Snowdrops & Bluebells  (2-3yrs)


Our Snowdrop and Bluebell rooms provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment, which enables our children to engage in new experiences playing alongside others.and enhancing their social skills.   The children are encouraged to share our resources and join in fun activities.

We have a dance teacher Tracy who visits once per week, and the children love dancing to the music.

The staff acknowledge the importance of learning through play.  We encourage the children to count and discuss different colours and shapes within the setting.

We have a warm and welcoming area where books are available for the children to read and stories are read throughout the day.  We also have an excellent role play area which allows the children to create various scenarios, such as a cafe, airport or builders yard.

Our children are given opportunities to explore different natural materials such as sand and water continuously in accordance with the EYFS.

We encourage them to become more independent in their health and self care, such as washing hands, getting dressed/undressed and toileting.  Our staff have built excellent relationships with both children and parents alike.

The staff are committed to working within the Early Learning goals as this is an important tool to ensure the children reach their full potential.

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