

Willow room have been playing lots of games in the garden acting out stories and also playing co-operative games. Children especially like using the pots of pans and wooden spoons making lots of sounds and singing. 05/02/16

Festive Week

Please watch the slideshow below too see all our lovely pictures of what we have been doing over the Christmas period. Children have been playing lots of fun games such as pass the parcel musical chairs and musical statues! We have also done lots of baking and decorating. December 2015

Willow room children love to explore our outdoor area. Here is a few pictures of them experimenting different ways of moving. We was having lots of fun playing hide and seek and also playing horse racing games.

Children have been getting in to the festive spirit this week, we have started doing lots of Christmas arts and crafts and singing songs. We have also started to celebrate Hanukkah by reading books and colouring in pictures related to Hanukkah 

Thankyou to all children and parents for taking part in our charity fundraising day for Children In Need, children had lots of fun dressing up as a 'Hero' of their choice and they made some yummy cakes to sell. Thankyou for all your kind donations.

30.10.15 Today both Willow and Oak room have been on a nature walk, we collected lots of leaves and twigs which we are going to make pictures with next week. On our walk we spotted road signs animals and talked about the sounds we could hear.

Happy Halloween!

29.10.15 We have been very busy this week in Willow room making magic potions spooky pizzas and looking for creepy crawlies in jelly! 

For our new theme we have been exploring our senses. We have enjoyed lots of messy play exploring how colours can be changed and feeling different textures. Luke said he was making magic potion in the foaming sand and used sticks to turn Chelsea into a Frog! All children loved the bubble painting activity and enjoyed watching the bubbles over flow describing the bubbles as a 'volcano' and 'mountains'.

Role Play

In willow room we love to act out stories and songs we have read and talked about,our favourite is 5 little ducks and 'The three Little Pigs' After reading  'The Tiger Who came for tea' we set up a real life tea party with tea bags cups and tea pots,children loved seeing the water change colour and Luke said he was 'giving the tiger a bath'. Children learn a lot from real life experiences.

Today Willow children attempted the obstacle course we set out in the garden, we used our gross motor skills to catch, kick, roll, and crawl over and under obstacles as well as balancing along the blocks making sure the crocodiles didn't catch us!

In willow room it is important that we try our best to be independent and encourage self help skills through daily routine. Willow children love to help at snack time cutting their fruit and serving their own drink!

This week we have been very creative painting gluing and sticking. Our new theme that we are learning about for the next couple of weeks is Autumn so our creative activities are Autumn based. We used pasta shapes, seeds and tree stencils to create leaves falling of the trees.

Enjoying the sunshine today in the garden. Children used their physical skills to run jump and roll over on the grass. Children played on the swings and on the rope, they also went really fast and spun around on the crate on wheels.

Willow room have had lots of fun this week exploring the garden. We took turns to have races in the garden on the bouncy hoppers and played parachute games which we found very funny! We have also been very creative painting jungle animals and we practised our fine motor skills by cutting out shapes. Today the children experimented with gloop and loved how it 'melted' on their arms. Please watch out slideshow below to see all our lovely pictures.


We have had a fantastic week in the willow room.

We would like to welcome Chelsea to our team. She is the new leader of the bumblebees.

We have decided to learn about the jungle as our next theme. The children have loved turning our role play into a jungle with all our animals.

We also have made some gruffalo crumble with apples we grow in our garden.

We had lots of fun in the garden on Friday in the rain!


Hi everyone!


We have had a busy few weeks in Willow room. We have been creating paper plate fish and we have turned plastic bottles into fish. We used lots of messy glue to stick on lovely coloured tissue paper and sparkly glitter. The children also enjoyed making the coral for our underwater sea display. We wrapped bubble wrap around our feet and dipped them in paint. We then walked up and down a giant piece of paper to create the coral rocks for our display. We had lots of fun slipping and sliding. Please do come into Willow room to see our display!


Many Thanks



Friday 10th July 2015


Spare Clothes



     Just a quick message to say...if you have any nursery spare clothes at home, please could you return them to us as soon as possible as we are running low. We are also looking for any unwanted socks or tights that you would be willing to donate if you have some at home. This last week has been very rainy and a lot of children borrowed nursery socks to wear with their wellie boots meaning we don't have any left!

Thank you!

Friday 3rd July 2015


School Transitional Reports and Settling-In Visits



The pre-school staff have all completed the school leavers transitional reports which are to be handed in to your child's new setting as soon as possible. It is now very important that, prior to primary schools closing at the end of July, you meet with your child's key person to discuss this report. If a time hasn't already been arranged, do make every effort to do so next week. Staff are able to be flexible with times in order to suit parents and are more than willing to come in early or stay behind a little later if necessary.


Many primary schools will now be inviting new pupils to join them for an open afternoon to meet their reception class teacher and explore their new classroom. These visits are very valuable in helping your child settle in to their primary school as quickly and confidently as possible come September. We, therefore, encourage all parents to make every effort to attend. Simply remember to tell your child's key person the day/time they will be out of nursery.




Friday 3rd July 2015



Calling all...superheros!




The Childsplay staff have planned a fantastic leavers party for all our older preschoolers who are starting Reception in September. We have decided to go with a superhero theme this year knowing how much your little ones love spiderman, iron man and batman! The party will be on Friday 17th July from 2pm until 4pm - invitations explaining this have already gone home. 


The party will be held outside this year on our patio area so please remember loose clothing and sun-hats in case the weather is warm. There will, of course, be lots of fun superhero themed games, prizes to be one and yummy party boxes for every child. Remember your little ones can wear their favourite superhero costume and even bring along their favourite superhero toy.


Finally...just to clarify, if your child is a school leaver and they do not normally attend nursery on a Friday then they are of course encouraged to come in for the party anyway! We don't want them to miss out on a fantastic afternoon and an opportunity to say goodbye to all their Childsplay friends!








Wednesday 3rd June 2015


Our new theme: The Little Red Hen


Our current theme in the Willow room is 'The Little Red Hen'. For those who don't know, this is a traditional tale about friendships and sharing. Not only is it a wonderful animal themed book to read at this age but teaches children some very important life lessons about being kind, helpful and working hard to get a job done!

Why not read the story with your child at home. If you don't have the book then don't panic - a just as good alternative is the free story power point available to download from www.twinkl.co.uk, simply type Little Red Hen into the search box and you will find it immediately as well as a selection of fun colouring pages, pencil control worksheets and letter games.

Through this theme, your willow pre-schoolers will be baking, planting, painting, singing and of course learning, learning, learning! Remember...a brief conversation with your child about their day can make all the difference to their communication and language skills so ask your little learners what new and interesting things they have been exploring through our Little Red Hen theme.







Tuesday 2nd June 2015


Willow Room Update!


What a busy few weeks we have had in the Willow Room!

Firstly, all ten of our butterflies hatched perfectly and were released by the children in our outdoor area. It was a lovely experience for the children to see the butterflies up close with their colourful wings open wide. Of course we took some fantastic photographs which we will share with you soon.




Secondly, the children loved the recent visit ZooLab made. Not only did we get to hold a super selection of mini beasts but we learnt even more interesting facts about them! Our pre-schoolers also impressed with their existing knowledge of mini beasts having just completed our three week theme on this topic.





Lastly, on Thursday of this week we would like to invite the pre-schoolers to bring in their favourite teddy bear for our Teddy Bear's Picnic. This is a planned charity event to raise money for Cracker Jacks, a wonderful charity based in the United Kingdom that provides practical support for children with disabilities. The staff have a fun filled afternoon planned and the Willow children will be baking yummy raisin bread and fairy cakes for everyone to eat...so do please donate to help us make this day a big success!











Monday 11th May 2015


Our First Butterfly!


Our first butterfly arrived in the Willow room today. We are so excited and cannot wait for the other nine to hatch! We are feeding it sugar water and fruit to give it lots of energy to take flight.

Hopefully over the next couple of days, the rest will hatch. We will keep the butterflies in their nets for 3 days or so until their wings are strong enough to be released in our outdoor area. By this time the weather will be warmer and their will be lots of fresh flowers blooming for them to eat from.

This is an exciting week for our pre-schoolers! At home, why not ask your little ones to explain the life cycle of a butterfly or even read together Eric Carle's 'The Hungry Caterpillar', a perfect picture book for 3 to 4 year olds.







Thursday 30th April 2015




Kellie and I have managed to arrange a 'ZooLab' visit for the end of our mini beasts theme! The ZooLab team will be coming along on Thursday 14th May for an hour long workshop during which the children will have the chance to hold snakes, tarantulas centipedes, snails and more! We will make sure we ask our experts lots of interesting questions to develop our knowledge of mini-beasts and maybe we will even be able to impress them a little with how much we have learnt this theme! 


I will make sure to take some photographs for you all to see and post another blog update about the workshop so check in again soon. Below is the ZooLab website if you would like to have a look:







Monday 27th April 2015



Our new theme: Mini-beasts!



Our next theme in the Willow Room will be MINI-BEASTS which fits in perfectly with our recent delivery of tadpoles and caterpillars. The children have taken such an interest in watching the tadpoles and caterpillars grow that we know they will all love learning about  new insects and other small creatures.

So for the next three weeks we will be looking at different insects, their habitats and life cycles through a varied selection of activities. Kellie and I have some excellent smart board games, craft activities and bug hunts planned for the children as well as maintaining our mini butterfly garden and mini tadpole pond.

If you want to support your children's learning further at home, why not have a look at the Woodland's Trust website which has an excellent selection of 'Nature Detective' activities, closely mirroring the kinds of things we will be doing here at nursery:



Happy Learning!








Monday 13th April 2015


Our latest delivery...

Last week, we were kindly delivered a big box of frog spawn by Grace's grandma!


The children have been so excited to learn all about the life cycle of a frog and better than that....watch the frog spawn hatch into tadpoles! We now have 11 tadpoles that we are taking very good care of in our willow room. We have been feeding them fresh and frozen veggies like broccoli and peas. We cannot wait for them to start growing bigger and bigger!


Kellie and I are thinking our next theme should be MINI-BEASTS! This would fit in perfectly with our butterfly garden and our tadpoles. We would love to have another visit from Zoo Lab, like we did last summer. I'm sure all the children would love holding the unusual creatures they bring along and learning interesting facts from the experts!





Tuesday 7th April 2015

Our New Theme: Welcoming a baby!


Kellie and I hope you have all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and enjoyed celebrating Easter or Pesach with your families and friends.

We thought we would share with you our new theme in Willow room. Starting this week we will be focusing on 'Welcoming a baby'. With the exciting news of the birth of baby Patrick and baby Lara, we thought that this would a perfect time to consider how families welcome and care for newborns.

To support our theme, if you have any baby photographs or special objects you could bring in to nursery, we would very much appreciate it. Of course we will make sure that these items are taken care of and returned to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued to support with the willow room children's learning. Remember to check our bumblebee and butterfly speech bubbles on our key board to see what your child has been learning about each day. A short conversation with your child about their day can make a big impact on communication and language development!   







Monday 23rd March 2015


Willow Room Update


We have had a busy few weeks in the willow room, we thought we would share some of our news with you! Firstly, both the Oak and Willow pre-school rooms welcome a new member to our team. Shemis has joined us recently, she is now working with us full time across both rooms and has already proven to be a big hit with the children! 

We have recently ordered a butterfly garden and are very excited for it to arrive. We will need to take extra special care of our butterflies and can't wait to learn all about the life cycle of these and other insects. The butterfly garden fits in beautifully with our current theme - SPRING - which we are thoroughly enjoying at the moment! Why not ask your little ones if they can remember any interesting facts about spring or even perform one of our new spring action songs which we have been working hard to learn! 

April of course brings with it Passover and Easter celebrations. The children will be engaged with both equally through a selection of planned adult led activities, stories and artwork. 

Michelle and I have planned a second  home-link workshop for parents, after the success of our first in December. Michelle will be leading this workshop with an informative presentation on 'Early Numeracy Skills'. Please ensure you return your booking form and fee asap in order to secure your place. The workshop is being held this week: Thursday 26th March @ 6pm in Willow Room.

And finally...the book bags are available for borrowing again. These may be collected from the white box in the pre-school cloakroom and similar to last time we recommend book bags are not kept longer than two weeks to ensure all children are given a fair selection when borrowing.

Thank you for your continued support and more photographs of our Willow Room activities coming soon!






Tuesday 10th March 2015


Comic Relief 2015



On Friday 13th March we will be fundraising for comic relief in the Willow room. If you would like to bring a small donation in with you feel free, there will be a collection box outside the main office. We will also be wearing head to toe red including red noses, baking cakes and holding a sponsored 'Who Is Behind The Mask' with the children.

Kellie and I have a super day planned and as always would appreciate your help in making this day more memorable for the children. Why not discuss with your little ones the importance of charitable giving or try some of the planned activities for Early Years available on the Red Nose Day website below:




Also.....a few pictures from World Book Day! We had a great day reading stories and dressing up as our favourite book characters!  








Monday 2nd February 2015


New Faces In The Willow Room!


This week in the Willow room we welcome a selection of new faces! Firstly we welcome a new group of children moving up from Bluebells and Snowdrops who we hope will settle in to their new learning environment smoothly. Kellie and I have prepared some lovely 'Getting To Know You' activities especially for these individuals so they can bond with their peers and make lasting relationships.


You may also spot a few younger members of the team at some point, as we welcome two high school students from Broadgreen. Both girls are joining us for two weeks work experience and so far have shown super involvement in our nursery routines. They are both interested in working with young children in the future and we hope they will benefit from their time at Childsplay!







the Willow children have been working on an amazing

textured 3D Rainbow Fish display using a variety of

different art materials! Photographs coming soon!  





Monday 26th January 2015


The Rainbow Fish


Our new theme begins today! For the next three weeks we will be focusing on the super picture book The Rainbow Fish. Kellie and I already have a selection of great resources ready, including word mat games, role-play masks, seaweed pencil tracing and some lovely rainbow themed art activities. We have decided to leave our brilliant pirate ship up for this theme and will simply add to it with lots of colourful rainbow fish and other interesting sea creatures. As always, this theme will be accompanied by a sensory display table for the children, so anything you may have at home please bring in. We are on the hunt for some lovely shells, fishing nets, seaweed or other ocean related items. Thank you again for your continued support and remember if you wish to support your child's learning at home, have a look at www.twinkl.co.uk for some great colouring in pages and rainbow fish domino games. 







Friday 23rd January 2015


Theme Update: Pirates!

Today is the last day of our current theme: Pirates! We have had a fantastic time learning about all about Pirates in the willow room. The children loved getting dressed up, reading pirate stories and making a giant pirate ship! We have also practised our counting skills - counting treasure from our spooky old pirates treasure chest! Below are a few photographs from this theme. 






Wednesday 7th January 2015


Our new theme: Pirates

For the next three weeks our new theme in the willow room will be...PIRATES! We will keep you posted on all of our fun learning experiences as they happen! do bring in any toys, pictures or objects you may have that relates to this theme for our usual theme display table. Thank you very much! 







Monday 5th January 2015


Happy New Year!


A very happy new year from the Willow room! We hope everyone enjoyed the new year festivities. We are looking forward to a variety of exciting projects in 2015. Including, more home link workshops, family hour sessions, planned visits and interesting new themes for your little learners! Watch this space! 




Tuesday 16th December 2014

Happy Chanukah from Childsplay


The staff and children of the Willow room will be celebrating Chanukah this week, (the Jewish festival of lights), as it begins this evening. The children will be making our very own Chanukiah out of lollipop sticks, singing Chanukah songs, making our own dreidels from cardboard and of course sharing pictures and stories of how families across the world celebrate this special time of year. 


We wish you and your family a happy Chanukah!     






Friday 12th December 2014


Our 2014 Christmas Party!


Our annual Christmas party went down a treat last week! The children and staff in the Willow room dressed up for the day, played fun party games, ate lots of yummy party food, baked cakes and even had a very special visit from Father Christmas! All the Willow room children were very lucky to receive an early Christmas present from Father Christmas too! A big thank you to all the staff and parents who made this day magical for the preschoolers at Childsplay.


Aside from the Christmas party, we have been very busy bumblebees and butterflies, feel free to have a look at some of our Christmas display and activities photographs below...




Friday 28th November 2014


Our new theme: Christmas


Our new theme in the Willow room, from Monday 1st December, will be 'Christmas'. As part of this theme we will be learning about the nativity story and how different families celebrate Christmas around the world.  We will be decorating our Willow room with lots of arts and crafts including reindeer, angels and of course Santa Claus. We will continue to practise our songs for the Winter show! The Willow room children are becoming more confident singers everyday! 


We will of course pause during this very busy time to celebrate Hanukkah from Tuesday 16th December, inter-twinning this festival within our Winter Show. Children will learn how families across the world celebrate Hanukkah, and Kellie and I are looking into the possibility of visiting Childwall Shul prior to the holiday itself. This would be a fantastic learning experience for the children at Childsplay.    


Monday 17th November 2014


Children In Need


A big thank you to everyone who supported our efforts on Friday to raise money for Children in Need! The children and staff at Childsplay had a fantastic time dressing up, baking cakes and holding all sorts of competitions and challenges for the event. Although we don't have the official count we so far have raised over £300! This will hopefully increase as more sponsorship forms are returned this week. The Willow Room drawing competition will also be announced this week after any last entries have been submitted. Thank you again to everyone who took part.







Monday 27th October 2014


Operation Christmas Child 


Childsplay will be taking part in the national shoe box appeal this year and we welcome your donations of a Christmas shoe box for children less fortunate across the world. All details for what is considered suitable items for your shoe box are available in your 'Operation Christmas Child' leaflet, which was sent home last week. If for whatever reason you want any more info do have a look at the website below:



The most important thing to remember is that your shoe box is labelled and given to your child's key worker by Friday 14th November ready for pick up.


Childsplay continues to fundraise for a variety of wonderful causes across the world and we do appreciate your family's support for the events we organise.






Sunday 26th October 2014


A happy HALLOWEEN from the Bumblebees and Butterflies!


Next Friday will be Halloween! We will be celebrating this with a week of fun filled activities in the Willow room - including pumpkin carving, Halloween songs, spooky stories and a variety of Halloween arts and crafts! We will even be decorating our learning environment with some fab decorations but don't panic they won't be too scary!


Although we will not be having a Halloween party, if your child would like to dress up at any point during the week that is absolutely fine and in fact we do encourage it, as this is a wonderful talking point for the children!




Thursday 16th October 2014 


Willow Room Staff


We welcomed Kellie to the Willow room this week. Kellie has been bank staff at Childsplay for almost a year now and it is wonderful to have her as a permanent member of the team. From now on she will be based in the Willow room as the butterfly children's key worker, taking full responsibility for these children's activities and learning. Kellie knows the children already from middles so we know she will slot in perfectly to our willow room family.



Tuesday 7th October 2014

Holly the Hedgehog

We are all thoroughly enjoying our Autumn theme in the Willow room! We have already made our fantastic hedgehog in the creative area and she is all curled up ready for hibernation! We all helped to pick her name by putting one of our favourites into a hat for choosing. We came up with some fantastic names and it was the name 'Holly' which won! Our next job is to collect lots of warm dry leaves to make Holly's cosy bed! We will get the chance if all the rain finally decides to stop!





Tuesday 30th September 2014

Our new theme: Autumn!

This week (w/b Monday 29th September 2014), we welcome our new 'Autumn' theme in the Willow room. Through this theme we will be exploring how our environment changes around us as we move through this season. We will be learning about hibernation through the yearly cycle of a hedgehog and making our own giant classroom hedgehog from all our hand prints!


Although we will be collecting our own leaves, conkers and photographs on our planned Autumn walk, do bring in any of your own that you may gather for our Autumn sensory display table. Thank you!





Friday 19th September 2014

Rosh Hashanah Coloring Pages


Rosh Hashana


It is that time of year again when we welcome the new Jewish year at Childsplay.

Sarah and I have some fantastic activities planned for your little ones in the Willow room next week. We will be singing songs, reading stories, learning all about the shofar and of course enjoying lots of apple dipped in honey mmmm! :)

Remember we love to hear all about how you have been celebrating with your families at home so do tell us! And feel free to bring in any special items for us to share with our class at news time.

Shana Tovah!



Rosh Hashana Poster




Thursday 18th September 2014

New resources from THINK!


At Childsplay we know how important it is to teach children how to stay safe on the road.

As the darker nights will soon be drawing in we will be discussing this issue more frequently...especially towards Halloween and Bonfire Night when your little ones might be walking out and about in their local areas.

In order to support these discussions we have ordered some fantastic new resources from the government's roady safety oraganisation THINK! Including for yourselves an 'Early Years Parents Booklet' for vital road safety information and advice. Make sure you pick up your copy from the Willow and Oak cloakroom before they all go!

Emma :)                                          THINK! logo





Wednesday 10th September 2014

This week in willow room the bumblebee and butterfly groups have continued with our current theme 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We have made a number of things as part of this theme including...a big caterpillar made from paper plates, collage fruit and salt dough caterpillars that the children were able to paint once dried.


Why don't you try making your own creations using salt dough at home? It is easy to make and dries solid over night ready for painting or hanging etc. 


Our Recipe is:

1 cup of plain flour

1 cup of salt

1 cup of water


Put everything in the same bowl and mix, add extra flour if too sticky and have fun.

We look forward to seeing your creations soon!

Sarah ;) 




Monday 1st September

The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Our new theme, The Hungry Caterpillar, began in the Willow Room today! This theme will last for the next three weeks and will incorporate some fantastic activities for our preschool children; all based on the picture book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. First published in 1969, this book is still an excellent text for approaching lots of literacy, numeracy and understanding the word concepts today!

We will be including a big focus on healthy eating and the days of the week through this theme. Remember, to further support our classroom based learning you can discuss these things at home too! Why not quiz your little ones to see if they can remember which fruit the hungry caterpillar eats on which days of the week!

For additional resources, like colouring pages, pencil tracing sheets and craft ideas have a look at the following website for super freebies:


Emma :)




Friday 29th August 2014

Our Local Walk

Today some of the children from the Willow room enjoyed a walk around our local area. We headed out with some of our school leavers to discuss road safety, knowing that a lot of these children will soon be walking to school in September.

We learnt how to cross the road properly, looking and listening for cars. Kiera had an excellent suggestion saying we shouldn't chat whilst crossing the road because it stops us from listening properly! Fantastic advice, Kiera! Well done!

To finish our walk, we paused at one of the bus stops on Woolton Road to have a look at the bus timetables and discuss why buses are very helpful. A lot of the children talked about their own experiences of getting the bus. This was a great talking point for us all!


- Emma and Sarah




Thursday 28th August 2014

Tracey Dance

As the school term begins again (week beginning Monday 1st September), Tracey, our specialist dance teacher will be back once a week to work with our preschool children. The children of our Oak and Willow rooms are thoroughly looking forward to this as they all love the opportunity to have a boogie and learn some of Tracey's new moves!

Tracey has also mentioned she has spaces available in her preschool dance class at the Millennium Dance Centre in Childwall...so if you are interested in booking a place for your child do pick up one of her flyers from the parents' information board in the preschool cloakroom.

Emma :)




Tuesday 8th July 2014

The GIANTS are coming...


Today, the children in the Oak and Willow rooms were kindly visited by Daniel's Dad who works for Liverpool City Council as an Events Planner. This year he has had a big involvement in planning for the Giants' arrival! You might remember them from last time and between 23rd - 27th July they are here again!


Daniel's Dad brought in some excellent close up pictures of the giants which he shared with the children as he explained lots of interesting facts about them! He kindly left behind a selection of helpful brochures that we will pin to the Parents Information board in the cloak room. Make sure you pick one up to help you plan your journey!


Thank you to Daniel's Dad, Andy, and of course Liverpool City Council.






Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Merseyside Fire and Rescue


Today Childsplay had a visit from Merseyside Fire and Rescue. The fire fighters were originally here to ensure our nursery is fire safe but in addition, they very kindly let some of the children have a little look inside their big red fire truck! All the children loved the experience as you can see from their lovely smiley faces below!  


A huge thank you to all fire fighters who very kindly stayed a little longer than they needed to!


Emma :)




Monday 23rd June 2014

Our new theme: Going on holiday!

As of next week (Monday 30th June), our new theme in the Willow room will be 'Going on holiday'. As part of this theme, we will have lots of fun learning about the things we need to take with us for different kinds of holidays - beach holidays, skiing holidays, camping holidays etc. We are hoping to make an interesting sensory display table for this theme filled with a variety of related objects for the children to look at, touch or listen to, so anything you have at home that could prove useful please bring on in. For example, post cards, shells or photographs.


Thank you!





Monday 9th June 2014

Our new theme: The World Cup!

The children in the Butterflies and Bumblebees groups will be spending the next two weeks learning about the World Cup!

Sarah and I have some fantastic activities planned for this theme that we know the children will love! Together, we will explore Barnaby Bear's visit to Brazil for the World Cup....we will pack his suitcase, make him a passport and a plane ticket as well as design him a new England kit to wear! We will also be holding a beat the goalie competition outdoors so why not take your little ones to the local park to get practicing!

Anything you might have at home that relates to this theme we would love to see - so bring on in maps, football kits, photographs or even old tickets/passports! These items could really support the children's learning and we will make sure they are returned to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope you are enjoying our new book bags! It is fantastic to see so many have been taken home over the last week.

Emma :)




Wednesday 11th June 2014

The Optician's Visit!


Today we were very lucky to have James' Dad, who works for Specsavers, come in to speak to the Oak and Willow children. He explained how interesting it is to be an optician as well as showing us some fantastic models of the human eye. After his talk, the children got to play with all the new things he brought in! They loved trying on all the different glasses and testing each other's eyesight with the eye test posters.


A huge thank you to James' Dad and of course Specsavers for giving all the children a super 'Gruffalo' themed goody bag to take home! THANK YOU!

Emma :)




Tuesday 24th June 2014

Our NEW Questions Jar!


This week we are introducing our brand new questions jar to the Willow room! Every time one of our children asks a fantastic question to do with their learning, we will write it on a post-it and pop it in the questions jar. We really hope this will promote an inquisitive nature in our room and develop a 'how?' and 'why?' attitude towards our learning! This way all the children will be motivated to squeeze the absolute most out of every learning experience they have with us! Hopefully you will see our questions jar filled to the brim very soon!

Emma :)

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